Overview of rinsers for the dishwasher

If the detergent powder helps to get rid of dirt, then the rinse aid for the dishwasher gives the dishes a shine, a shine, a pleasant smell. In the article we will tell you why you need a conditioner, where and how much it should be poured. Let's present a rating of popular means among users.

Content of the material:

  • 1What is a rinse aid for?
  • 2Characteristics and composition
  • 3How and where to pour the remedy
  • 4How to make a conditioner with your own hands
  • 5Rating 2017
    • 5.1Calgonit Finish
    • 5.2Sodasan
    • 5.3Somat
    • 5.4Top House
    • 5.5Paclan brileo
    • 5.6Frosch
    • 5.7Clean Home

What is a rinse aid for?

Many users doubt the useful function of the rinse aid. Why use it, if there is a detergent powder that will remove impurities, and at the rinse stage the remnants of the detergent will be washed off with water? This is not entirely true.

Indeed, immediately the main washer is done. Water jets emerge from the nozzles, a gel or powder is mixed with them. The main dirt is removed. Then rinse begins. If the regime passes with a special rinse aid, then:

  1. Remains of aggressive components are washed off. Alkalis and acids are neutralized.
  2. The dishes are protected from stains and stains. The water repellent effect does not allow the drops to linger on the surface.
  3. Cutlery will shine and creak after washing in the dishwasher.

Is it necessary to use a conditioner, or can you do without it? We have already substantiated the answer. These are multifunctional tools that help to achieve an ideal cleanliness of glassware, and also to protect the walls of the hopper from plaque and scale.

Characteristics and composition

The dishwasher can be used for cleaning not only kitchen utensils, but also children's accessories. Therefore, the choice of air conditioning must be taken responsibly, to study the composition, incoming components. Normally, the composition looks like this:

  • lemon acid;
  • water;
  • sugar surfactant to prevent foaming;
  • ethanol, fatty alcohols;
  • detergents that soften the water.

Important! Do not use hand gels or powders for the dishwasher. They cause excessive foaming, which can lead to leakage.

How and where to pour the remedy

The biggest mistake of the user is to fill the air conditioner in one compartment with powder. No, it will not lead to breakage, you just vain pour expensive air conditioner. Because he climbs together with the powder during washing and does not bring any benefit.

Near the cuvette there is a special batcher, which tightly twists. Pour the rinse there as much as it will fit. Close the lid tightly.

After that, set the indicator mark as indicated in the instructions to your PMM model. The ideal number can only be determined by trial and error. If the dishes are strongly smelly, reduce the performance.

The fact that the air conditioner is over, in the PMM Hotpoint Ariston will be indicated by an indicator on the control panel.

How to make a conditioner with your own hands

If you do not trust the manufacturers of household chemicals, we'll show you how to replace it. Homemade ingredients will come to the rescue. The simplest and most effective of them is apple cider vinegar. It is enough to fill 1-2 tablespoons in the compartment, and you can start the sink. The acid composition will ensure the dishes shine.

You can combine such components:

  1. Take 200 g of borax.
  2. Add 150 g of soda and 500 g of magnesia.
  3. A pinch of citric acid.
  4. Add the water and mix.
  5. The resulting mixture is poured into ice forms.
  6. Use one capsule per wash.

Before using a self-made tool, calculate its dose. Otherwise, there is a risk of spoiling the equipment and losing the warranty.

If you have chosen the professional tools, we will discuss which brand to give preference to. Below is an overview of the best conditioner and consumer feedback.

Rating 2017

We compiled a rating for professional air conditioners for crockery. Let's consider each of them.

Calgonit Finish

The "Finish" brand is very popular among users.

What the manufacturer promises:

  • Ideally clean dishes without stains, stains;
  • quick-drying appliances, shiny surface;
  • protection of dishes and walls of the chamber from scale.

To understand how to pour a part of the liquid into the compartment, it is enough to raise the compartment lid. Why do you need a dispenser? To gently pour Calgonit into the compartment and do not exceed the allowable amount.

The cost is from 270 rubles per 400 ml.


I bought a dishwasher a month ago and immediately bought a lot of money for it. During this time, I used half the vial. The level of the indicator stood on the four, then decided to reduce to three. The result has not changed: glass, glasses and other utensils sparkle with cleanliness. Finish has no distinct smell of chemistry, which is very encouraging. Whether the conditioner is necessary - to solve to you. I recommend Calgonit Finish to purchase. Approximately one bottle is enough for two months.


This is an organic rinser made in Germany. Does not contain surfactants, the composition includes citric acid, alcohol, water, essential oils. Reduces drying time, protects against corrosion, divorce, scale.

The price is from 460 rubles per bottle to 500 ml.


I decided to buy Sodasan, because I used a powder of the same production. From one powder on the dishes there was a strong white coating. Despite the fact that the water is hard, the doser in the Bosch typewriter is set to a deuce. So, Sodasan does an excellent job. Devices at the output shine and creak with cleanliness. And the eco-composition is very pleasing, no chemistry and extraneous odors.


A convenient plastic bottle with a dispenser. It has moisture-repellent properties, so water quickly drains from the appliances and the dishes dries quickly. Protects glass products from corrosion, leaves no streaks. Contains surfactants, preservatives and other additives. Has a pleasant smell of lemon.

The price of a bottle is 750 ml from 190 rubles.


I really liked Somat, although I tried many other means. Thanks to the nozzle, the liquid is conveniently poured into the compartment. And you do not need to think how to drain excess, because Somat is concentrated and poured into several cycles. The main thing is to put the badge on the dispenser correctly. The price of one bottle is available, and it is consumed very slowly. Glass plates are directly lit. I am pleased with myself and recommend it to everyone.

Top House

Suitable for dishwashers of all types. Qualitatively removes aggressive residues of detergent powder, provides devices with protection from stains and gloss. In the composition of nonionic surfactants, preservatives, hydrotropes.

The price of a bottle of 1 liter is 330 rubles.


For a long time it was convinced, that without a rinse aid plates on an exit dim, sometimes with a white touch. I chose Top House, because I liked the large amount of packaging. I noted such advantages:

  • There is no smell.
  • Glass glasses, glasses shine.
  • Suffices for a long time (up to 200 washes).

Out of the disadvantages of price and uncomfortable dispenser, the liquid is often bottled. Solid "four you can take.

Paclan brileo

According to the manufacturer, Paclan warns the appearance of crystalline deposits on the dishes, the output devices are clean and transparent. Contains no more than 5-15% of surfactants, preservatives.

The price for 500 ml of 180 rubles.


Acquired Paclan in "Auchan a budget option. The bottle is normal, plastic with a dispenser. Despite the low cost, I liked the air conditioning. From the baskets I take out clean appliances without a smell, although I tried more expensive products, but I do not like their "vigorous" smell. Instead of the untwisted brands I take the usual Paclan Brileo and I advise you.


Contains natural fruit acid, so the plates are especially shiny after washing. The other characteristics do not differ from other means.

The cost for 750 ml of 130 rubles.


With the purchase of a dishwasher you have to buy special tools. I learned that Frosch is produced by the Germans, so I decided to try it. The bottle is a normal, comfortable spout. But the content is "about nothing." On the plates were a divorce, although there is no smell. I will not buy more.

Clean Home

Professional household chemicals. In the composition of citric acid, 5% surfactant, polycboxylates, perfume. Protects cutlery and internal walls of the hopper from lime scale, scale, stains.

The cost of the bottle is 1 liter from 170 rubles.


About the brand Clean Home heard a lot of good reviews, so I took a rinse for PMM. In the bottle, a clear liquid, when filled, foam. Did not like the smell, the chemical "flavor" does not pass even after washing. The main work also performs on the "C grade". On the surfaces remain a divorce, glass products do not hold out to "perfect transparency". I will not recommend it.

Also known are the rinsers of Sofin, Bolla. However, users are not satisfied with the result of their work. The popularity of tablets Biomio 7-in-1. According to the manufacturer, they already contain everything necessary. Therefore, you do not need to buy additional salt and air conditioning.

You choose what is best: self-made products or professional air conditioners. Be careful with the use, follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

The video shows how to properly fill the liquid in the compartment and run the dishwasher:

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