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The article will deal with the dishwasher Korting. Choosing a dishwasher in the kitchen, many users pay attention to the manufacturer of equipment. The trade mark "Kerting" is not very popular on the Russian market. This brand is not so well-promoted, so few people understand what it is. Consider its advantages, disadvantages, as well as the most interesting models.

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Features of MMC "Kerting"

The firm for the production of household appliances was established in Leipzig in 1889. The German brand appeared on the Russian open spaces in 2011. Although among the Russians dishwashers "Kerting" are not in demand, in the European market the technology takes a worthy position.

Do you want to know the country of the PMM? Look atmarkingmodel.

According to experts, dishwashers of the brand have such advantages:

  1. A wide range of programs and modes.
  2. Ergonomics of the internal space. In the bunker are placed large pots, pans and other kitchen utensils.
  3. Three sprayers can improve the quality of washing dishes.
  4. Reliable protection from leaks.

And also cons: the German assembly promises to be of high quality, but in fact the design uses plastic elements and parts, fasteners, which will fail first.

It should be borne in mind that "Kerting" produces embedded and detached models. The case can be narrow and compact. This is suitable for a small kitchen and family. Full-size PMMs are more spacious.

Since the Korting brand in Russia is not very common, check the availability of spare parts and warranty service before purchasing.

The dishwashers are equipped with basic programs that generally do not differ from other manufacturers. Built-in turbosupply allows you to quickly and efficiently dry the instruments, although it works louder than condensation.

The connection of the equipment is carried out both to hot and cold water.

Useful options

Additional developments help the user to ease the operation of equipment and save time:

  1. Delayed start. The function is convenient for the night start of the machine.
  2. Water purity sensor. Thanks to such a sensor PMM itself determines the amount of rinses, until the water in the tank becomes clean.
  3. The AquaControl system will protect the equipment from leaks.

How to install and connect the dishwasher correctly, read in our article, and also in the instruction manual. Note that PMM "Kerting" received positive and negative feedback from consumers. Consider the most popular models.

Review of Korting dishwashers

Let's start with the budget machine itself.

Korting KDI 4530

Narrow model with dimensions of 4, x54x81 cm. Full installation in the furniture allows you to hide the car behind the hinged facade. It is worth considering that the volume of the bunker allows you to store only 9 sets of dishes. At the same time, the cost of electricity will be 4 kW per hour, and water - 12 liters.

Thanks to the electronic panel you can easily figure out how to turn the sound on or off, and also install one of 5 programs. Turbosushka allows you to quickly dry the appliances, which are located in two pull-out baskets. There is a delay of start up to 12 hours and protection from leaks.

The cost is from 19 000 rubles.


When buying, pay attention to the country of assembly. Cars "Kerting" is not Germany, as they say, but ordinary China. Everything was all right at once, the dishes were well washed, the convenient arrangement of baskets. But a month later hung on the program "Eco". The master was called, it turned out that the carving for salt was badly twisted. After repair works normally. The instructions for use are also not very clear. The manufacturer's website is the same.

Korting KDF 2095 N

The only stand-alone machine is compact in size. Dimensions of the dishwasher are 50х50х4, cm. For one cycle, the machine will wash 6 sets of dishes. One basket in the chamber can be adjusted in height. Consumption of water is seven liters per hour, and electricity - 3 kW.

Condensation drying is the most economical, but more prolonged, than turbo. The system automatically opens the door after washing, releasing hot steam. On the front panel is a digital display that displays the time until the end of the cycle. There are 6 programs. At the end of the work, the PMM issues an audible signal. If you mistakenly chose the wrong mode, you can change the settings after starting.

To connect the dishwasher KDF 2095 N it is possible to hot and cold water.

The price is from 18 000 rubles.


I bought a car KDF 2095 N three years ago. Since the kitchen was already equipped, it was not possible to install a full-size model. I started searching on the Internet, read the reviews and settled on the brand "Kerting". Although there was a choice of options for "Bosch" and "Candy". But I liked the look of the dishwasher.

PMM just fit on the countertop, for this time her work is happy. What I will note:

  • Washing efficiency is 4 points. Withered instruments will not wash, pans and utyatnitsy at the corners, too, is not always washed.
  • Capacity to suit. Yes, large dishes, pans do not fit. But daily appliances are cleaned perfectly.
  • The technique is noisy, especially at the beginning of the work.
  • Marked front panel.

If you have little space, and the dishwasher is very necessary, then this is a good option.

Korting KDI 6030

Full-size embedded PMM. Capacity - 12 sets, with dimensions 5, x54x82 cm. The cost of resources is slightly higher than the previous models: water - 15 liters, electricity - 5 kW.

Electronic panel with a display allows you to choose from 5 modes. In addition, you can defer the start of the program to 12 hours. The upper basket moves between the two levels. Condensation drying. Provides full protection against leaks "Aquastop".

The characteristics of the KDI 6030 are similar to the first model in the review, but the capacity is much higher. The cost of equipment is from 17 000 rubles.


I bought a dishwasher for the action for 14 500 rubles. Now it is more expensive, so do not try to buy. I think at this price you can buy better equipment. I'll start with the fact that the dishes PMM laundered mediocrely. Noise during work is terrible. All is heard: a drain, a gulf, a rinse. Perhaps because the door is made of "foil". Really - this is not stainless steel. The sound signal does not turn off at the end of the cycle. When you start at night you have to close the doors.

Korting KDI 4550

The manufacturer has improved the model KDI, so it hosts 10 sets. In addition to the main basket, adjustable in height, holders for glasses are provided. The interior of the bunker is made of stainless steel. Dimensions PMM 45x55x81 cm, which relates it to the class of narrow embedded machines.

For a standard cycle, the water flow is 10 liters. The power consumption is 4 kW. Install one of 6 programs will help electronic control with a display. There is half the load, so do not necessarily save dirty dishes. KDI 4550 has received full protection against leaks.


This brand will not compete with other brands. I decided to save money on buying and buying German equipment a little cheaper. As a result, it turned out that the brand is German, and the build quality is Chinese. The machine is in operation for 3 months. It's noisy. It happens that at night loading everyone wakes up from the sounds of the dishwasher's work. Tried 6 kinds of washing tablets, and only one of them approached the size of the compartment. When fully loaded, some of the dishes are not laundered.

Whether to buy a dishwasher "Kerting" or not - it's up to you. Judging by the feedback, the assembly of equipment is not as high as the manufacturer claims. The place of production of PMM is also under question. Therefore, look at the markings. In the event of a breakdown, the system displays error codes on the display. The decoding is indicated in the instructions andin our separate article. If the problem occurs after purchase, contact the after-sales service.

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