How to choose the kitchen hood

Consider the problem of choice today cooker hood.

Features hoods are often dependent on the internal device of the engine. Unfortunately, the reviews on this topic on the internet is extremely small.

The main parameters of kitchen hoods

Choosing the hood, pay attention to the grease filters and charcoal, eliminating costs for cooking food:

  1. odors;
  2. fat.

But cgoranii gas allocated excess moisture, and some other substances that are harmful for health - oksidsery and hydrocyanic acid. The concentration of metered, but for normal air supply conditions. The effectiveness of filters against dangerous contaminants - is an open question.

Let us examine what the hood to give preference to the air in the kitchen is still fresh, not a headache from the noise of the engine.

The theme of the noise produced by the engine is rarely considered in the review of extracts. Asynchronous motor low noise, noise collector, the noise level is dependent on speed.

Coolers processors domestic ventilators - examples of devices with asynchronous motor. Noise a little. With regular lubrication of the negative effects are reduced to zero. But the home appliance manufacturers persistently impose collector engines - Community purchasers and manufacturers focused on powerful devices. Each plant prefers to produce and sell expensive hood. High power is given by the competitors. Induction motors with regard to the power yield to the collector.



But models with asynchronous motor exist, operate without recirculation, air is driven out into the street. However, in the shops of consultants blinked in response to a question about the engine type. Focus on the noise performance of the passport hard - cheap hoods passports little information. Exit - to ask to remove filters and see inside.

induction motor

Induction motor characterized by the complete absence of brushes.

  1. Design switched windings weighs more governed by simpler: the speed change by pressing one of the keys that are protected by the simultaneous operation.
  2. Induction motors of the split pole stronger protected armored core (laterally spans coil). In the center of the rotor on bearings located. Shaded pole coil is a two-thick copper wires, threaded over the core.

The commutator motor

The commutator motor is characterized easy adjustment speed, high torque at the start, the possibility of reversal. Performance characteristics are complemented by performance: low cost, ease of maintenance.

The collector is a drum, divided into sections.

How easy to distinguish

  1. Fan with an induction motor without the magnet, the blades rotate under the action of any breeze - enough to blow and see the result.
  2. Synchronous motor - shaft mounted magnet moving blades with a palpable force, jerks of a quarter, a third, etc. rev.
  3. The commutator motor hums slightly when the rotating blade, constant force is applied.

Features of the induction motor:

  • relative low power output;
  • low noise levels;
  • an axial fan mounted;

RPM depends on the voltage amplitude, ie, not held constant.

extractor hood

extractor hood

Tangential asynchronous motor shaded pole runs noticeably louder, mounted on high-end models.

If the hood is not equipped with a special grille for ventilation openings, it must be purchased separately. To check the noise ask seller to show the device to work at maximum speed.

Cooker hood with recirculation or without

Recirculating exhaust air is purified and returned to the room. Accept the fact as a basis, choose the style.

Products of combustion gas, including contaminants must leave the premises. In other words, for a gas cooker hoods full optimum setting.

If the hob and electric oven, just select recycling, observing the condition: regular filter replacement. Without this efficiency drops.

Cooker hood with recirculation

Cooker hood with recirculation

For models with induction motors, filters are not attached, fumes out into the duct. Theoretically moves quickly grow fat and dust, reducing efficiency. Surely it is at high speeds. On the low-speed mode, this factor maloznachim, although loss of efficacy will be shown.

recycling Pros:

  • uselessness of the duct;
  • winter heat leakage is excluded.

What hood design selected

Design chosen on the basis of the above considerations. Additional points - price and design.

The latter provides for the option drawer. Preference is given to flat models with recirculation.

Removing the filter with the hood

Removing the filter with the hood

Which filters to choose the hood

Grease filters are available in two types:

  • aluminum;
  • acrylic.

In the first case, a metal grid, which accumulate fat. In the second - the fabric. Metal filters are washed, acrylic changed to new ones. Filters are provided with indicators, suggests the need of service.

Filters do not affect the selection of hoods for gas cookers. But be aware that models from different manufacturers are often incompatible. It is expedient to worry about the possibility of acquiring the necessary carbon filter model value. Filter type noted in the product or operating instructions. Hoods are designed for standard kitchen equipment - four burners (1.8 kW) and oven.

An important parameter - the size of the portal. It should cover the hob.

Should I take a recirculation hood

Modern extracts are divided into recirculation and exhaust.
The principle of operation is similar to the recirculation models of humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ionizers (including Swedish convectors AirGate). Intake air improves, thrown outwardly from the reverse side of the housing. Vetroduvku similar to, but without heating of flux are collected grease, odors and dust.

recirculation hood

The correct operation of recirculation hoods provide two filters:

  • lipophagic;
  • carbonic.

The charcoal filter is located above the grease. Above them is a fan, the suction air flow and direct it through the ejection outlet back into the kitchen.

For reference. Duct pipe called a square, rectangular or circular shape, serves to deliver the gas flow at the desired location. In metal round duct walls are corrugated, it allows the flexibility to pave the path and adjust the length exactly. Corrugated ducts are fixed with clamps, metal and plastic lap or using special inserts. Often insulation is applied sealant.

Exhaust extractor draws air into the vent hole in the kitchen, connected to the vent dishes. It does not clear the air and remove. Fats evaporation food soot deposited on the airway surfaces. Air Release periodically clean the pipe, if they are made of metal. The inner surface of the duct coated with an antistatic plastic composition which prevents dust settling.

Criterias of choice

Choosing the hood in the kitchen leads on several parameters:

  1. Power.
  2. Performance.
  3. Design.
  4. Price.
  5. The size.

The configuration of the vent hole is not important, set the adapters if necessary.

Performance. Choose a hood so that 10 times per hour, she missed the entire air volume cuisine. In the calculation account for 10% loss of productivity for every bend of the duct. Recirculation model work out 100% certified value, if the filters are regularly serviced.

extractor hood

This is done, if there is no desire to communicate with the corrugation. He looks not aesthetic, we have to hide the drywall or other methods. Rectangular Plastic ducts look comely, allowing no hiding, if necessary - to paint.

Power support performance when multiple bends of the duct.

But not when the unit is recycled. Here we get a full 100% of passport data. Provided:

  • Both filters, fat and charcoal should be serviced properly. Origin cleaned under a tap or in the dishwasher, and the second is replaced after a certain time.

In recirculation mode, operate the device if the ventilation duct provides reverse thrust. This check using A4 paper. When leaning against the air ducts, the paper is held without the help of hands.

Modern kitchen cooker hood

Size portal corresponds to the size of the cooking surface. Ideal - a small margin.

Design and drawing cost - a matter of taste and status of the customer wallet.

Extra options

Some cooker hoods supplemented with halogen spotlights.

Expensive models have a timer for the delayed stop, i.e., continue to clean the air for a predetermined time after switching off. A handy feature, especially if the hob is operated by a timer or burnt food on the stove.

Volume even quieter models makes much to be desired. For comparison Ballu Flow channel fan 100 has a characteristic of 16 dB.

Extractor hood with decor

Retractable or telescopic hood, disguised in the cabinets above the stove. Devices laid out (pushing) before operation.

Cooker hoods with inclined portal

Buy sloped hood for the kitchen will be a good choice:

  • The width of the standard model - 60 cm. The portal covers the hob.
  • With the depth of the matter is much more interesting. Outside portal sloping hood is equipped with a heat-resistant dark glass that opens, extending the capture of hot air. High temperatures are not afraid smooth dark material, and the jet being reflected from it, fall into the portal. In this manner, the problem solved by the overlap plate depth.
  • When closed, the dark heat-proof glass is a great decorative element that will give a decent view of the kitchen when cooking is not planned.
  • Hang kitchen hood to be inclined so that the middle of the portal fell to 65 cm from the electric oven and 75 - from the gas. It is high, so provide adequate security for the bottom edge of the portal.

Part of the work lies in the proper installation. The same equipment is functioning in different ways depending on the conditions. Is required to choose and to lay ducts, ventilation prepare.

Cooker hoods Elikor

Take a look at domestic kitchen hood Elikor. Manufacturer presents a number of interesting models, not all of them expensive. Elikor - Russian manufacturer, since 1995, is ready to delight products. Recently, management issued and posted on YouTube an interesting film about the company and products.

Selection of kitchen hoods

In addition to the traditional umbrella and flat models manufactured line of Country Music, dome type. Extractor hood resembles a chimney flue with a distinctive taper upward dome. The shape of the umbrella is similar to the onion dome of the church, the perimeter of a timber.

Designers pick colors for finishing sets sold, the buyer has the opportunity to paint the wood edging in the color you want. A number of models decorated with carvings. Name Country line has received for the use of folk motifs in the decoration of fireplaces. Extractor hood domestic manufacturer of interesting decoration of antique or modern.

Located below the grid level edging reduces the grease filter and portal area.

extractor hood

The warranty of the engine for 5 years. drawing Heart - turbine - is made of good-quality steel than favorably with imported products. Equipment powerful 200 watt, durable, but slightly noisy.

Techno Country line of different low noise levels. It presents a series of inclined models, including with air intake on the perimeter of the portal - plane type. In these extracts grille portal remains closed permanently, reducing engine noise.

For reference. 1,000 cubic meters per hour is not power, and performance. Are two different concepts. Power - the system's ability to maintain productivity, despite the resistance of the pipeline system interfering factors. Two engines are rotating blades at the same speed, but in the event of obstacles to cope with the task better powerful. Weak reduce turnover. Engines cooker hoods Elikor power above 200 watts, and is an excellent indicator.

Inclined plane type cooker hoods with air intake on the perimeter of the portal - the last peep technology today. Closing the door portal reduces the noise level. The outer surface is made of a refractory material.

An interesting modification of the slit-type drawing - the door is not fully equalized with the surface slightly protrudes outward. The principle of operation is preserved, but the gap is opened wider - half-portal. Such models work more effectively, but increasing the noise level.

Overhanging circular hood

What is the difference of kitchen hoods Elikor

Manufacturing operations are carried out according to European standards on CNC machines, some of the details for the accuracy of bend by hand. This allows you to reduce the cost of production. Only laser cutting is used for cutting out metal. The equipment comes from Japan, where it comes from the main part of machines. Stained cells in Swiss type of powder held in the clean room. This provides incredible resistance coatings. Choice of built-in drawing the benefit of the manufacturer will not be a mistake in terms of price and quality.

It is known that fats are deposited on aluminum better, however steel covered by anodization for perfect cleaning of air in a kitchen hood.

There are traditional sloping hood with a door made of tempered glass, reflective and opens the air flow in the portal in the ON state.

Of particular interest is the range of models of art (art - Eng. art). Making impressive. Cooker hood of this family will decorate any kitchen.

Compact extractor for the kitchen

Unfortunately, Yandex-market hard to find a cooker hoods of this series.

From the foregoing, we conclude - kitchen hoods Elikor distinguish capacity, long life, a variety of types and models, budget price - from 2000 p. for standard models.

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