Overview of Project dishwashers: models, specifications

Professional equipment for catering establishments not only cleans, but also disinfects appliances, providing you with clean dishes throughout the day. Project Dishwashers consume a little water and electricity, especially when compared with hand washing, while effectively washing plates, glasses and appliances.

material Contents:

  • 1 About Project
  • 2 Front dishwashers
    • 2.1 JET 500 plus
    • 2.2 Unica 35E
    • 2.3 ALPHA 40 LS
  • 3 Dome PMM
    • 3.1 Project Systems T110
    • 3.2 Project Systems T1515
  • 4 Tunnel( conveyor)
    • machines4.1 Project Systems CT 200
  • 5 PMM for cleaning kitchen appliances
    • 5.1 Project S 200
    • 5.2 Project S 350

About Project

The Italian company began its work in 1991 as a manufacturer of professional equipment for washing machines. Today it has grown so much that it launches from 10,000 dishwashers a year.

Here are the main components of a successful manufacturing company:

  • Qualified personnel.
  • Caring for the environment.
  • Compliance with technological standards.

Each customer will be able to choose the right equipment, starting with the budget options and ending with expensive large-sized machines.

Project Project manufactures dishwashers of various types, each of which is divided into rulers with its own characteristics: frontal, dome and tunnel, as well as machines for cleaning inventory.

Front-mounted dishwashers

Reliable models with an intuitive control panel. Ease of maintenance is provided by the front access to the camera. Manufacturers made sure that the user had no problems with spare parts - each machine has its own set.

PMM of this type are divided into three series:

  • Jet;
  • Alpha;
  • Unica.

JET 500 plus

The compact case, 83.5x55x60 cm, is made of stainless steel. The technique works automatically. There is a built-in microswitch that blocks the sink when the door is opened.

All parts have front access, so there will be no maintenance difficulties. Two sprayers are built in: upper and lower for washing and rinsing. Drain pump and peristaltic dispenser are installed additionally. Resistors received anti-corrosion coating. There is a check valve to prevent water from entering the sewer in the chamber.

The camera includes baskets of 50x50 cm in size.

All functions are also characteristic of other models of the series.

Unica 35E

Models in this series have an ergonomic design. The case of 42x50x65.5 cm is made of stainless steel. A flat handle doesn’t hurt to place the Unica 35E in a convenient place for you. The stainless steel tank is made of a single sheet of steel type Aisi 304.

There are three wash programs to choose from. Their duration can be selected depending on contamination - up to 120 minutes. The built-in boiler is equipped with a thermostat that allows you to set the temperature or turn off the heat in the absence of water.

Integrated safety switch and non-return valve. Performance per hour is 30 cassettes 350x350 mm.


Suitable for small cafes and bars.

Features PMM:

  • Access to all parts from the front.
  • Stainless case and tank.
  • Ability to install a dispenser for detergents and pump.
  • The presence of two nozzles: the top and bottom.
  • Boiler with adjustable thermostat.
  • Water filter.
  • Check Valve.
  • Microswitch when opening the door.

Dimensions: 69.5x45x52 cm. Cassettes, size 40x40 cm.

Dome PMM

Dome-type models have higher productivity, are suitable for medium-sized restaurants, canteens. Equipped with a peristaltic rinsing dispenser. If the body is supplemented with tables for loading and unloading dishes, it will become even more convenient to use the PMM.

Project Systems T110

Equipment with dimensions of 151.9х73х81.9 cm. Holds baskets of 50x50 cm in size. Washes dishes, trays, trays, cutlery. Automatic start of washing facilitates the work of the operator.

The control panel allows you to choose from two washing cycles lasting 90 and 120 seconds. The tank is designed for 15 liters, consumes only 2.7 liters of water per cycle. Additionally, you can order a dispenser for detergent, drain pump.

Project Systems T1515

A 156.5x79x83.5 cm machine can help wash dishes, glasses, trays, containers, containers. Baskets of 50x60 cm are used.

With the help of a sensitive panel you can choose one of four modes:

  • 60 seconds;
  • 120 seconds;
  • 180 seconds;
  • continuous mode.

The tank is made of a single sheet with rounded edges, therefore it is self-cleaning: there are no seams and corners in which pollution accumulates. The spring ascension dome rises and falls easily. There is a self-diagnostic function, thanks to which you can quickly calculate the cause of the breakdown.

It is possible to additionally order a dispenser, a pump, a filter for water softening, as well as a heat recovery unit. In the latter case, the heat during washing is stored and used during subsequent cycles.

Tunnel( conveyor) machines

Conveyor dishwashers are highly efficient. For an hour of work they process up to 200 baskets of dishes. The case and the doors are double insulated, therefore they retain heat perfectly, do not heat up and reduce the noise level.

Time control allows you to save resources. If the last basket does not go to the car wash, the program temporarily stops. Drain pumps have a self-cleaning function. If to add to the car tables of preliminary washing and drying, it is possible to fully automate the process.

The series includes two models: ST 200 and ST 120. They differ in size and in the presence of one drying unit.

Project Systems CT 200

Appliances suitable for large workshops and kitchens. The case dimensions are 161.5x197( 257 with drying) x77 cm. Double insulation of walls is provided, automatic start. It is also possible to install a prewash.

A tank with rounded corners and a self-cleaning pump works great with hygiene in the chamber. The performance of the CT 200 is impressive: 200 baskets or 3960 items are processed per hour. Drain filter made of stainless steel. There is a drying module, where the dishes fall after washing and rinsing.

A heat recovery unit is also included in the design, so the model is not only productive, but also economical. The door is fully open, which allows you to quickly and conveniently install baskets 50x50 cm.

ПММ for cleaning kitchen appliances

These are washing machines that have a large capacity.

Project S 200

It has a case of 190x85,5x85 cm with double walls. Self-cleaning pump maintains cleanliness in the chamber. Filters purify water for reuse, which saves on its consumption.

There are 4 washing modes with a duration from 2 to 12 minutes. The special rinsing system AVT reduces water consumption by 20%.Thanks to the anti-vibration system, it is impossible to guess about the end of the cycle, therefore the user is notified by an indication or an audible signal. There is a built-in self-diagnostic system.

The model is equipped with a special cycle for cleaning the camera. Basket sizes: 70x70 cm. They hold plates, trays, trays. You can also wash pots, boilers, containers.

Project S 350

Set for washing large items. The loading opening is 85 cm in height. Cassettes are sized 132x70 cm in the camera.


  • Half load function. Only one of the two pumps is activated, which saves water and energy.
  • Special guides make it easier to load a full basket into the camera.
  • Dispensers for detergents and rinse aid. Indication on the panel indicates their end.
  • Four wash cycles from 2 to 12 minutes.
  • The ABT rinsing system reduces water consumption by 20%.
  • The control panel with display shows the time until the end of the cycle.
  • Self-diagnosis troubleshooting speeds up maintenance.
  • At the end of the program, you can start washing the PMM camera.

The dimensions of the cabinet are 190x147x85 cm.

Considering all the advantages of technology, it should stand in every kitchen of a public institution. Special equipment reduces the amount of resources consumed. Simple and automated work requires the presence of only one person who loads and unloads the dishes.

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