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Kitchen Thermo unpopular in Russia: the best friend of writers and scholars who abuse coffee. However, it is an indispensable instrument in the service of citizens and villagers. The meaning of D: Water is poured into the kettle increased dimensions (Thermo) equipped with double walls. The air layer serves as a heater (the design of a typical thermos), reducing power consumption. The second distinguishing feature is called the volume of 3.5 liters or more. Such devices dream clerks, gathering dust in an office where there is no time to make a break for tea. Approached. He poured a cup. I enjoy working on. What Thermo choose to discuss in this article.

small Thermo

Features Thermo

Thermo - unpopular instrument, little known. Because of the relatively large size Thermo is provided with a tap through which water accumulates in the cup. Inside there is a manual or electric pump, and sometimes two at a time. Volume Thermo massive capacity is relatively small. Typical value for the 3.5 liters of 750 watts. It is easy to calculate how much time the water reaches the condition. For example, the jet flows from the tap point 7 ° C, boiling water is needed. Given that the specific heat of water is 4200 J / Kg C., we obtain the time of heating water in Thermo:

t = A / N = 3,5 x 4200 x (100 - 7) / 750 = 30.5 m.

Even without taking into account the heat loss of heating time is half an hour. Thermo not instantly boils water. Now about the appearance.

Thermo resembles drip type coffee maker. Protrusion protruding downward from the spout Thermo ready to water. Just press the button electric pump or hand pump to push the hand drive.

Thermo 4 liters

Displacement device reaches 8 liters, power is increased slightly - 1200 watts. There are also models with the same energy characteristics as calculated, but a volume of 6 liters. It is clear that the water in the device heats up at least an hour. Customers care what considerations indigestible selected parameters, if you can put a typical heater as in the kettle to 2 kW.

Indeed, while boiling capacity 3.5-liter will be 10 minutes. We believe that the similarity to the water heater is not. When you want to warm the hundreds of liters of clock manufacturers limit the power so as not to interfere with other users in the home. If you make a water heater 5 kW, the appliance will cope with the task faster, but nobody will be able to watch TV, play on the computer, the shield has a limited quota (load capacity) in the Khrushchev of 5 kW. Because the increase in the power storage water heaters is not allowed.

Applied to Thermo comes into force is another factor. The device is designed not so much to boil water as keep warm. If the heater is too powerful to do, the process will be too abrupt. There will be constant surges in the house, it is not good. Small heater gives you more options to sustain. People are not always maintained in the region of 100 ° C temperature. For example, for brewing white tea is enough 65. Such regimes easier to maintain by using a relatively small heating element.

Thermo is equipped with a convenient handle

Each Thermo is supplied with a handle (like a bucket), to make it easier to carry the device from one place to another. Often applied to scale, marking the minimum and maximum water levels. Include an empty device is not recommended.

device Thermo

Inside Thermo - capacity, fitted with a heating element, operation of which is regulated by the adjustable bimetal plate or an electronic circuit that reads the sensor readings. Adjustment is:

  • mechanical;
  • touch;
  • absent.

Thermo double wall. We believe that the food dangerous to use conventional devices for water heaters insulation (polyurethane), it is logical to look hollow wall with air inside. Such an approach does not provide a heat preservation, it is necessary to heat the water almost periodically.

Not all the work involved in TEN. In fact, the two coils, a smaller part has been heated. Otherwise, the relay would have fared badly, 750W quickly cope with the task, but the inclusions would be more. Less power will allow to balance in the right mode, without switching off the spiral.

Thermo consumer

Power preheating temperature is chosen for a typical, based on normal conditions (20 ° C in a room). Recall that the heat loss through the barrier is proportional to the temperature difference on both sides, developers can easily determine how much power to spend to support the selected mode. Therefore, in advance it is possible to calculate the relay operation mode and predict the service life of the device.

Specifications Thermo designed for normal conditions. When the room temperature is placed in the range of 18-22 ° C, the prescribed standards. In other cases, the operation takes place otherwise. We believe that in Thermo logical to apply reflective insulation, where air is used instead of dielectric. Actually, the design used in thermoses.

Spiral is protected by a thermal fuse, attached to a steel base on the collar. Over-justified regulator used bimetallic plate (as in the irons or oil heaters), and thermocouple or thermistor. In the latter case, the electronic circuit is complicated, but the accuracy of exposure parameters is growing simultaneously with the flexibility of the device control modes.

The pump includes an electric motor, or manually performed (analog - a steam irons). Nervous people should take the first option for obvious reasons: to temper does not break the pump impulsive movements.

How to choose Thermo

Recommended ask the price on Yandex-market before choosing Thermo. Kitchen equipment is placed in the section of electric kettles. Type in a search string query Site ( "Thermo") for quick access to the menu.

the field will appear on the screen:

  1. Price.
  2. Type of.
  3. Type of heating element.

Manufacturers Thermo collected on Yandex-market only properly fill the second field to perform the selection by type. If necessary, select the type of heating element. In the catalog are possible errors prior to purchasing, place the details of the selected Thermo repeatedly. Recommended type of heater does not display, then check separately.

After the transition by pressing the Select button to get into the list of devices, which is a list of parameters is allowed to expand by clicking on the button below the list as needed. Probably, buyers interested in the price option, the authors would not save. Refer to the material of the bowl. Plastic consider bad one constantly in the water will penetrate substances harmful to health. For example, electric kettles recommended to take glass, in extreme cases steel. Be guided by similar considerations.

Unfortunately, Yandex-market shows only the material of the outer body. The inner check with your dealer.

However, the manufacturers Thermo site presents, therefore, it is logical to begin your search here. By the way, not the fact that a long boiling helpful. For individual information, removes the water more chlorine kills bacteria but prolonged presence at high temperature water in a plastic container not lead to good. Thermo make the right choice in favor of a steel or glass patterns.

By the way, the price is low. For 1600 rubles, you can already decide what to choose Thermo. Re-emphasize, hot water and plastic - unfit combination, when viewed in the store take a steel or glass. Seller Assurances will not prevent allergic reactions or food poisoning.

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