Review of dishwashers Comenda (Komenda) for cafes and restaurants

If you are looking for a professional technique for a small cafe or restaurant of impressive size, pay attention to the dishwasher Comenda. The Italian production technique has been supplied to world markets for more than 40 years. What are the models, what are their features and characteristics, you will learn in the article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Types of dishwashers "Komenda"
    • 1.1Features of the "Komenda" technique
  • 2BOM of periodic action
    • 2.1Frontal type
      • 2.1.1COMENDA LF321
      • 2.1.2COMENDA PF45 with pomp
    • 2.2Stakanomoechnye dishwashers
    • 2.3Dome type
      • 2.3.1COMENDA LC 700
    • 2.4Wash basins
      • 2.4.1COMENDA GE 605E RCD with dispensers
  • 3Continuous MMP
    • 3.1Cassette dishwashers of tunnel type
    • 3.2Conveyor dishwashers АСЗ
    • 3.3Tape type
  • 4Specialized PMM for washing 3D glasses for movies

Types of dishwashers "Komenda"

Industrial equipment is divided into:

  • Batch machines. Prime Line is suitable for small establishments. The dishes in the hopper are loaded manually, front. Plates are distributed on cassettes.
  • Continuous machines. Instruments can be loaded into cassettes or be assembled onto a conveyor. Thanks to additional tables and washers the technician can be placed as you like. Suitable for meat shops, factories, restaurants.

In turn, they are divided into types according to purpose and mode of operation. Below we will describe them in more detail.

Features of the "Komenda" technique

  • Thick double-layer doors of dishwashers provide heat and noise insulation. The inner surface is smooth, so it is easy to clean.
  • A chamber without seams with rounded corners does not accumulate pollution.
  • Pump with self-cleaning function.
  • Stainless steel filters.
  • Rinse control. The water supply starts only after the tray enters the hopper.
  • Regeneration. Cold water is heated not by the heater, but thanks to steam and heat from the previous washing. The savings range from 9 to 17 kW per hour.
  • Automation. Until the objects enter the cells, the pump is in the off state, saves water and electricity.
  • Ecorinse. Recirculation of water during rinsing by double purification by filters.

BOM of periodic action

By the way of loading dishes are divided into front and dome.

Frontal type

They are compact machines that are suitable for small cafes and canteens.

The series includes models PB and PF, which have their advantages:

  • A clear panel with a Digital display. The current program is displayed on the screen.
  • The case inside and outside is made of steel AISI 304.
  • The patented WRIS®2 wash system has a special spray design that covers the entire work surface.

The PF series is suitable for installation in gas stations and small cafes. Has a short and intensive cycle. The additional function of the Rinse control device rinses at 85 degrees, even under reduced water pressure.


Small dimensions of 82x60x60 cm allow the technique to be placed under a table or counter. The case is made of stainless steel, the height of the connector is 360 mm. A special system constantly monitors the water level in the chamber. The panel with the buttons is located at the top, therefore it is protected from moisture ingress. In one hour the machine will wash 30-20 baskets (500x500 mm) - this is 480 instruments.

The RCD option maintains a constant water temperature. The mechanism with a separate pump maintains a constant pressure. You can additionally install a softening filter to improve the quality of tap water.

The cost is from 100 000 rubles.

COMENDA PF45 with pomp

With the electronic display panel, you can choose from 4 programs:

  • ECO (fast mode).
  • Mode for glasses.
  • Intensive washing.
  • For plates and cutlery.

Individually set the time and temperature. Sprinklers are made using WRIS2 + technology. The RCD function maintains a constant temperature of 85 ° C. The capacity for one hour is 60 baskets (500x500 mm) or 960 plates. Dimensions: 60х6, х8, cm.

The price is from 120 000 rubles.

Stakanomoechnye dishwashers

PB series will help to wash glasses, glasses, cups, saucers, appliances. If you need to report an item during cleaning, the spray gun stops working thanks to the switch on the door.

The ruler is represented by two models:

  • Comenda PB 24, with dimensions 46х5, х6, see The capacity is 40 cassettes per hour, baskets measuring 400x400 mm. The loading window is 220 mm.
  • Comenda PB 34, housing 46х5, х68 cm. The size of the window for downloading is slightly larger - 270 mm. Other characteristics as in the first case.

Dome type

The PC series is the sales leader. It is possible to install programs for plates and glasses, adjust the temperature and the operating time. In the event of a malfunction, a self-test is triggered, which displays an error code. Their decoding can be found in the instructions.

The sleeves are made using the patented WRIS®2 technology. The new configuration allows you to effectively consume every milliliter of water, so saving is 25%.


PMM with a detergent dispenser will wash both standard and large dishes - baking trays, trays, frying pans. Dimensions of the case: 62.5х76х146 cm. For one cycle, 20, 30, 40 trays are washed.


  • Choose from four modes: glasses, plates, kitchen equipment and intensive.
  • Set one of two options: automatic (as soon as the dome closes, water intake starts), manual (the cycle starts as soon as the "Start" key is pressed).
  • Ease of maintenance. The filter, sprayers, trays are easily pulled out and washed.
  • The tank is seamless. This approach avoids leakage and also does not store dirt in the corners.
  • The anti-vacuum valve prevents the tank from overflowing.
  • The RCD option maintains the water temperature.
  • On the dome is installed a switch, which allows you to load dishes.

The cost is from 190 000 rubles.

There are other models of this series - PC07, PC09, PC12. They completely repeat the configuration and functionality of the described machine. The only difference is the volume of loading, which can reach 65 cassettes - 1170 plates per hour.

Wash basins

The GE series is specially manufactured for the care of large items. The case has double walls. The rocker is equipped with a self-cleaning function, water is filtered twice, there is a steam pipe.

The RCD system maintains a temperature of 85 degrees during rinsing, pumping it out of the boiler. Therefore, the operation of the machine does not depend on the pressure in the water supply.

COMENDA GE 605E RCD with dispensers

Stainless steel tank, seamless, designed for 60 liters. The automatic valve protects the system from overflow, and the filter protects it from contamination. Dimensions of the body: 83x90x193 cm, and the dimensions of the baskets: 650 × 700 mm.

You can choose from 4 wash cycles:

  • Opnivni - duration 120 seconds.
  • Weakly soiled dishes - 280 s.
  • Normal pollution - 360 s.
  • The dried up remains of food, burned out plots - 480 s.

The door consists of two layers, so the noise insulation is ensured. Window size of 650h700h650 mm allows you to conveniently load the devices. Can be connected to a hot water pipe. Intuitive management does not require additional staff training.

The price is from 580 000 rubles.

Two models from this series - GE 805E RCD and GFS 90 - differ only in the dimensions of the case and the power consumption.

Continuous MMP

Can differ in types and sizes (series AC and N), installed where you need to continuously wash up a lot of dishes: in large canteens, restaurants.

Cassette dishwashers of tunnel type

Arrange the machine and determine the movement of the tape, depending on the wishes of the user. The performance of the AC2 and AC2E lines is impressive - from 148 to 220 cassettes per hour.

The modular design of the AC2E dishwasher allows you to use those parts that are needed at the moment, or to build blocks in a linear way for continuous use. New development - Eco2rinse; This module is installed separately and reduces power consumption.

Conveyor dishwashers АСЗ

The equipment is equipped with the Multirinse system for saving water. In one hour, consumes 100 liters of water. How does this happen:

  • After rinsing, the devices are sent to the zone where the liquid is actively flowing off the surface.
  • Moving to the final rinse, the plates are almost completely cleaned of the detergent, which saves 50% water.

High hygienic cleaning is determined by the pump, which is located outside the tank at the lowest point. Therefore, energy costs for pumping out water are reduced.

The Digit control panel with a display helps to quickly install the program and track the current cycle.

Drying ARC has a condenser, so there is the possibility of reusing heat in the system. The fan accelerates the hot air through the system, and the evaporator removes residual moisture.

The ASZ models can process from 160 to 275 cassettes per hour.


  • Technologies. Fault data can be immediately transferred to the service center.
  • Special programs for smartphones allow you to read instructions, make orders for spare parts. The task is facilitated by an individual barcode.

Tape type

Here, all sorts of dishes are made on tape. Includes three series:

  • NE1 - small models with simple controls. In an hour, they pass up to , 00 items.
  • NE2 - constructions of different sizes. Can be with a small camera 630x430 mm and with a large XL, 920x430 mm. Not every machine can wash an hour of 9000 plates.
  • NE3 - with the development of energy saving and ecological compatibility Multirinse®.

Photo 10

Specialized PMM for washing 3D glasses for movies

Comenda has developed a new technique for installation in cinemas. A quick cycle ensures hygienic processing of glasses as soon as the session is over. This includes PMM LC 700 3D, LF 700 3D, LL 700 3D. Include a program lasting 90 seconds.

  • The tray holds 36 points.
  • Three cycles of care: washing, sanitation, drying.
  • Two types of loading: frontal, dome.

Comenda dishwashers are effective and multifunctional equipment. Despite the large volume of work performed, they economically expend resources.

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