Salt Finish (Finish) for the dishwasher, customer reviews

The purchase of a dishwasher is not limited to. It is necessary to choose the right means for washing and caring for the equipment. Everyone knows the Finish salt, many manufacturers of dishwashers advertise the products of this brand. What is the secret of salt, what is it useful for and what purposes are needed, you will learn in the article.

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Why do I need Finish salt

It would seem, why use additional tools if cleaning filters are installed. In the car and so does the purified water, and washing powders contribute to the care of dishes. But what about the rigidity of the water? In various regions of Russia, the amount of impurities may increase or decrease.

Due to the rigidity of water on the details of the dishwasher, a calcareous deposit settles. Going to the heater, it eventually becomes stony and prevents heat transfer. Therefore, the heater burns quickly.

To avoid such problems, an ion exchanger is installed in each model. It contains a resin, the ions of which attract harmful impurities, passing into the bunker already softened water.

Over time, the ion exchanger is depleted, so stocks are replenished with special means. When the light on the main panel indicates a lack of salt, it must be urgently popped. The composition "Finish" includes sodium chloride, which is not enough in ordinary home salt.

A special agent comes in the form of large crystals that do not clog the compartment during dissolution.

Why is it recommended to use Finish Calgonit for the MMP:

  1. Water softening.
  2. Warning limescale.
  3. Improved quality of washing instruments.
  4. No water stains on the surface of the dishes.

Salt Finish Calgonite is a universal product for dishwashers. The price of one pack in kg is only 230 rubles. While similar products from other manufacturers are more expensive.

In the market and in the shops you can find different packings and packages of emollient. Salt is produced in Russia and Germany.

User Reviews


For my birthday my husband made me a gift - a dishwasher. But since the terminal in the store did not work, I had to go to the cash machine to exchange money. At the same time decided to go buy special tools for my new assistant. Of course, I knew that there were a lot of them, but when I saw the goods on the shelves, I was simply confused. I chose the best-known brand "Finish".

The first thing I noticed is the economical expenditure of the money. At one time, half the pack was in the compartment.

It's been two weeks, but the indicator has not yet lit up! Although I have set the maximum hardness of water. The dishes are laundered for "excellent there are no divorces.


I started to use salt immediately after buying a car. Friends had a case when, due to the refusal of the funds, the PMM broke down. Keep in mind that 3b1 tablets can not replace "Finish". I took a try to mark the "finish". Large white crystals are poured into a special compartment on the bottom of the dishwasher. Only one pack was enough for a month. The results are satisfied, the technique is working properly, there are no divorces on the dishes.


Extensive advertising acted on me. I bought a well-known brand Finish. It's strange that no matter how much I fall asleep, the light on the panel flashes constantly. Perhaps the crystals dissolve poorly, because they are very large. I did not like it, I'll look for something else.


I always used 3v1 tablets, but decided to try a special salt. I will say that I did not notice a particular difference. This is another trick from the manufacturers for pumping money from buyers.

Having studied the feedback of consumers, you can choose whether to buy or not Finish. One thing is clear - without a special salt dishwasher can not do.

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