What to buy electric Barbecue

The program "Health" Malyshev said with improvised - frying kebab on fire dripping juice. Carbohydrates "fused" with the fats. Favorite flavor of grilled meat is dangerous. Odor emanating from electrical Barbecues invalid. Teach the reader right thing to do barbecue, explain what an electric Barbecue buy. Believe me, the choice and the ability to use the device - the right things!

The larger pieces of meat 10 grams of cysts tapeworms are hot and get on the table barbecue lovers. The adult worm will appear after 3-4 weeks. Pork tapeworm eggs are dangerous for people to death, the bull - are harmless. Go to the doctor, do not hesitate.

Why Barbecue

Why it took to replace the electric grill Barbecue. Smell, appeared on the Russian market with the arrival of the Caucasian people is bad. And strangers unknowingly quietly prepared and eaten without electric Barbecue. Russians liked the new kitchen. But after the transfer of E. Malyshevoy about proper cooking kebab turned out - by heating on the current meat juice is harmful carbons. Reason - content in excess of substances, immediately reactive producing carcinogenic polyaromatic hydrocarbons. We will understand the importance of electrical Barbecue.

vertical Barbecue

vertical Barbecue

We list in order:

  1. Firstly, you need to choose the right meat. Profitable products physicians consider rabbit, followed by pork and traditional lamb, beef. Harmful in terms of content veal cholesterol: not recommended. Young bulls simply doom the nation to extinction.
  2. Secondly, in the marinade it is recommended to add the cumin, rosemary, basil and mint, increasing consumers metabolic processes, positively affecting the health.
  3. Third, use a little more marinade, vinegar destroys harmful bacteria, including botulism. As a result, the meat will not be satiated and school due to fat, but due to the marinade. It reminds steaming - says Elena Malysheva.

Last piece of advice the authors telecast left for later. Cook skewers, but the dripping fat should not fall on the coals. Exit - modern Barbecues. Design, select, remembering the classifications set forth above.

Variety of electrical Barbecue

cylindrical - common today Barbecues design. The heating element is hidden in the ground. The chamber is surrounded by a removable wall from aluminum or a similar metal. Suspension skewers adapted circular guide, hanging at the top. Skewers dipped into the bottom of the bowl with the central holes for the tips. Inside the hidden rotation mechanism improvised skewers.

Classical elektroshashalychnitsa

Classical elektroshashlychnitsy

As a result, the cooking process is as follows:

  • warm heater;
  • simultaneously activated to rotate the motor;
  • skewers are starting to warm up;
  • meat gets a share of heat, the walls are heated by radiating in the infrared range;
  • oil flows down, not smokes is going to each bowl skewers;
  • the process of moving, until the meat is roasted through.

Simply and brilliantly solves the problem of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons is removed from the apartment the smell of barbecue. Device electric power of 1.5 kW. Meets different kind of model. At the top of the suspension located carousel gear. Heated, the engine makes the skewers turn around due to the small gears, driven by large.

The design is so-so, at the given model the fat is going to mysteriously. Additional chic - an opportunity to put another skewer, and the unit is no longer rotates. Allowed povertet upper arms plastic tip. Does not prohibit part skewers rotate the hands, and the rest - at the expense of the mechanism. As a result, purchase the full freedom of action.

Schematic Barbecue-tandyr

An interesting technology, tandoor - a great way to make a meal. Imagine a thick-walled ceramic vase. Placed inside the coals glowed red-hot stone bowl. The fire burnt out - is put into what we prepare. Finely adjust the taste helps choice grade wood firewood. At times the coals before cooking clean.

In an electric-Barbecues embodiment tandyra inside is Nichrome spiral. With a fixed time her vessel warmed up to the desired temperature, it is recommended to preliminarily put on taste spiral chips fruit trees. The process lasts an hour. During this time, it is logical to prepare the skewers. To fry potatoes at a time, alternately strung pieces of meat. Cut onion rings, tomatoes. Below skewer mounted latch which prevents sliding during cooking by gravity.

Tandoor is hot, time download Barbecue in the meat. Before this is placed into a clay bowl for collecting fat. Capacity overlaps skewers hanging perimeter 100%. We would be placed inside to activate, let readers choose their sequence of operations.

The neck ring is placed with multiple slots along the internal perimeter under the skewers. Hangs the meat, cover with a lid, and deem the process to begin. After a fixed time-out of the tandoor Barbecue dish will come out excellent. Enjoy. Not advised to buy an electric Barbecue for an apartment, but the device is good for separate private estates, country houses.

elektroshashlychnitsy tandoor


Barbecue skewers with horizontal

Consider the characteristics of electric Barbecue no sense - not enough options. It is better to discuss security. When cooking on the horizontal skewer is not allowed to touch the coals juice and smoked. This causes a negative effect. Seeing on the counter with the horizontal Barbecue skewers, consider such an option. Notice how the meat gets warm. In the previous case, the process went inside. Basking skewers and meat from them.

Knowledgeable people say - no load metal glowing red hot. It is logical to inquire internal protection devices. The heating devices pose two stages:

  1. Thermal stands on a responsible place. Safeguard heater. If the temperature is read off scale due to objective reasons (e.g., breaking the cooling mode), the protective element burns, Barbecue spared from failure.
  2. Relays are often duplicates the thermal fuse function, eliminating burnout switch. And performs temperature control funktsiiyu floor of the working chamber in case of internal combustion.
horizontal Barbecue

horizontal Barbecue

Good idea to check the option to automatically shutdown in the fall. In 99% of the protection devices are not available. A vertical Barbecues do not look stable.

Therefore, electric Barbecue horizontal skewers times attractive. Better housing closed to the inside of which is not fallen. Electric Barbecue protected from all occasions as an electric heater. Cheap vetroduvki go without fire control steps.

Note the maintainability. Suppose, disassemble electric kettle and brewed inside the heater in the sole. Burned - will have to throw, the technique can not be repaired. And in the water heater inside the heater should the typical ordered at the nearest factory. For repairing an expensive appliance will pay 1-2 thousand rubles.

If the horizontal electric Barbecue replaceable heater has great. Throw 25 thousand. rubles in the first jump-voltage hurt. The manufacturer will refer to violation of operating conditions, the absence of a stabilizer. Repair have money.

And add the mechanism of rotation. The unit must be secure and inaccessible to the intervention. Choosing a good electrical Barbecue, take into consideration this fact.

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