The principle of operation of the dishwasher

The principle of operation of the dishwasher is based on three pillars: salt, powder, rinse. Components woman grateful: no longer spoil the nails, the skin on the hands of detergent water. To make the concept work, we describe the devices mass mechanisms. Consider the extent of forces, capabilities. The history of the dishwashers in the review will not. Tell you later (find curious lot of information). Not all of these technologies are included in the principle of operation of the dishwasher budget option. Simply open the topic, introduces the reader to interesting facts!

Inlet hose, leakage protection

Ignorant man thinks: inlet hose does not contain interesting details. The answer to the question, why is not working dishwasher, often lies here. At the junction with the riser used sea interesting technologies. Protection against leaks. Heard in dishwashers option is fully or partially:

  1. At full protection against leaks, supplemented sensor housing sump, in the simplest case of the float type that detects the presence of water. Such a detected electrical signal is supplied. At the end of the hose see next sensor valve responsible for detection, localization leakage path between the riser and the casing.
  2. In case of partial protection is present float valve in the sump. Hose deprived of protection.


Now in more detail. Let's start the body. Entrance is decorated with shut-off valve. If the tray sensor detects the presence of water, a special signal is applied to stop the fence. The remaining liquid is discharged drain (the drainage) pump the drain. The cycle of operation is terminated, often an error message appears.

When the leak is being protected hose, pressure plays a role. If fixed values ​​drop at the inlet valve, located at the end of the inlet hose, overlap. Electric, because inside the hose are wires for the control subsystem of protection against leaks. Nowhere is it written properly if the dishwasher can distinguish a drop of water in the riser from leakage, but we believe that a solid product is able to. Electronics must measure the drop hose entry and exit pressures. If there is any discrepancy it is time to sound the alarm.

Speculation supported by advertising to the manufacturer of dishwashers, claiming: electronic subsystem of protection against leaks sensitive. Let us explain! To observe the riser pressure drop, a phenomenal sensitivity have no need to. Hence, it comes to the difference. Weak leaking hose will be fixed. The result of this today does not give external protection system. External sensors Akvastrazha fix flood over time. Electronics road dishwasher reacts instantly.

Work dishwasher

The hose is designed for three quarters of an inch thread avoid interference fit to far in the shut-off valve. Enough 10 Nm.

The inlet valve and filter

Not really written booklets, water enters into the housing under pressure riser. The principle of operation of the machine Bosch dishwasher implies the capacity of the inlet hose system, equal to 10 liters per minute. To relieve plates and sensitive internal pump from muck place entrance inlet hose into the housing complement special coarse filter. Delay the pieces of rust, scale, and other coarse particles. Periodically clean the filter, turn off the tap of the riser by unscrewing the inlet hose. After the inlet valve water fills a special container. Reaches a predetermined level, heating starts TAN. Heater protect from scale, each cubic centimeter of liquid analyzed stiffness sensor, diluted with salt from a special compartment if required.

We touch on topics in more detail. Vessel with brine hiding under the bottom working compartment. Smooth steel floor is decorated with a screw stopper, there occurs Replenishment salt dishwasher. On the necessity of such an operation indicating a special sensor flashing front panel lights.

Inlet valve

recirculation pump

The water reaches the desired temperature, it is required to submit to the jet sprinklers. Rotating the rocker of the working chamber, the number reaches three. The main pump is considered the heart of ensuring tireless work of the dishwasher. Draws water from the interior of the container through a special profile takes the link bodies. Sometimes the heart is supplied with instantaneous water heater, reducing cycle times. The temperature value is controlled by sensors, thermostat.

The sense of the recycling pump: slowly rising water level, fuel-efficient car. It requires low speed, issued only synchronous motors operating on inverter power circuit. At the same time it achieved a reduced noise level and durability of the equipment.

Pipe special form tapers upwards. In order to achieve the same pressure in all exit points of the rocker arm. The spray hole diameter is so small that inside barely get through a toothpick placed slightly at an angle, due to the thrust produced by jet spinning rocker. Approach will provide a jet velocity of 150 km / h, smart machines able to adjust the parameter depending on the level of contamination of glassware. The plates terrible to look at, in order to be thoroughly otshelmovany. Identify pollution occupied a special sensor.

Dishwasher modern

Filters and drain pump

When dirty water glass plates, the liquid is purified for reuse. two filters are employed:

  • rough - cylindrical, screwed into the bottom of the working chamber;
  • fine - mesh around the coarse filter.

In order to explain the work, will have to find out why you need a powder, softener. If you look at the question of how the dishwasher, simply, distinguish three main phases cycle:

  1. Wash with detergent.
  2. First rinsing with cold water.
  3. Second rinsing with hot water and rinse aid.

Cast aside soaking if consider in detail the use of water dishwasher, a review will have to double the size. In the first round of detergent added. At the bottom of falling food debris, providing filters employment. Some of the water goes to the second round through the net, the other must first get rid of the crumbs cylinder.

Sometimes you have to unscrew the filter, clean, most of the dirt is removed automatically. The process is in a circle, while special sensors not solve: the liquid is so dirty that it is time to drain the waste into the sewer (see below).

When satisfactory as, for example, a first step to the second machine moves. The newly recruited cold water so as not to damage the fragile dishes, the working compartment behind the wall embedded heat exchanger. After going through it, not cold flow. It helps to avoid temperature shock. The latter is a hot rinse, simplifying the drying process. If in the second step to heat up the water, wine glasses will crack no temperature difference.

Mouthwash is housed special compartment door, as required poured inside. The powder is located, is poured in a similar way, but the first step. Consumption dishwasher detergent regulated by specific sensors employed often tracking suds. A sump pump waste has been liquid. Node is designed to pass chips, other food residue. Drain hose for the same purpose of greater diameter than the inlet. Imposed restrictions on the construction of communications to reduce the electricity consumption of a dishwasher, make life easier for the pump.

We do not know whether the two pump powered by a single motor through a gearbox, rather - no than yes. The reader has more information, placing a dishwasher suitable for disassembly, analysis device.


To learn how to construct the dishwasher, you can talk for hours, decided, for once is enough. Finally talk about the drying. There are the following types:

  1. Turbo.
  2. Condensation.

In the first case, the process is similar to what is happening inside the LG or Samsung washing machine. Available fan that drives air through the hot working chamber. The vaporized liquid is discharged into the kitchen. A method for high-speed and energy-intensive.

Today the majority of dishwashers equipped with a condensation drying, at which moisture evaporates itself, fall dew on the walls of the working chamber, flows to the drain pump. Pump rocking slowly, until seeing that swing.

Have information in some dishwashers are built drying with heat exchanger, advertising on the rumors do not respond, do not offer unnecessary information to hammer head. During operation of the dishwasher shown a special indicator that today time is up! See you.

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