What kind of salt for a dishwasher to choose

One purchase of the dishwasher is not enough to successfully wash the dishes. In addition, we need detergents that help to remove contaminants, and also take care of the equipment. One of them is salt for a dishwasher. For what it is needed and what brand to choose, you will learn in the article.

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  • 1Use and operating principle
    • 1.1How to use
  • 2Overview of dishwasher detergents
    • 2.1Finish Calgonit
    • 2.2Filtero
    • 2.3Somat
    • 2.4Clean Fresh
    • 2.5Elly
    • 2.6Topperr
    • 2.7Sodasan
    • 2.8"Aeonite"
    • 2.9Top House
    • 2.10Bravix

Use and operating principle

Many users imagine ordinary cooking salt. Some even try to use it instead of special to save. Immediately say - this is not justified. Regenerating crystals undergo purification and are filled with various components:

  • sodium citrate (from microbes);
  • flavoring;
  • sodium percarbonate;
  • disilicate, sodium hydrogencarbonate;
  • For the base, sodium polyaspartinate is used.

Thanks to this, salt effectively softens hard water, prevents the appearance of scale on parts andwhite plaqueon the dishes.

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Probably, the majority uses filters to purify drinking water, in some Russian regions it is very tough. Determine this can be indirectly, if you look at the taps in the sink and bathroom. Rapidly growing white raid? Hence, the concentration of limestone is exceeded. You could notice that the skin after washing becomes dry and tightened.

Not everyone is ready to install a resin filter on the water pipe, so the alternative is to use products to soften the water.

At the bottom of the dishwasher is a tank with resin - an ion exchanger. How it works: water is poured into the dishwasher, passes through the ion exchanger. The resin attracts ions of calcium and magnesium. So water gets rid of heavy impurities and is saturated with sodium ions, which contributes to its softening.

As the resin is used, the resin is washed out and salt is poured into its place, which performs the same functions.

What is the use:

  1. "Soft" water does not contain heavy components, which settle on the parts in the form of calcareous plaque. Consequently - prolongs the life of the machine.
  2. Powders are better foaming, which reduces their consumption and improves the quality of washing.

We hope, now you will not have a question: is it necessary to pour salt into the dishwasher? If you care about your technique, you can not do without special tools. What salt to fall asleep in the dishwasher and how to do it correctly, you will find out below.

How to use

Open the door of the PMM bunker and look into the pallet. Next to the drain filter there is a tank with a lid. It is there that crystals are filled. How much to add, is indicated on the package. But we recommend doing so:

  • Open the tank.
  • Fill it with water.
  • Fill it completely with salt.

  • Remove excess water from the pan.

The consumption of the substance directly depends on the degree of water hardness. Therefore, you can replenish the tank 1-2 times a month.

How to determine the level of water hardness, we wrote in the article. In many models of dishwashers Miele, Electrolux, Bosch the gauge of rigidity is established. Depending on the result, the value is adjusted. As soon as the tool is finished, the indicator on the control panel will light up. Focus on the table:

In the market you can find tableted detergents, which already contain powder, regenerating crystals and rinse. It is enough to lay the pill in a special compartment and run the program.

Of course, tablets can not fully replace all that is needed. But, if in your region the rigidity is at the minimum mark, install a filter and use tablets.

Which brand is better? Compare the most popular tools in our rating.

Overview of dishwasher detergents

Since the choice of manufacturers is large, we will consider the most famous brands, as well as learn the feedback from consumers.

Finish Calgonit

With the mark "Finish" for a long time everyone is familiar. Producers launch extensive advertising, this is one of the most sought-after products. The granular coarse-grained salt does not contain phosphates. Volume, kg is enough for 25-30 washing cycles. "Finish" softens water and protects machine parts from limescale.

The cost of packing 1590 g - from 190 rubles.


Recently bought a dishwasher. When choosing the means, we stopped on the mark "Finish especially as the price is affordable. Cardboard packaging is conveniently opened, the contents are made up of large particles. For the first time, a full compartment fell asleep, and half a pack of cotton left. A month has passed, but the indicator has not yet lit up, despite the fact that I have the maximum water hardness. I conclude that "Finish" is sparingly consumed, the dishes are washed well without streaks on the surface.


Krupnokristallicheskaya salt of Russian origin. Sold in granules and in tablets, can be used for any brands of dishwashers. Softens water and prevents lime scale settling on internal parts of equipment. Improves the action of detergent powders, contributing to their better dissolution. With anti-corrosion effect.

The price of the box is 1 kg - from 140 rubles.


Periodically I took tablets of the brand name Filtero, so I took salt. Opening the box, I discovered a gift - 3 tablets 7-in-1. The crystals are very large, it's been a month since the download, so the cost is economical. This is for me the main criterion, since I do not see a special effect when washing dishes.


"Somat" is produced at the Henkel plant. Dissolving, the crystals protect mechanisms, sprinklers and pipes from calcareous deposits. The basis of the composition is sodium chloride. In a cardboard box contains large pieces, which need to fill up the tank to the top.

Packing, kg costs from 120 rubles.


There was a choice between the manufacturers "Finish" and "Somat decided to take Somat, because the price is lower. The cardboard package has a spout, with its help it is convenient to fill the contents in a special compartment. For two years I used only two packs, I can not say more precisely, because I fell asleep as soon as the indicator lighted up. No complaints, the dishwasher is working properly.

Clean Fresh

Granular crystals of 9% consist of sodium chloride. Protecting the dishwasher from the appearance of scale, Clean Fresh extends the life of the equipment. Large solid granules dissolve slowly, provides long-term use.

A pack of 1000 g costs from 100 rubles.


I take funds from Clean Fresh for the first time. One package of 1 kg is enough for a month. The crystals are large, so it is convenient to fall asleep in the compartment. I noticed that if the granules are very small, they wake up in the pan and leave scratches after the washing cycle. The price of Clean Fresh is low, so I'm happy with everything.


The Russian-made powder contains sodium chloride. Elly softens water, protecting the dishwasher from limescale. Allows you to save on the consumption of detergent gels and powders, prevents the appearance of stains.

A pack of 3 kg costs from 190 rubles.


I start the dishwasher every day. At one time you have to fall asleep, kg Elly, but this is enough for almost a month. Found this tool on the Internet, the result is arranged. The granules are large, between the "Elli" and "Finish" did not notice the difference. Only "Finish" is much more expensive. So why pay more?


Regenerating salt is released in the form of powder and tablets. Saturates the water with sodium ions, improves the solubility of the detergent powder, as well as the quality of washing. Prolongs the life of the dishwasher, protecting parts from scale. Has an antibacterial effect. Produced in Turkey.

The price is from 150 rubles.


The manufacturer Topperr did not impress me. The packaging indicates that the granules are large, but it turned out that one crystal the size of the beads. Therefore, the bundle, kg, ended within a month. While the means of other manufacturers were enough for 2-3 months. Did not impress. You can find cheaper options.


Organic regenerating salt has been certified by Eco-Garantie. This is pure boiled products without excess impurities. Removes limescale, prevents the appearance of stains and the appearance of white spots.

A paper package weighing 2 kg costs from 400 rubles.

As for the organic means Sodasan, users agreed on the opinion that there is no point in overpaying. These crystals also perform their functions, like all the others.


Special products from "TPK Pure World". In the composition of only sodium chloride. Properties do not differ from previous versions.

The cost of a pack, kg - from 190 rubles.


"Aeonite" perfectly copes with its functions, there are no divorces on the dishes. I add once a week, as soon as the indicator flashes. One pack is enough for -2 months.

Top House

Large crystals of Belgian production have a high degree of purification. Purify water from impurities and reduce the consumption of detergent powder by half. The basis of sodium chloride.

A pack, kg costs from 250 rubles.


I use Top House for almost a month. Today the indicator lights up, and the packing with crystals is already empty. At one time in the compartment came in, kg. The machine works normally, there are no white spots on the dishes. It's a pity that the content ran out quickly.


Large crystals do not contain phosphates. Economically consumed, suitable for any cookware. The composition and purpose does not differ from other manufacturers.

Produced in Germany. A pack of 2 kg costs from 100 rubles.


The water at me rigid, therefore without spetssredstv in any way not to manage. I think that the quality of the product can be determined only by the lifetime of the PMM. Suffices Bravix for a long time, I fall asleep once for several washes. White coating on the walls there, the rest can be judged with time.

Whichever dishwasher model you choose ("Bosch "Indesit "Ariston"), be sure to add salt during washing. You can determine the best brand by trial and error. Only then you will understand what is best for your technique.

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