How to choose and install a cupboard for the dishwasher

How to choose a cupboard for a dishwasher? Few people ponder this beforehand, even before installing the kitchen set. If you have a ready kitchen and you need to install a new dishwasher, then in this article you will find some tips. We will choose a convenient place for technology together.

An example of embedding a dishwasher under the countertops in a small kitchen

Content of the material:

  • 1Accommodation features
  • 2Cabinet selection for PMM
  • 3How to make a dishwasher cabinet
  • 4How to install a dishwasher

Accommodation features

The width of the dishwasher can be 45-60 cm. These are narrow and full-size models with a capacity of 10-15 sets. There are also compact PMMs that can wash from 4 to 6 sets of dishes per cycle.

To embed the technique in a standard kitchen (such as "Ikea"), you can choose these options:

  • Install the appliance in a niche under the sink.

Example of placing a compact dishwasher in the bottom drawer of the kitchen unit

  • Install the technique in a cube set aside for croups and pots.

Organization of a compartment for a fully-fitted dishwasher and attaching a facade to a headset

  • Place PMM in the suspended cabinet.

You can arrange a dishwasher under the sink. To do this, a compact model with a width of 45 cm and a height of 50-60 cm is suitable. In advance, think about whether there is enough dishwasher capacity. You can load the car and several times a day, but then it will not be possible to spend resources profitably.

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The usual siphon under the sink "will not allow" to install the equipment. We recommend to install a compact siphon, the tube of which goes first to the side, and then down.

See the example in the photo:

Arrangement of a drain at connection of the dishwasher with a choice of a compact siphon

For the built-in PMM, a variant with a cabinet is suitable. You can simply push one of the objects headset, and in its place, install the machine. But since we are talking about embedding in a set, the contents of the cabinet can be altered, making room for technology.

What kind of closet is needed? Make sure that the width and height of the recess is 5-10 cm more than the dishwasher housing. This is necessary for normal ventilation.

Dimensions of standard dishwashers for preparation of a niche for installation of equipment in the kitchen

Some users decide to install PMM in a hanging cabinet. This is possible, if there is no other option. This solution has more disadvantages than advantages:

  • The fixing of furniture to the wall should be strong and reliable to withstand the load.
  • Communications conducted to the water supply will not look aesthetically on the wall.
  • Loading dishes will be inconvenient.

Cabinet selection for PMM

First of all, you need to consider the location of the outlet, where you connect the PMM. The curbstone should be located near the network. More about this we wrote in the publication "Socket for dishwasher". Let's repeat the important points:

  • A socket with a moisture-resistant casing should be located at a height of 45 cm from the floor.
  • Grounding is provided.
  • The connection is made via the Difa Automaton.

Wiring and a separate outlet not prepared? Then it is better to start with the organization of electrical communications. And:

  • It is advisable to choose a closet near the sink. The length of the hose during connection should not exceed, m - this is an additional load on the drain pump.

The option of placing the dishwasher on a small kitchen between the sink and the stove

  • The prepared niche must be at least 5 cm larger than the dishwasher.

Prepare a place for an embedded machine.

How to make a dishwasher cabinet

You have already chosen the installation site, it remains to organize everything so that the equipment fits into the cabinet or under the countertop. If you decide to install a stand-alone machine, it's easier to dismantle one cradle from the headset, and put PMM in its place.

If you chose the built-in technique, you need to redo the niche:

  • Using a screwdriver, unscrew the screws that secure the cabinet to the table top.
  • Remove the fasteners connecting the dishwasher to the adjacent.
  • Take out the cabinet to the free space.
  • Take out the inner shelves, remove the back and top panels. Should remain side walls and facade part.
  • Do the same with the front and rear base. Only the side elements should remain.
  • Prepare the holes in the side panel to remove the hoses. Do this from the side where the sink is located so that the connection is simple and convenient.
  • It remains to install the walls and the base and fix them with screeds.

The construction of a decorative countertop for the subsequent embedding of a dishwasher under it

Tip: To prevent the wooden countertop from damaging the steam from the dishwasher, attach a metal sheet to the inside. Usually it comes complete with embedded machines.

The preparatory work is finished. Let's move on to the connection phase.

How to install a dishwasher

It remains to put PMM in place and connect to the water supply andplum. If the feet of the dishwasher have been adjusted before delivery, then lower them. Push the housing into the prepared place. Tighten the legs in height. Use the fastening elements that come with the kit to additionally secure the machine and immobilize it during operation.

An example of a prepared niche in a kitchen set for installing an embedded dishwasher


  • Connect the drain hose and filler hose to the body.
  • Swipe them through the holes.
  • Connect the drain hose to the siphon.
  • Connect the hose to the water supply. Fix all connections with a tape and clamps.
  • Plug the plug into the socket and perform a test run.

An example of the location of a large fully-fitted dishwasher and hanging a decorative facade

Conclusion: you can manually install a dishwasher in the kitchen for a few hours. During the first run, watch how the water is poured and drained, whether the technique is firmly fixed. Watch the video on the topic:

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