Kitchen Hoods Telescopic

Kitchen hoods telescopic - a kind of embedded. The difference in the special section sliding, spreading the working area of ​​the instrument. Telescopic hood does not work when the additional surface is removed. It is considered a disadvantage.

Built-in telescopic hood

Plants stamp models under different widths. Telescopic extractor fan is installed inside the cabinet, it operates in two modes:

  1. Release of air on the street.
  2. Recycle.

In the first case air is sucked through the pipeline network falls into the ventilation system (rarely a single channel exhaust system). Remember that for every curve of 90 degrees outflow tract paying the 10th percent of the power equipment, telescopic hood to take stock. Ventilation systems of apartment buildings, as a rule, are not able to miss a large air flow should try to measure this parameter anemometer.

Kitchen hoods telescopic

The process laborious. Before buying, make sure that the ventilation system works at all. Attach tetrad sheet inlet to the grid in the kitchen. Paper hang without the aid of hands - the hood can be bought.

What are the advantages of telescopic models: they are working on recycling duct installation is not required. The stream passes through a filter and then discharged to the outside.

It is difficult to say offhand what the capacity of the ventilation system in the house, so the parameters of a telescopic hood choose difficult. If the bandwidth value is known, feel free to take a maximum of performance net of the mentioned path turns. It is usually recommended for an hour twice to update the air kitchen.

When floor space of 10 square meters and a height of 2.5 meters, do not worry about performance. Suitable even low productivity telescopic hood for the kitchen. Worry is worth more than the inhabitants of the large estates.

Direct extraction parameters are not related to the size of the kitchen of the room, in fact, part of the fat and cooking fumes from the still passes portal on the first pass. Hence, there is air renewal requirements in the kitchen twice an hour. Permissible more is less - it is impossible.

Options telescopic hoods

For operation in the recirculation mode extractor telescope is provided with a filter. There are three types of barriers:

  1. Fatty.
  2. Carbonic.
  3. Catechin.

Curiously, the first named after the contamination, which may be removed, and the second - on the composition of the material (activated charcoal). Grease filter eliminates the presence of fat. This aluminum tape, which is washed as necessary in the dishwasher. Filter clogging indicators there is not any telescopic hood, the norm is the maintenance and replacement of accessories every six months.

Retractable hood system

Activated carbon is aimed at removing odors. Absorbs harmful substances is five times more than their own weight. Wash the element will not work, we need a complete replacement. Carbon filters are ideal when you do not want to supercool room extra winter traction or ventilation system is not functioning properly. The most complete telescopic hood element is missing. Typically, the equipment is equipped with grease filters, charcoal slot is provided, but buy more components have to separately. knowledgeable people recommend taking two pieces, one - in reserve.

Note that the models with two engines provide high performance, user-friendly, if the bundle includes a remote control. The front surface is recessed into the cabinet buttons on the control panel has an infrared radiation receiver for user commands.

By Telescopic hood noise cooling tower 43 to 55 dB. Thrown to the market model with a range of parameters in both directions beyond the specified limits. Note that despite the small effect discernible difference apparent when comparing the 43 and 55 dB. If the first digit of a little more than noise in an empty room of an apartment building in a populous city, the second most important approaches to the noise issued by a jackhammer. However, before the washing machines with spinning mode 72 dB telescopic hoods far. Please note option, because most of the operating time of the device is located near any of the home, and the period can become long.

Installing telescopic hood

It is worth noting that the majority of telescopic hood has a built-in lighting. Use halogen or incandescent lamp. LEDs are much less common. In other cases, the nighttime gatherings tools completely replace the overhead light and create a cozy atmosphere.

Installing telescopic hood

Built-in equipment associated with a compact device, but telescopic hood can not be called small products. Height is 40 cm, this is not the limit, so the installation area is necessary to select a capacious cabinet section. However, there are compact models (32 cm), going to the store, please be installation dimensions. For telescopic hood attached special instruction, which spelled out the parameters for the installation.

The height above the hob expose proceeding from general rules:

  1. For a gas cooker hoods suspension height above the burners is more than 65 cm.
  2. For other hobs parameter below 10 cm.

Note that the combustion of gas stand water with carbon dioxide (in the oxidation of hydrocarbons) and sulfur oxide. Last, he met with the condensate, give a strong acid. The fact is not common, but it is better to conduct the installation of a telescopic hood for work on air emissions outside. You will need:

  • corrugations;
  • rectangular or circular ducts.

Creative telescopic hood

Most cooker hoods are telescopic in the upper portion of the housing tube. Diameter indicated in the specifications, take a look at the store material for laying tract. If selected telescopic hood, people tend to give a decorative room, or rather, do not lose the appearance. In the ceiling can make a niche of drywall where the ducts are laid. In this case, challenging sees a chance not to disturb the ventilation system. The usual trick when the corrugation is put into the hole near the ceiling through the bars with a non-return valve does not take place, the place will close the drywall. The vertical duct portion extending up to the ceiling, inside hide a telescopic duct for exhaust.

The proper functioning of both systems, it is necessary that both are routed separately and worked independently. The drywall at the vent holes are provided opening under the ordinary bars. This will ensure the normal operation of the two systems in a joint operation. Now find a grille with a check valve for mounting.

Note that telescoping hood is not synonymous with ventilation. Appointment of utilities does not match. Ventilation is provided by fresh air, and the hood clears the room from odors and soot.

To reduce the size of the niche of drywall, drive mounting rectangular ducts. In this case, the design performance drops because the tract section fall sharply. For connections of round and rectangular ducts for Sale special adapters exhibited. Plastic is going on pazogrebnevyh method and metal products mesh overlap. Sutures are allowed to process the sealant.

When installing telescopic hood, good enough to take an electrical outlet close to the telescopic hood. The wire is not hanging over the hob. Feed devices from a standard 230 V, the power specified in the instruction manual and rarely reaches 600 watts. unit price starts from 10,000 rubles, most extracts fall within the range of up to 25,000. It will not allow units to include the category of the budget, but given purpose (interior aesthetics), and such segment should not be.


Extractor hood embedded telescopic indispensable in the cupboard small thickness and a large depth sections hob. In this case, other means is physically impossible to cover the surface of the board, the group in question will be the instruments elegant and simple solution to the situation. Conserved aesthetic appearance, simultaneously solved the problem of air purification (drawing portal should completely cover the plates).

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