Review of Dishwashers Vestel (Vestel)

Buyers are accustomed to the fact that the most high-quality dishwashers are assembled in Italy and Germany. Mistresses dream of expensive Bosch, Siemens or Miele. But there are new brands, they create products cheaper and not worse in quality of assembly and functionality than the above mentioned brands. This includes the dishwasher Vestel.

From our review you will learn basic information about the company, get acquainted with popular models and get access to real user reviews.

Content of the material:

  • 1Brand Information
  • 2Popular Models: Review
    • 2.1VDWBI 6021
    • 2.2VDWBI 4522
    • 2.3VDWTC 6031 W
    • 2.4VDWIT 4514 W

Brand Information

Vestel unites 19 companies scattered all over the world. The head office is located in Turkey (St. Manisa), and factories are in different countries of the world.

Today, this company is the leader among European manufacturers, produces not only large and small household appliances, but also electronics. All Vestel products are accompanied by ISO 9001 certificates, therefore, on an equal basis with other brands is represented not only in all European countries, but also in the United States.

Since 2003, Vestel has set up its own company in Russia. Now at facilities located in Alexandrov, Vladimir region, produce TVs, refrigeration equipment, washing machines and dishwashers. All products produced in domestic plants are designed exclusively for the domestic market.

Important! The RIA Novosti news agency reported in March 2016 that in connection with the economic crisis in Turkey, it was decided to close the Westel-CIS plant in Alexandrov. At the moment the company's website is functioning, but the latest news was published in December last year. The model range has narrowed significantly, and the products presented on the site, as indicated in the footnote, are processed by another online store.

Nevertheless, the Vestel technique is on sale (presumably not of the Russian assembly), so there is a review of the models.

Popular Models: Review

We will consider 4 bright representatives from different PMM lines: recessed and floor models in two versions - full-size and narrow. Some models have been added with user feedback.

VDWBI 6021

Full-size PMM with the possibility of full integration, designed for 12 sets of dishes. Higher classes of washing and drying, a fairly high class of energy efficiency - A +. Electronic control is complemented by a display on the door. The water and energy consumption for 1 cycle: 13 l and 5 kW / h, respectively. Relatively quiet machine - the noise level specified in the technical documentation is only 47 dB.

Of the 5 washing programs, the "Intensive "Express" and "Economy" modes are noted as particularly useful users. The functionality of the machine is provided by 5 temperature modes. Condensing type drying is also provided.

The normal washing program will take 155 minutes.

Features, options and functions:

  • there is a mode of partial loading of the hopper;
  • a delay of start up to 24 hours is provided;
  • protection from leaks;
  • indication of the level of the rinse aid;
  • indicator of regenerating salt;
  • material of the bunker - stainless steel;
  • Accessory in the kit: holder of wine glasses;
  • weight 40 kg.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide a turbidity sensor and automatic water hardness setting, but, given the record low price of 17 000 rubles, the car has excellent capacity, economy and functional.

VDWBI 4522

Narrow dishwasher with full integration into the kitchen set, designed for 10 dishes sets. The parameters are similar to the previous model, but this manufacturer additionally added the parental control function (protection from children). Also the power consumption due to the reduced parameters is slightly lower 3 kW / h. Programs for 1 more - only 6 pieces: for example, "Intensive "Express "Economy" modes, "Soaking". There are also 5 modes of water temperature. Despite the narrowed case, the PMM still has the possibility of half-loading the hopper to save time and resources.

In the design there are indicators of rinsing and salt, but, as in the model above, there is no water turbidity sensor and auto hardness settings. There is a timer delay start and protection from leaks. The basket is adjustable, the bunker is stainless, there is a holder of wine glasses. A light weight of 32 kg opens additional possibilities for its installation and facilitates transportation and connection. Bonus option: Extra Hygiene.

The cost starts from 17 000 rubles, the price on the official website of the company "Vestel" (Russian version) - 21 990 rubles.

Let's move on to the stand-alone models of the Vestel PMM.

VDWTC 6031 W

Full-size non-configurable dishwasher for 12 sets, with the highest classes of drying and washing. Energy efficiency: A +. Electronic control without display. Relatively economical water consumption per cycle: only 9 liters. 7 programs ("Intensive "Fast "Delicate "BIO "Soaking" and others) and 4 thermo modes. Type of drying - condensing. There is partial loading.

Protection from leaks is available, but only partial (enclosure protection). It is also possible to delay the start for the night work of the machine. Sensors for auxiliary products (rinse aid, salt) are provided. There is an additional rinse function.

What the manufacturer has not foreseen is a water purity sensor, an auto-rigidity system, a possibility of washing with universal capsules and an audio signal at the end of the washing process.

The cost of the model is up to 20 000 rubles.

User Reviews

Andrey, Voronezh

Liked it. Not the cheapest of all Vestel products, so I took it. Repair has not yet occurred in 2 years. Long delved into the instructions, because he did not know how to turn on the machine - it's good, everything is written in Russian. I have enough programs to connect myself without any masters. My wife calmed down and does not bother with stupid questions, is it not my turn to wash the dishes. The only downside: the salt indicator is constantly on, although it's there enough, maybe the fact is that the pellets are too large? Another disadvantage is that, in my opinion, we will forever forget how to wash dishes (a joke).

Oleg, Vladimir

Machine like the price. The Russian assembly did not embarrass - all the same countrymen collected. Functionality suits. In a set there were all necessary for connection hoses. In the process of exploitation, the minuses still found out: the hull is poorly fitted, it's hilenko. Another machine makes a noise, and it's strong enough. On the bottom shelf do not stack the cymbal holders, and on the top basket a folding shelf for some reason on one side. Given that he took to the country, for such money, I have no complaints.

VDWIT 4514 W

The narrowed free-standing PMM, containing 2 sets of dishes less than the previous one, is ready to wash 10 sets in one cycle. Higher grades of drying and washing ensure excellent efficiency of this model. Energy efficiency is indicated by class A +. For convenience, the display is provided for control, and for parental control there is a function of parental control (preventing children from accidentally pressing the buttons). The design provides a flow-through water heater. The water consumption per cycle is 13 liters.

Of the 7 programs, users noted "Intensive "Quick "Delicate "BIO "Economy" and "Preliminary". Drying condensing. 4 temperature modes. There is a half load.


  • delayed start;
  • partial protection from leaks;
  • indicators of special means;
  • stainless steel bunker inside;
  • adjustable basket;
  • additional rinse function.

There is no auto water hardness setting, there is no sound signal to indicate the end of the cycle. At the same time, some shortcomings are compensated by the availability of a cost of 2, 00 rubles.

User Reviews

Irina, Penza

Everywhere it is written that this machine does not work with "3-in-1" tablets. It's not like this: I put it, and the instructions also say that you can use capsules. The machine cleans well, but there is not enough locking of the door from the children - the door is just difficult to open, but blocking it is not called, I do not know why everywhere it is indicated that there is protection - maybe I do not know how to do it include? The machine took in November 2016 for 19 000 rubles at a discount, but still personally for me it was a little expensive. Although with these characteristics still think that this is a successful purchase.

Arina, St. Petersburg

It washes well, I like that there is a high-temperature regime of 70 degrees. In the complete set there is no washing-up liquid, could and put - in shop saw, that many put as a gift a sampler. Therefore in advance to buy washing, differently test start to make it does not turn out.

The main drawback: the front panel did not find the logo of a steep firm. It is written that some Vestel 😉

In general, seriously, we wanted to take Bosch from the budget line or "Indesit" to 20 thousand. But came across this typewriter. At that time, there was not even any feedback, so they took risks at their own peril. Now we write our own reviews - buy, and do not be afraid. To buy a good machine, not necessarily 10-20 thousand overpay for the beautiful logo of the German firm.

So, the products of the Turkish brand VESTEL are modern and functional household appliances, which, in terms of economy and efficiency, are not inferior to many untwisted firms. Everyone will be able to pick up a dishwasher of any type of embedding for their needs and budget. Good choice!

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