Do-it-yourself dishwasher installation

For the installation of a free-standing dishwasher in Moscow, take from 900 rubles. Plus, check the old communications, if there is a replacement of one model for another. About one hundred and fifty take to check the electricity grid and plumbing. Total is 1200 rubles. Installing a built-in dishwasher is more expensive.500 rubles. Therefore, installing a dishwasher with your own hands becomes a dream for individuals. Plus - there is no need to wait for the master and spend time. Let's see what they take the money for.

Freestanding Dishwasher SN24D270EN

The cost of this full-size model is 19,500 rubles and above. Dimensions are 84.5 x60x60 cm. The dishwasher is placed on the floor, but not built into the furniture. Therefore, the corresponding steps are excluded from the installation process. Let's see what happens if you lay inside the 13 sets of dishes and try to wash.

Important! With a thorough knowledge of the principle of operation installation will not cause difficulties.

The machine itself recognizes the type of detergent. If you prefer 3 in 1 tablets, take the trouble to put the detergent in a special compartment. When using the powder, make sure that salt and rinse aid are available according to special indicators. Pour more detergent into the dry tray. A special basket and the third tier of VarioDrawer will allow you to load items in a flexible way.

Use the automatic program selection option or install from the 4 available manually. Please note that there is no mode for fragile dishes, do not try to put the wine glasses inside. An inverter motor with an acoustic noise level of 50 dB is ready for operation. If a delayed launch is required, use a special timer. When water is taken, hardness is automatically determined and salt is added only when necessary. When using tablets, the salt they contain will be added to water. The loading sensor will decide how much water is needed, in case of using the powder, it will slowly dispense the consumption of detergent.

Each cycle is monitored by AquaSensor sensors, which determine whether it is permissible to use wastewater for a new cycle. Liquid will circulate inside the dishwasher as long as it is suitable for program execution purposes. The alternate water supply to the upper and lower rocker will provide high process efficiency and significant savings. This time the dishwasher carefully shows the time until the end of the cycle and controls the presence of leaks in the housing and the hose.

12 liters of water and a little more than 1 kWh of energy will be consumed per cycle. This cannot be called the highest level of economy, the equipment fits in according to the class indicators in groups A. The manufacturer of the dishwasher Siemens does the main bet on reliability. The remaining options leave much to be desired. We add that the program is available half load and use VarioSpeed, coping with the dishes in two times faster.

Installing the stand-alone dishwasher SN24D270EN

Siemens, as the parent company of Bosch, puts the installation instructions on the official website. An additional plus to the council is to pay attention to the products of these companies. Installing a Bosch dishwasher will take place without a hitch, if you learn in advance about the pitfalls:

  • maximum length of hoses and power cable;
  • case asymmetry, due to which the lengths of hoses and cord are different for the left and right sides;
  • nuances of requirements for the drain and water intake subsystem;
  • the exact limits of the size of the compartment for installation;
  • the presence or absence of a set of soft sliders on the legs, so as not to scratch the tile.

In fact, the installation scheme of the dishwasher is replete with nuances. On the installation drawing it is often indicated whether it is possible to build up the hoses or buy another wire, longer. From the little things depends on the ease of installation of washing machines and dishwashers. The equipment is similar. The difference is in the details, but the installation concerns little.

Dishwasher kit parts SN24D270RU modest: clamp on the drain pipe and the power cord with a length of 1.75 meters. The first thing we do is leveling the equipment on the level laid on the upper edge of the case. You need a wrench. To secure the feet, turn the nut all the way clockwise. Then attach the power cord to the dishwasher and filter inlet hose. Do it carefully, without distortions.

Now it is time to remove the shipping bracket from the top center of the back panel. Do not dispose immediately, it is better to save until the expiration of the warranty. Manufacturers write that it is necessary to save the complete set. Otherwise warranty conditions are considered violated. Leak furniture rectangular holes 10x5 cm, which skip the communication. Cord pull to the outlet, hoses - to the sink.

Installation of the facade on the dishwasher is not required. The model is not built in, is not equipped with a special decorative panel. Connection notes:

  1. The diameter of the hole for the drain is at least 18 mm. Not sure what the picture shows is correct. The dishwasher has a drain hose at the end of the socket, not a threaded flange.
  2. The drain hose outlet is not located above 1.1 meters. Apparently, the restriction is designed to reduce the load on the pump. Add that water can get here from the sink, PVC tee with a slant will look decent, helping to avoid such phenomena.
  3. The maximum intake hose magnetic valve is 10 Nm. To withstand the condition, you need a special key with a measure of the effort of a puff.

Add that the inlet hose is attached to a bronze tee or a plastic pipe outlet. We put a shut-off valve, shown schematically in the figure, but not commented. This is standard equipment, easy to find in the store. Another thing is a self-tapping faucet. This is easier to install, but hard to get. The size of the outlet to drain the dishwasher will be three quarters of an inch. Otherwise, you will have to use a special adapter. We will drain the drain on a special siphon, as shown in the figure, or we will buy a PVC tee for sewage. In the latter case, you will need to buy an additional rubber adapter for joining products.

As you can see, installing a dishwasher is easy. Can every man. There is a temptation to save. At the end, as already mentioned, there is a list of items that we will buy from Siemens for more convenience. The first in the list is a special power cord with a length of 3 meters for a European or British outlet.

Extensions for filling and drainage hose are available, having a length of 2 meters. If necessary, hang a purchase hook on the wall to support the drain. Install the element should not be above 1.1 meters( see above).The node is needed to drain the hose into the sewer at an angle - an option for PVC tee.

Installing a dishwasher SN24D270RU under the countertop

The cost of installing a dishwasher under the countertop is 500 rubles higher. Consumables and purchased products are taken at the expense of the client.

According to the instructions, the top of the dishwasher SN24D270RU removable. Allowed to install on the floor under the tabletop. The upper edge of the cabinet should touch the furniture closely. This is achieved by adjusting the height of the legs. Please note that there are no special mechanisms on the front panel in the area of ​​the base for the operation in the niche. Only fully built-in dishwashers are supplied with such delights. How to get to the rear legs, it is not clear. You will have to push and slide the product repeatedly to achieve a horizontal position and a snug fit to the tabletop.

By the way, you have to buy a protective plate. Vapor barrier covers the front of the tabletop. The figure gives the limits of the dimensions of the compartment for installation. In our opinion, the highest interest is the height of 81.5 - 84 cm. Note that this range is overlapped by adjusting the legs and is much inferior to the characteristics of built-in dishwashers. The rest of the process resembles the one described above. See for yourself how much labor will be needed to install the dishwasher yourself under the countertop. It seems that the snag is that it is necessary to purchase a vapor barrier plate.

Electrolux dishwasher installation looks more difficult. The reason - the manufacturer does not publish instructions. We stumble, and strongly, on the pitfalls, which will increase the cost of the process and drag out over time. We consider this unreasonable behavior on the part of the manufacturer to be a big drawback in the age of open information.

Download an electronic version from the Internet. Stock up on Forstner drills, drill, screwdrivers, and for the cause.

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