Overview of Siemens dishwashers (Siemens) 60 cm

Potential buyers who are in search of a convenient and functional dishwasher should take a closer look at the best options that the home appliance market offers today. We offer a detailed overview of dishwashers "Siemens" 60 cm. We will evaluate the most purchased models produced by Siemens in recent years, consider their functionality and the degree of reliability. You will learn about:

  • the most popular models;
  • market leaders in reliability and quality of assembly;
  • the most selectable PMM of recent years, their functions, options and features;
  • user reviews.

After reading the material, you will know everything that concerns the full-size Siemens dishwashers with a depth of 60 cm and you can make the right choice, find the most suitable option.

Content of the material:

  • 1The most popular models of Siemens dishwashers are 60 cm
    • 1.1Siemens SR 25E830 EU
      • 1.1.1Customer feedback Helen:
    • 1.2A separate Siemens SR 26T897
      • 1.2.1Reviews from buyer Nastya556
    • 1.3Siemens SN 678X50 TR
    • 1.4Siemens SN 578S00 TR
    • 1.5Built-in Siemens SN 656X00 MR

The most popular models of Siemens dishwashers are 60 cm

Buying PMM built-in type, each buyer strive to get not just a powerful, but also a functional technique that will work for many years without breakdowns. According to YandexMarket estimates, there are almost 1, 00 dishwasher models in the world today. And, most likely, these are only distant from real numbers, because there are dozens, or even more, manufacturers on the market.

We will consider the most successful PMM 60 cm from the manufacturer of home appliances Siemens, taking characteristics and reviews of some of them from a popular Internet resource.

Siemens SR 25E830 EU

This is a narrow detached dishwasher - a width of 45, but a depth of 60 cm. The capacity of the bunker is 9 sets. The classes of drying, washing and consumption of electricity are higher: "A" in all respects. The control is facilitated by the presence of an electronic display on the panel. The water consumption is 9 liters per wash cycle. The cost of electricity is, 8 kW / h. This is a relatively noiseless PMM with an output level of 46 dB.

On a normal program, the machine washes the dishes for 185 minutes. Among the programs you will find:

  • 5 washing cycles (2 conventional - "Intensive" and "Quick the rest - special);
  • 4 thermal modes;
  • drying function of condensation type;
  • loading of hopper ½ is provided.

Also, operation is facilitated by such options:

  • delay start up to 24 hours;
  • protection against leaks of a full type;
  • turbidity sensor;
  • indicators of regenerating salt and rinse aid;
  • for the loading of the crockery, the height adjustment of the container;
  • there is a holder of wine glasses;

Customer feedback Helen:


It works very quietly. There are some noises, but it does not bother me - at night, in the bedroom there is not a sound. With a narrow design, it is very roomy. In the afternoon we copy the dishes, in the evening - mine, then completely enough, sometimes we collect 2 days, although we can also wash on the "half". High-quality washing - launches to shine (maybe thanks to good "chemistry" - I do not save on it). Regimes I use absolutely everyone, especially like PARTY - laundered for half an hour. The longest cycle is almost three hours. Lamps salt and rinse function, have never lied.


Have not yet found, but also in the use of the machine only 2 months. It happens that there are leftovers on the plates, but they are not sugared - just shake it off and that's it.

The average cost is 3, 00 rubles.

A separate Siemens SR 26T897

Another narrow stand-alone PMM, increased capacity - for 10 sets of dishes. Class "A" for all parameters (washing, drying, electricity consumption). Convenient control of the electronic type with a simple and intuitive display. Consumption of resources: 9 liters and, 1 kW / h, water and electricity, respectively. The noise level is 43 dB.

About the regime possibilities:

  • 6 cycles, among which are "Fast" and "Economy "Auto
  • Half cycle.
  • 5 thermal modes;
  • drying is provided.

Features of Siemens SR 26T897:

  • delay of launching 1-24 hours;
  • complete protection against leaks;
  • sensor of "turbidity
  • possibility of loading capsules "3 in 1
  • indication of salt and rinse aid;
  • special spraying against fingerprints - the technique will always be clean and free from fingerprints;
  • regulation of the container container in height;
  • The bunker is illuminated from the inside;
  • there is a container for appliances and small utensils;
  • a holder for washing glasses;
  • options VarioSpeed ​​Plus, "Hygiene + intensiveZone.

The average price on the market is 39 500 rubles.

Reviews from buyer Nastya556


First of all, I liked the fact that after opening and closing the door, there are no fingerprints left on it. Immediately felt praised German quality - nothing "rides" and does not "fall out" - the assembly on the level.


Like other equipment, it draws a lot of electricity, but it pays off my spare time.


This is my first machine. The selection was based on feedback from the Internet, and the producer country also played a role. Lain between the detached and built-in, but stopped yet on a separate model - it's sleeker, and the kind of kitchen does not spoil anything. I like the option Hygiene Plus, which saves water by 5-8 cubic meters from 14-16 cubic meters. Really quiet, and on the night mode it washes with a level no higher than 40 dB (the husband has a device for checking the noise, we always test it on his entire technique). The most convenient thing is that there is a retractable basket for knives, forks and spoons - thanks to it nothing falls out. Bribed and nozzle for washing baking trays from the oven - checked personally: no noise, and washed perfectly. We have a kitchen only 12 squares, so we save space as best we can, but the dishwasher fits perfectly. Instruction in Russian found on the official site - there was also a sea of ​​other useful information (I learned about all the "bells and whistles" and functions). I advise all buyers interested in a powerful and efficient machine.

Siemens SN 678X50 TR

Full-size built-in machine, capacity for 14 sets. Higher classes of washing, drying and consumption of electricity. Electronic control is facilitated by the presence of a scoreboard and a touch panel. There is protection from children (parental control, protection against accidental depression). For one washing cycle this machine consumes 10 liters of water. The maximum power is 2400 W at an energy consumption per hour, 4 kW. The work is relatively noiseless: only 42 dB.

About programs and modes:

  • only 8 washing cycles, among which the standard "Fast" cycle and a special "Delicate" washing, "Economy" mode, the function of "Prewash" (soaking dishes) and other automatic cycles;
  • 6 thermo-variations;
  • ½ Bunker loading;
  • condensation type of drying.


  • delayed start up to 24 hours;
  • protection against leakage of the full type;
  • maximum water heating - up to 60 degrees;
  • sensor of "turbidity
  • the possibility of using "3 in 1" tablets;
  • adjustable cupboard (height);
  • illumination of the bunker from the inside;
  • the holder of wine glasses;
  • tray for small utensils.

The weight of the machine is only 47 kg, among the additional options there is a "Night" wash, intensiveZone, VarioSpeed ​​Plus, HygienePlus, Shine & Dry. There is a load sensor. The motor is iQdrive.

The average market price for today is 8, 00 rubles.

Siemens SN 578S00 TR

Comfortable full-size model with the possibility of a partial embedding, designed for 14 dishes sets. Higher classes in terms of energy consumption, drying and washing. Easy control with a clear display.

There is a "parental control which prevents accidental pressing of buttons. The water flow rate is not one washing cycle liters. Electricity kW / h. Noisiness at around 42 dB. Of the 8 programs there is a mode of "Express-washing "Delicate "Economical" cycle, the function of "Soaking" (preliminary washing) and others. There are 6 temperature modes and drying (condensing). A download for ½ is present.

Features of Siemens SN 578S00 TR:

  1. Delayed start up to 24 hours.
  2. Complete protection against leaks.
  3. Heated water up to 60 degrees.
  4. Sensor of "turbidity".
  5. The possibility of using "3 in 1" tablets.
  6. Indicators of regenerating salt and rinse with depletion of their stocks.
  7. The inner surface of the bunker is a high-quality stainless steel.
  8. Adjustable basket.
  9. Illumination from the inside.
  10. Capacity for dining utensils (spoons, forks), holder of wine glasses - in the set.

Additional options: "Night" mode of operation, "Hygiene +" function, iQdrive motor and load sensor. The average market price in the range of 73 500 rubles.

Built-in Siemens SN 656X00 MR

The novelty of 2017! Full-size and fully built PMM from the Siemens concern, designed for 14 sets of dishes. Energy consumption class A +, and drying and washing classes: A. Electronic control is facilitated by the presence of a display on the panel.

There is a function of "parental control". The water consumption, as in the previous model liters per washing cycle, and power consumption is slightly higher 1 kW / h. Operating time of the machine on the regular program: 210 minutes. Noisiness within 44 dB.


  1. Of 6 washing modes, "Intensive "Quick "Delicate "Economical" and "Soaking" mode are especially convenient.
  2. Condensation type of drying.
  3. 5 temperature variations.
  4. Possibility of hopper loading on ½ of the full volume (half load).

Features in the presence of a delay timer, protection against leaks, water heating up to 60 degrees, sensor "Turbidity" of water, the possibility of using capsules "3 in 1" - the standard "track record" of any modern PMM. For the convenience of the user, the manufacturer has provided two types of notification of the progress of the washing process: a sound signal at the end of the washing and "Ray on the floor."

All the necessary features of the bunker are taken into account: the holder of wine glasses, the tray for cutlery, the adjustable dish basket.

The light weight of the machine in 38 kg allows to deliver and install it without problems. Of the additional options the manufacturer bets on such: VarioSpeedPlus, HygienePlus, "Intensive" zone, boot sensor, "Hygiene + touch panel.

The average cost is from 59 800 rubles.

In our review of PMM included the most purchased models, you only need to choose the type (freestanding, partially or completely built-in), weight, type of loading and the optimal set of functions. In general, reviews about Siemens machines are positive, which is due to the really German quality of the assembly of dishwashers. We wish you a successful choice and a long use of useful technology.

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