Built-in dishwasher Elpsam: characteristics, reviews

The dishwasher "Elpsam" is manufactured by the well-known company "Ikea". We have already described the products of this brandin a separate review, but we suggest to consider in more detail the most popular model among users. You will learn about the basic characteristics and parameters of the machine, and also get acquainted with the opinion of the people who bought it to make the right decision.

Content of the material:

  • 1Description of MMP "Elpsam"
  • 2Description of programs
    • 2.1What the user can customize
  • 3User Reviews

Description of MMP "Elpsam"

Built-in dishwasher "Elpsam" was created by the company in cooperation with the firms "Electrolux" and "Virpul". The main convenience, as household appliances, and a kitchen set can be bought in one store - immediately solve the issue with the design of the room and its functionality.


  • The warranty period is 5 years. The user does not pay extra for the warranty card.
  • Washing up to 9 sets of utensils with a water consumption of only 13 liters is an amazing saving of resources.
  • The choice of 5 programs on the degree of contamination of dishes and your tasks.
  • The ability to adjust the height of the upper basket, so that it is easy to wash the wine glasses on long legs.

  • When leaks operate protection, blocking the supply of water and protecting your kitchen from flooding.
  • Removable and foldable elements allow individual adjustment of the internal space of the washing hopper.

Features and features:

  • On the energy efficiency scale, the machine is assigned an average energy consumption class - A.
  • Annual consumption of water and electricity, according to approximate calculations, will be 250 kW and 3640 liters, respectively.
  • Class of drying - the highest, A.
  • Noisy model at 50 dB.
  • The door opens automatically.
  • Washing class - the highest, A.
  • There is a test program - ECO, 50 degrees.
  • The standard washing cycle consumes up to 13 liters.
  • There is a separate rinse program.
  • There are two folding shelves for the cups and two similar holders for the plates.
  • The operating voltage is 220-240 V.
  • Availability indicatorregenerating salt.
  • Suitable for a door width of 45 cm.
  • It is equipped with a diffusion barrier, which protects from moisture.

Separately to the typewriter it is possible to buy: a table-top with a door, a socle and handles.

Important! The instruction manual indicates that the product has a service life of 10 years.


  • Width - 4, see
  • Height - 8 cm.
  • Depth - 5, see
  • Power cord in length, meter.
  • The weight of the product is 3, 9 kg (with a packing of 33 kg).

Description of programs

If you are looking to buy this dishwasher, information about the basic modes will not hurt.

  • 70 °.Suitable for dishes with heavy soiling. On this cycle, you can wash dishes, cutlery and large items - pots and pans. Duration: 160-180 minutes. The cost of water is 14-40 liters. Includes preliminary and basic washing, rinsing and drying.

  • 65 °.For washing ordinary dishes and cutlery with medium dirtiness. Duration: 130-140 minutes, water consumption - 14-45 liters. The work stages are similar to the previous cycle.

  • 60 ° or 65 °.Suitable for washing dishes and cutlery with fresh dirt. It provides 2 stages: washing at one of the indicated temperature conditions and rinsing. The program runs for 38 minutes. Water is consumed in a volume of 8 liters.

  • ECO 50 °.For usually dirty dishes without complex stains. Duration: 225 minutes, standard water consumption - 13 liters.

  • Pre-rinse- for any dishes. Lasts 14 minutes, consumes 4 liters of water.

What the user can customize

Some options can be adjusted independently:

  • Start or stop the sound signal when the washing cycle is complete.
  • Start or disable the Auto Open option.
  • Adjusting the level of the emollient for water, taking into account its hardness.

The dishwasher first "memorizes" all the settings, so there is no need to adjust before each wash.

User Reviews

Here are the detailed reviews of real users, so that you can form the most clear idea of ​​the technique.

Sofia, Moscow

This is my first dishwasher - I confess honestly. I used to be against automation, I thought that it's better than with my hands that nothing can wash it. I also thought that such a device "eats" lots of electricity and water and beats utensils.

Convinced me my friends - a couple of times I went to visit and saw sparkling dishes and listened to enthusiastic speeches about the "helper". I wanted myself. But, in essence. So, the advantages:

  • Different temperature regimes.
  • Very capacious.
  • Quiet work.
  • Do not hit the plates.
  • Can be washed with salt or3-in-1 tablets. I'm more impressed with just pressed universal.
  • The quality of the sink was different - more often good than bad. In general, everything depends on the detergent.

Three years later the first malfunctions began - I can not say exactly what, something with electronics. In the service they did not refuse, they undertook to fix it. This took almost a month. Then I realized how important this machine is to me and how I have lost the habit of washing, cleaning and scrubbing all this kitchen utensils.

It took 2 months - and a new breakdown. Again, I can not say what a failure, because the master did not devote too much attention to me (the woman) in detail. In the end, we decided to buy another typewriter. As you can see, not the most reliable technique, but since it is my first, memories are tremulous and positive. And if objectively - I do not advise buying.

Eleonora, Permian

We took this car for a long time, unhappy only with noisy work. Such a feeling that the insulation is fairly economical, because you can hear directly how the water flows down the walls.

Alla, Moscow region

Horror - the dishes on top of the outlet are half dirty! Well washes only from below. Means I use very good, import - and all the same here such grief. I do not know how to return the equipment now, because we do not have Ikeys, we need to go to the capital with the hope that they will accept.

On a note! More reviews you can easily find on the net, scoring a model of the machine in the search box.

Let us sum up all of the above. The joint offspring of two well-known giants of home appliances and a Swedish company on description and characteristics turned out quite good, but satisfied users are not so much. It is to be hoped that the manufacturers have corrected design shortcomings and new models much better than their predecessors. Good choice!

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