Overview of Mach Dishwashers: Specifications

Professional dishwashers Mach differ reliability and simplicity: the company uses steel parts and does not replace them with plastic ones. Today it offers small glass-washing and large-size conveyor machines for washing any dishes.

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  • 1About Mach
  • 2Overview of Mach Easy Dishwashers
    • 2.1Frontal type
      • 2.1.1Mach MS / 9451
      • 2.1.2Mach Easy 40
    • 2.2Dome type
      • 2.2.1Mach Easy 90
    • 2.3Tunnel type
      • 2.3.1Mach MST / 015
      • 2.3.2Mach MST / 025
    • 2.4Boiler-washing type
      • 2.4.1Mach MLP / 60E

About Mach

The firm was founded in Italy in 1988. Constant developments and innovations are confirmed by international certificates ISO9001, GOST ROHS, HACCP.

Since 1999, manufacturers have begun to produce products whose materials are 97% recyclable. This has a favorable effect on further production and ecology.

The company "Mach" produces machines of this type:

  • Stakanomoechnye (bar).
  • Frontal.
  • The dome.
  • Conveyor (tunnel).
  • Machines for washing kitchen inventory.

Consider the features of individual models.

Overview of Mach Easy Dishwashers

Italian dishwashers are popular among our users. Simplicity of construction and a clear instruction allow you to quickly understand how to operate machinery.

Frontal type

The machine body is made of stainless steel. Suitable for washing dishes, glasses, cutlery. Heaters with thermal protection are equipped with a hydraulic type dispenser. The equipment is connected to a 220 V network and a cold water pipe.

Mach MS / 9451

The dishwasher is loaded with a front type, with dimensions of 60x62x81 cm. Suitable for small catering establishments. Cassettes of 500x500 mm size are used, per hour PMM can wash up to 500 items. Intuitive electromechanical control panel. You can set one of two cycles lasting 120 and 180 seconds.

The body of steel type AISI 304 is a micro-sensor. When the door opens, it works - the washing stops and allows you to safely load the instruments. The heater has received thermal protection. It is possible to load plates with a height of 320 mm and glasses 315 mm.

The kit includes two baskets and two instrument trays.

The cost is from 100 000 rubles.

Mach Easy 40

Machine for washing glasses with dimensions 46х54х69 cm. The case is completely made of stainless material. It is possible to connect to hot water. Convenient front loading type: the front door opens forward, forming a shelf for loading. The capacity is 1100 items per hour. The size of the trays for loading is 40x40 cm.

Complete set: 1 universal tray, 1 cassette for plates, 2 trays for cutlery, 1 insert for small plates, saucers.

The price is from 70 000 rubles.

Dome type

This type of professional dishwasher can automate the work. Guarantees convenient use and high productivity - up to 1100 units per hour. To manage the technology will only need one person who will load dishes, turn on the sink, get clean appliances.

The case of models is made of stainless steel, the control is on the front panel, the connection is made to the 380-volt network.

Mach Easy 90

The dome-type technique will help to clean all sorts of items: spoons, plates, glasses, cups. Electric heaters with thermal protection are installed in the boiler and in the bathroom. The internal equipment of the camera is easily disassembled, which allows you to quickly clean the filter and impeller from dirt.

The dimensions of the case are 6, x7, x146 cm. Instruments are placed in cassettes of 50x50 cm, per hour processed from 400 to 960 cymbals. There are two washing modes: 75 and 180 seconds. The Easy 90 model is connected to hot water.

The cost is from 160 000 rubles.

Tunnel type

Conveyor models are equipped with a convenient system of loading and unloading devices. Suitable for large shops, large establishments, restaurants. Allow to clean ordinary tableware, as well as baking trays, gastronorms, containers.

Can differ in performance, the presence of a drain pump.

Mach MST / 015

Tunnel dishwasher can effectively clean a large number of dishes - up to 1500 items per hour. Overall dimensions of the case: 130х72х160 cm.

Simplified control panel allows you to set three modes:

  • 75 seconds;
  • 120 seconds;
  • 180 seconds.

The connection is made to the 380-volt network. The tank is one-piece, with rounded corners, which do not accumulate dirt. The model is equipped with a drain pump. Built-in dispenser-rinse allows you to adjust the amount of money. The capacity is 1500 items per hour.

The kit includes 4 cassettes measuring 50x43 cm. It can be equipped with additional tables.

The price is from 600 000 rubles.

Mach MST / 025

The conveyor dishwasher takes care of the dishes with the use of washing and rinsing agents. Simple electromechanical control allows you to start the process by pressing one button. The cycle is switched off automatically, after which you can get clean dishes.

The dimensions of the body are 210x7, x14, mm. For an hour the model MST / 025 will wash 69-108 baskets (50x44 cm). Tank without pomp, one washing mode. It is connected to hot water. The technique is equipped with an additional drying section. The complete set includes baskets and softener for water.

The cost is from 1 000 000 rubles.

Boiler-washing type

Models are often used in confectioneries, bakeries, cafes. Allow to wash large objects: containers, containers, trays, trays, pots. The hull, boiler and spray guns are made of stainless material. Connect to the network 380 volts.

Mach MLP / 60E

Dishwasher for care of kitchen implements, dishes, appliances. Dimensions of the case: 68х81х190 cm. The micro-sensor, which stops the cycle when the door is opened, allows to safely load the plates.

MLP / 60E per hour wash 30 baskets measuring 55x69 cm. In the chamber are placed boilers 80 cm high. A model without a pump is connected to a hot water pipe. The double door moves apart in different directions, creating a shelf for a cassette with instruments. The set includes a detergent dispenser.

The price is from 400 000 rubles.

The "Mach" dishwashers are an advantageous investment. The technique is simple to operate and maintain, the company supplies all the necessary parts and spare parts. Prices are democratic, compared to other brands of professional equipment.

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