Overview of Silanos Dishwashers (Silanos): Specifications

Are you choosing equipment for a catering establishment? We bring to your attention the trade mark Silanos: under this brand dishwashers are made for restaurant business and canteens. The Silanos dishwasher is the main subject of our review. You will learn about the company and the model range that it offers the buyer.

Content of the material:

  • 1About Silanos
  • 2Frontal PMM
    • 2.1Popular Models
  • 3Dome MMP "Silanos"
    • 3.1Overview of dome type models
  • 4Bottom-fired PMM
  • 5Tunneling PMM of cassette and conveyor type
  • 6Accessories

About Silanos

Almost half a century, the Italian firm "Silanos" conquers the consumer, producing industrial dishwashers of the highest quality. The plant occupies , 00 square meters, where about 1, 00 professional dishwashers of tunnel, dome, conveyor and frontal type descend annually from the conveyor. Export of equipment is established by the company in more than 30 countries of the world, including Russia.

All Silanos equipment is manufactured exclusively from high-quality stainless steel, and only modern technologies are used in the production of PMM. To constantly improve the equipment, the company maintains a strict step-by-step quality control.

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Frontal PMM

This technique is characterized by such features and advantages:

  • The main components and walls of the machines are made of steel-stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Double insulation of the door and walls: this reduces the noise of the device and the release of thermal energy.
  • The technique is equipped with rinse aid dispensers.
  • In such models as the N700 PS and E50 PS there is a drain pump.
  • The glass-washing machines (models S021, S026, S030) are available with two baskets for glasses and a box for cutlery.
  • PMM N700, E50 come with baskets for glasses and plates and are additionally equipped with a box for appliances and utensils.

Popular Models

N800 TRONIC.This dishwasher can be used for cleaning gastronomic containers, trays, trays and large plates for pizza. Suitable for installation in restaurants, cafes and canteens with a large flow of visitors. Features:

  • Sewing hoses are designed in such a way that there are no blockages. They are also easily dismantled without the use of special tools.
  • The bath is seamless (without seams) and comes with rounded corners and double filters, which ensures the most easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Two-layer insulation of the housing helps to save on electricity and ensures quiet operation with reduced heat release.
  • A cassette measuring 57x62 cm (with loading height up to 42 cm) can be used to wash trays and trays, the sizes of which reach 60x40 cm. It also allows you to wash capacities of 153x3, cm and large diameter pizza bowls.

S 021 Digit.A machine for washing glasses with dimensions 42x47x5, cm and a power of 7 kW. Equipped with cassettes 35x35 cm. Cycles are provided for 2, 3 and 8 minutes. The capacity of the PMM is 32, 20, 8 cassettes per hour.

The cost is 5, 28 rubles.

NE700.With the pump has the following dimensions: 5, x61x8, cm. Power is, kW. The cycle duration is 2 and 3 minutes with a capacity of 32 and 20 cassettes per hour, respectively. It is completed with cassettes in the size 50х50 cm. The loading hole is 32 cm high.

The price of the model is 84 219 rubles.

N800.This machine can be used in washing gastronomic containers, sheets for baking, trays and plates for pizza. Produced in this size: 6, x72x108 cm. The power of the electric appliance is 5 kW. In a set of baskets measuring 57x62 cm. The height of the opening for loading is 42 cm.

The price of the car is 19, 63 rubles.

Dome MMP "Silanos"

As in the case of the front dishwashers, the body and main dome assemblies of Silanos are made of high-quality stainless steel (grade ISI 304). Also machines differ in such features:

  • double insulation;
  • a self-draining washing pump;
  • easy detachable washing sleeves;
  • double filtering system;
  • Supplied with batchers of both detergent and rinsing agent (provided in model E1000);
  • complete with cassettes for glasses, plates and cutlery.

Overview of dome type models

E1000U angled.This dishwasher is characterized by the following technical characteristics and parameters:

  • machine control: the film tactile keyboard;
  • Steel nodes (STAINLESS AISI 304);
  • the capacity of the unit is 30 or 20 cassettes per hour;
  • 2 programs are provided for 2 and 3 minutes;
  • thanks to the angular construction, the tables can be installed in any of three positions;
  • Reduced noise and heat generation due to double-layer insulation.

Model E1000U angular dome type will ensure the right balance of furniture in the kitchen

Due to the design of the case, this model saves a lot of useful space, so it can be installed in a small room.

The price is 164 980 rubles.

E1000.Dimensions: 64x73x142 cm. Its power is 5 kW, and the duration of the washing cycles is 2 and 3 minutes. The size of the baskets is 50x50 cm, the height of the hole for loading the dishes is 3,

The cost is 139 221 rubles.

NE1300.Dimensions of the case: 6, х77х15, cm. Power: 5 kW. Baskets also have a size of 50x50 cm, and the height of the loading hatch is 4,

The price is 161 606 rubles.

Bottom-fired PMM

The main units of the unit, like its body, are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Similar to the previous machines, this type of dishwasher has a double thermal insulation of both the walls and the doors.

Other features:

  • Electronic control with a clear panel.
  • Simple use.
  • Fast and safe access for maintenance and cleaning.
  • High indicators of hygiene.
  • Possibility to change the duration of the washing cycles if necessary.

The main lineup is represented by the following variants:

LP57E. The dimensions of this model are 6, х72х167 cm, power 2 kW, cassettes measuring 57х62 cm. The height of the hole for loading dishes: 62 cm.

LP109E.The sizes of the case: 13, х7, х203 cm. The power of the device is 16 kW, it is completed with cassettes 6, x 115 cm. The loading hole is 82 cm high.

LPP109E. Housing parameters: 134h85h190 cm. Power - 26 kW, complete with baskets for 5, x114 cm. The loading opening is 59 cm high.

Tunneling PMM of cassette and conveyor type

This equipment is perfect for dining rooms and restaurants. Relevant for institutions that have a large volume of dishes, which will not be able to wash machines with periodic action. Continuous cassette (or conveyor) tunnel dishwashers from Silanos will be an ideal solution. In a short time, they cleanly and thoroughly launder the impressive volumes of dirty dishes and other utensils.

How does this technique work? It's simple: the dishes are placed on a constantly moving conveyor, which moves through the machine. During the cycle the dishes pass through different washing zones and are cleaned qualitatively. At the same time, water is heated to a temperature of 50-60 degrees. For more information about the operation of such units, see "Overview of tunnel dishwashers".

Professional tunnel PMMs differ in such features:

  • The design assumes the presence of modules, in each of which there is an individual washing (or rinsing) stage. These stages include preliminary washing and first washing, reinforced treatment, two types of rinsing and others.

  • Have the option of monitoring HACCP and the ability to install special software for data management to store certain settings in memory.
  • Performed in such a way that they were easy to manage and easy to carry out maintenance.

For example, PMMT1650collected all the advanced development of the company "Silanos." It is easy to work with, is as economical and effective as possible. An excellent choice for an enterprise of any scale. The model provides movement of the dishes from right to left.

Dimensions: 155h79h168 cm. The power of the unit is 2, kW, the capacity of processing up to 95 cassettes per hour. There are two main areas: washing and rinsing. The cost is 604 875 rubles.

Other models from Silanos:

  • T1500 DE(with auto start) cassette type, body dimensions: 115х79х14, cm, power - 2, 5 kW. Processes from 60 to 100 cassettes per hour. The price is from 346 002 rubles.

  • Another version of the cassette machineT3000is made in the dimensions of 215x79x168 cm. Power - 3, 5 kW. The car has three main zones: preliminary and basic washer + rinse zone.
  • NS5000- conveyor machine, the parameters of the body are 580х93х176 cm. Power - 6, kW. It is able to process from 3370 to 5060 plates in one hour. There are 4 main zones: preliminary and basic washing, preliminary and double rinsing.

Important! Each machine has a detailed instruction.


At the production of PMM, Silanos did not stop and offers to complete its equipment with various accessories. Industrial machines can be bought:

  • Dispenser of detergent - from 10 699 rubles.

  • The cassette for glasses is 35x35 cm in size, costing , 71 rubles.

  • Water softeners with volume from 8 to 16 liters, at a price of 4 108 to 6 066 rubles.

  • Table for contaminated utensils of universal type, which will fit any dome dishwasher - for 2, 90 rubles.

  • Table for clean dishes - from 12 695 rubles.
  • Detergent "Spetsintez" for 1473 rubles and other additions.

If you are thinking about purchasing professional equipment with excellent performance indicators and recognition of users from all over the world, PMM from Silanos should arrange you both for the price and for quality.

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