What to buy a steam cleaner

When choosing a steam cleaner, people are often faced with a complete mess. Many instruments performs its function by boiling water, and in the market with this mess. We will help you buy the right steam cleaner.

Electronic Catalog of steam cleaners

Let's start in order, noting the weight of qualities. To proceed with the selection, go to Yandex Market and navigate through the menus. Yandex search line of throws is not there, and this little mistake makes a meaningful search for the desired steam cleaner impossible.


  1. Go to a search engine Yandex in line store.
  2. Select "Home Appliances".
  3. We need the item "Home Appliances". The title stands in the first row.
  4. Click the link titled "Steam cleaners and steamers."
  5. In the first stage of the window that appears, do not change. click "Choose" to press.

There will be models of devices. On the right side of the screen to see the name of the manufacturer of this type of home appliances. model steam cleaners do not release written in gray letters. We proceed to consider parameters.

parameters steam cleaners

  • Device Type:
  1. Steamer. Mainly a device for ironing clothes and furniture. The housing has a special rack, the nozzle have the form of brushes for a typical vacuum cleaner.
    Steam Mop

    Steam Mop

  2. Steam Mop. Properly allocate the device to a specific subspecies. This mode of operation. It is available in the steamer steam cleaner or a special type of brush, which is put on a piece-fiber fabric. The device is convenient to start a cosmetic cleaning. Its negative - need to periodically wash the fiber of, and plus - a pair of heat kills germs, mold and destroy other pathogenic factors. Invaluable in a home with young children. Cleans hard surfaces and carpets. On YouTube a lot of examples in the ads to see what it looks like a professional cleaning of surfaces from animal hair. Useful for understanding watch a video about the steamer, steam cleaner GM Q7 Multi. There it is shown how to use the steam mop.
  3. Steam cleaner. A distinctive feature of the device - samples of equipment designed for cleaning: floors, bathrooms. Although formally between the steamer and steam cleaner is no difference, the first to demonstrate a number of characteristic features: high pressure steam (Segment), specific types of attachments, with a strong jet direction, the lack of vertical rack hangers for clothes housing. This ordinary steam cleaners are available, in addition manual. These often look like a rocket or a jug, a principle of action reminiscent of the first case, senior fellow with the boiler, in the second - most ordinary electric kettles, do not turn off after boiling.
  • Design:
  1. The floor moves on wheels on the floor. Steamers are stationary, but this kind of steam cleaners are useless.
    Floor steam cleaner on wheels

    Floor steam cleaner on wheels

  2. Manual. Steam cleaners are less powerful, often do not work on battery. Power costs are too high for water evaporation. Note in segment two subspecies. The first wants to be called a steam mop, but more like a upright vacuum cleaner, such as Shark. The pipe is often removed in the hand remains raketoobrazny body, which can remove the furniture, not the floor.
  • Power. Slider important for exhibiting the desired watts, but everything is relative. With the same consumption, the effectiveness of different devices. There is a pattern: the higher the power - to produce more steam, which indirectly affects the harvesting speed. The key parameter is seen more pressure.
  • Maximum steam pressure. For Garment Steamer important to cover extensive surface disinfection of furniture, but the determining factor is pressure for this class of devices. Imagine that it is better - a strong jet of narrow or broad and weak. In the first case, to effectively clean the surface, the second Wet.
    Pouring water into the steam cleaner

    Pouring water into the steam cleaner

  • Time for water heating. The steam cleaner option consists of two components: the amount of boiler and power consumption. With few watts minus goes to heating water. Communication is easy to determine if it is recalled that the heat capacity of 4,200 joules per kilogram x ° C. The result is the time according to the formula: t = V x 4200 x (100 - 15) / N, where V - volume of the boiler in liters, 15 - the initial temperature of the water-flooded, N - rated power consumption less pump. For a rough calculation we take the value in watts from the passport. Time to get less real. The formula is given for the understanding that the time of heating of water can not be predicted in advance, in principle, it is wiser to specify the upper limit number. This parameter is linked to the power and capacity of the boiler. If one of the figures are not given, calculated using the specified ratio. Recovery time tells you how much you need a steam cleaner to get the first dose of the pair.
  • Steam temperature. It sounds weird, but squirt hot 100 degrees Celsius. Receiving coffee machines used to produce foams in milk. The higher the value, the less chance of surviving microbes. Not all coatings withstand temperatures excess. Take a steam cleaner with the maximum value, but be careful before the cleaning process. 200 degrees Celsius burn oilcloth on the kitchen, and kettle (accidentally dropped on the table) causes a bubble. Before applying steam cleaner hesitate.
  • The volume of the water tank. This is no ordinary boiler. From the tank water is taken fanfare. Then fed into the boiler, through the bypass or check valve, like the cylinder wall. TEN (usually male) is taken for the work, the water comes gradually. We believe that before the work goes heating systems to quickly begin working. It's reasonable to just pick up and the temperature in the tank. As it happens, in fact, it depends on the particular device steam cleaner.
    carpet cleaning steam cleaner

    carpet cleaning steam cleaner

  • Detergent steam cleaner on the idea of ​​increasing the efficiency of the system. Steam cleaners, formed by the described technology, operate on the principle of an electric kettle. The solution was slowly evaporated. How much detergent goes into a different state of aggregation is difficult to say, we are more interested to see if the chemistry in the process of inhale. Safer detergent from the container during operation to gradually add steam cleaner.
  • Horizontal stripping in a steam cleaner, rather, is an option of having the nozzle. This hair iron, shaped like a traditional, for ironing. In the technical solution is not surprising, steam cleaner for home easily replacing other devices as needed.
  • Cosmetic function. On Yandex-market is a pair of devices used for sessions SPA-cosmetics.
  • Strut - an indispensable attribute of the steamer. On the market are hybrid instruments and talking about this. If steam cleaner equipped with a telescopic stand, the set with 100% probability will brush vertical ironing.
  • Automatic shutdown - an important feature for many devices, the steam cleaner is not an exception. Troubles can be avoided, whether all appliances equipped with this option. When choosing a steam cleaner, try to take with automatic shut-off. However, the device for some time preparing for work.
  • Adjusting the steam supply is required to correlate the speed of the jet with the degree of contamination. A useful option.

Search Enter the parameters and product brands. If you need Klatronik, steam cleaner is selected from the exposed mark against the manufacturer. As a result, other models will be eliminated. Some stores are not included in the catalog Yandex, the formal absence of goods on the site look at the other. Resource checks all dealers. Buying steam cleaner with the transition from Yandex Market is relatively safe.

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