Review of Hobart dishwashers (Hobart): specifications

Hobart - dishwasher for industrial purposes. You will get a really professional technique from a German manufacturer. What are the features of Hobart dishwashers, what is their model range, the main advantages and information about the company - you will learn all this from our review.

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What Hobart offers

German corporation Hobart offers owners of restaurants and other catering establishments a full line of dishwashers, some of which are qualified as ENERGY STAR.

Hobart machines have Advansys technology, which helps to save resources and money. Thus, the dome PMM with the free system Advansys will give you the opportunity to save up to 290 thousand rubles in the first year of operation. These units in 2010 were recognized by the "Product of the Year" from the International Society of Consultants in the food industry. In the same year, "Hobart" was awarded the "Kitchen Innovation" award.

Machines for glass washing (SMM)

The machines for washing the cups under the countertop from the Pro fi series are an innovative front-loading technique. In the series there are 4 models, which differ by a unique set of options and degree of performance.

Machines provide for washing with lower and upper removable swivel registers, which can be used to clean any glassware. Standard washing and rinsing in hot water is standard. Additionally - a rinse cycle in jets of cold water (important when washing glasses for beer).

The VISIOTRONIC system, which is embedded in these and other machines from the "Profi" series, is a processor equipped with a text and graphic screen and one multifunctional key. The GENIUS X2, INTENSIVE options help save water and electricity, making it easier to use.

Advantages of MMP:

  • high hygiene;
  • compactness of the case;
  • USB-interface;
  • energy efficiency, saving water and funds for washing and rinsing;
  • Both hot and cold rinsing;
  • full compliance with HACCP requirements (quality control system of food enterprises);
  • full control of the machine with a single button;
  • wide-angle nozzles of the washing system;
  • steel grade AISI 304 (STM) as the main material of the shell and the main components.


Pro fi GCWash up to 48 baskets per hour, and this - up to 770 glasses. Dimensions in width, depth and height: 46x59x70 cm, respectively. The main washing and rinsing modes are provided. Water is consumed at the rate of one liter per liter. Device power /, kW.

Pro fi GX- more powerful machine, designed to wash 60 baskets (2160 glasses) per hour. Dimensions (WxDxH): 60x60x82 cm. Two liters of water are wasted per wash. The power of the device is, /, kW.

Dome Models

Dome PMMs assume the presence of functions such as SENSO-ACTIVE, GENIUS X2, EASY-CLEAN and others. All of them are on guard of rational and economical expenditure of resources: water, electricity and special chemistry. Dome machines can also be supplied complete with tables for clean and dirty dishes, a washing shower, a water softener and dish sorting stations.

Advantages of HMM Hobart dome type:

  • hygienic design;
  • Dome lift;
  • USB-interface;
  • maximum energy efficiency, rational use of resources;
  • a washing system equipped with a wide-angle nozzles;
  • compliance with HACCP requirements;
  • management of the electronic type system with a VISIOTRONIC display;
  • steel grade AISI 304 stainless steel as a material for the manufacture of the body and the main parts.


AMX / AM900can wash up to 60 baskets per hour. Dimensions of the case: 6, x7, x151 (19,) cm. The washing chamber reaches a height of 44 cm. There are two main cycles of washing and rinsing. Duration of cycles: 1 and 3 minutes. One liter consumes 2 liters of water. The power of the appliance is, kW.

AMXXwill wash up to 79 dishes baskets per hour. Dimensions: 6, x7, x151 (19,) cm. The remaining functions are similar to the previous model, except power: 1, / 1, kW.

AMXT- a powerful model designed for hourly washing 120 dishes of baskets. The dimensions of the case are: 12, x7, x151 cm. The washing chamber has a height of 54 cm. Duration of washing modes: 1 and 3 minutes. Waste water: 2 liters per load. Power: 1, / 1, kW.

Bottom-fired PMM

There are dishwashers both front and dome. Used for washing dishes of large dimensions and inventory, which is used in large kitchens. The advantages are similar to the previously described dishwashers: compact dimensions, hygiene, saving energy and water, rinsing in hot and cold water, control with just one button and others.


Pro fi UX.The dimensions of the machine are 78x9, x19, (24,) cm. Dimensions of the washing chamber: 60x76x86 cm. Duration of washing cycles: 2, 4 and 6 minutes. On one load is spent, a liter of water. Power: 1, / 1, kW.

Pro fi UXT.Dimensions of the case: 13, x9, x19, (24,) cm. Washing chamber: 124x70x86 cm. Washing lasts 2, 4 and 6 minutes. One loading requires a liter of water. The power of the appliance is 2, / 1, kW.

Pro fi UXTHAnother boiler-making PMM, whose dimensions in width, depth and height are 14, x9, x19, (290) cm. The washing chamber has the following dimensions: 124x70x88 cm. Power, cycle time and water flow are the same as in the previous two models.

Conveyor dishwashers Hobart

Conveyor-type machines are equipped with a mechanical washer for washing in baskets (typical for CS and CN models) and a truck (Flight Type). The latter is equipped with vertical fixatives made of plastic for moving dishes on a conveyor without baskets (Pro fi FTN-i).

Conveyor PMM equipped with electronic control system type SMARTRONIC with a display and one button for full control. Models "Profi" CS provide electromechanical control. This is a technique with high productivity, which depends on the number of washing, rinsing and drying zones.

In addition, machines can be equipped with tables for clean and dirty dishes (with a sink), washing souls, water softeners, stations for sorting dishes, devices that return heat and other functions.

Advantages of conveyor PMM "Hobart

  • hygienic and modular design;
  • Panoramic side panels;
  • saving resources;
  • detergent sleeves easily detachable type and others.


Pro fi CS. According to the instruction, this PMM is able to process from 90 to 150 dishes of baskets per hour. The case dimensions may vary depending on the configuration ordered by the customer. Provided as a preliminary, and the main sink. Rinsing of two types: basic and double. The design provides for drying.

The conveyor is a mechanic. Control panel - electromechanics.

Pro fi CNProcesses from 120 to 320 baskets hourly. Washing: basic and preliminary. Rinsing: normal and double. There is a drying. Conveyor - mechanics, control panel - electromechanical. There is SMARTRONIC.

Pro fi FTN-i- a powerful technique, the parameters of the shell which depend on the configuration. It can process from 2380 to 7370 plates in one hour. There is SMARTRONIC / PROTRONIC.

EcoMax Ruler

The budget line of EcoMax washers is not very efficient. In the model range there is an option for washing glass (ECOMAX 402), a dishwasher (ECOMAX 502), Dome PMM (ECOMAX 602), a dishwasher (ECOMAX 602) and a conveyor type machine (ECOMAX 802).

Advantages of dishwashers from the "Ecomax" series:

  • hygienic design of the case;
  • control panel - electromechanics;
  • steel AISI 304 as the main material and others.


ECOMAX 402. Machine for installing under the countertop, capable of washing up to 40 baskets per hour. Dimensions in width, depth and height: 4, x53x70 cm. There is a main wash cycle + rinse. Duration of the washing process and 2 minutes. Control panel - electromechanics.

ECOMAX 502- Another under table model, designed to wash 60 baskets per hour. Dimensions of the case: 5, х60х83 cm. Duration of cycles: 1 and 3 minutes. Electromechanical type control.

ECOMAX 602- a dome machine with a capacity of 50 china baskets per hour. The parameters of the case are 6, x6, x148 cm. Duration of washing cycles: 70 and 150 seconds.

User Reviews

Olga Valentinovna, Moscow

In our company (I will not disclose its name, in order not to tease competitors), three universal washing machines Hobart UXT-10N. Two of them we use to wash the inside of the container. A little confusing is that during the washing of gastronorms 30% of the entire washing space is used. If to draw a parallel with my household dishwasher, then there when washing, the space is loaded by 100%. Perhaps you should buy some baskets or inserts, with which we will place the gastronorms in several tiers. In work the technique is perfect - here without censures.

Anatoly, Voronezh

I am a modest but confident owner of a small cafe in the heart of our city. Not so long ago, I had to buy a new dishwasher. Rather, I would not have thought about it, if the chef had not given me an ultimatum: "Either I, or she." Alas, the old woman could not wash all volume of utensils in deadlines and in addition occupied a lot of space. The chef on the road is not lying around, so he spent on a compact dishwasher with front loading. I chose Hobart FX. I built it into the rack. Now the chef is not indignant, the dishes are shining, the place is added, and it turned out that water, light and detergent are spent a third less than usual. I read the instructions, it turned out, all thanks to the "cunning" system ACCURINSE. Colleagues, I recommend!

The result.By choosing products of the Hobart brand, you can meet the needs of your business. Available as budget models from the ECOMAX series, as well as high-quality and high-performance units from the "PROFI" line. The choice is yours!

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