Home theater do it yourself

Let us outline to readers how to make a home theater with their own hands, and what theorists actually mean by this word today.

What is a home theater language of home appliances

Home theater is called the central unit that performs switching, decoding and general control functions. Peripherals are connected through the ports: TV, projector, speakers, disc players, etc. Home cinema refers to equipment that helps bring together home multimedia playback tools:

  • TV;
  • personal computer;
  • gadgets;
  • stereos;
  • disc players.

Moreover, some equipment is duplicated. For example, the modern home theater has its own means of playing discs, and it is possible to listen to music from a flash drive on TV.

Home Theater - a case that resembles a disc player, equipped with a host of additional functions.

For example, a home theater breaks stereo and mono music into streams( 6 or 7), creating sound around. As is known, in the latter case there are a number of variations, the most common is 5.1.Where 5 denotes the number of columns - central( front), left and right front, left and right rear. Unity is a subwoofer. The home theater is equipped with its own speakers or the speaker system is purchased separately.

There are a lot of options for a complete set, in fact, each equipment from an unimaginable cluster of household appliances has its own control panel. If first of all attention is paid to the package bundle, the second step is to think about how a person can cope with the home cinema complex. Often, manufacturers of televisions produce their own home theaters, consoles of the latter replace two( TV and home theater).However, more often have to buy universal control panels. Be attentive, check with the dealer before buying - preferably from the manufacturer - which home cinema model is better to use with a particular TV, acoustics, CD player, stereo system.

In truth, it is hard to avoid duplication in a complex jumble. For example, a DVD player is often unnecessary. There are cases when the music center does not understand Blu-ray, and the equipment already purchased for the home easily loses the complex format mentioned above.

In this case, the home theater contains input and output ports, among the list there are even a pair of microphone for karaoke. It turns out that manufacturers of music centers pay a lot of attention to user needs.

If you have a home set-top box in order not to constantly switch plugs on your TV, most of the input ports on the music center are duplicated, providing an advantage. For example, the digital high-performance HDMI port supports audio transmission in both directions. If the channel is already occupied by a home theater, it will be problematic to play with the prefix. For the case described, the device in question is not equipped with one, and more often not even two HDMI ports, but a bundle. There are no cords in the kit, they are purchased separately or supplied with other equipment. It is not customary to supply home theaters with HDMI cords, and on the contrary, a similar cord is attached to the TV.Equipment manufacturer complements each other. Coincidences or discord between appliances from different manufacturers are not excluded.

We list the full composition of home theaters, along with third-party equipment:

  1. Acoustics 5.1.
  2. Central home theater unit.
  3. DVD player.
  4. TV( plasma panel).
  5. Personal Computer.
  6. Projector Image.

This is not a complete list of devices. Again, there is duplication in the system. For example, a personal computer connects via a network cable to the TV directly or to the central unit of the home theater. In the latter case, management becomes convenient. Can the TV update the firmware through the home theater? The answer is individual, we recommend to ask the manufacturer. Compatible speakers are also different, more often 5.1, but they also sell 6.1 and 7.1.The number of outputs on the rear wall of the central unit of the home theater is equal to the number of speakers. There are standard stereo outputs. The TV speaker system is turned off automatically or manually.

Add home theaters contain chips for receiving FM broadcasting. No wonder the antenna in the complex. It remains to add that playback is possible from different media. The source is selected from the home theater console, and it remains possible to split the sound into 6 channels and listen to the surround version. Separate TVs can break an image into 3D components; an old film can be seen in three-dimensional space.

Additional information about home theaters

A curious video posted on YouTube, without details, say that a regular computer can play multimedia in 3D.And the option is not worth a penny. We thank the author of the video, briefly outline the idea. Online download the program iz3d. This is a smart player, from a flat video that makes surround. To understand, look - the picture will begin to double reddish shadow. If you wear stereo glasses, you'll see something amazing. For normal operation of the program, you will need to first download and install the driver. Just type in the search engine "driver for iz3d".DirectX graphics library program will offer to upgrade yourself. Permissible to do manually.

When the software is already installed, configure the downloaded player. Go to File → Stereo Format and select the Interlaced item. The video will be voluminous. We believe that it is possible to transmit the image through the network to the TV screen, bypassing the home theater. For more information, read the manual of the purchased model or ask the manufacturer for technical support.

Now the majority of readers already know how to build a home theater on their own, go to the issue of arranging the room.

Room under the home theater

It is important to correctly arrange the speakers and decorate the walls of the room with a home theater sound absorbing material. The operational aspect is traced: the maximum volume of the speaker system. Quality The sound around is so high that even 100 dB does not seem too( louder than a jackhammer at a construction site that does not deliver 90 dB).As a result, the rules for operating the premises are violated, which can lead to fines. Spend a complete soundproofing of the room. Strongly do not recommend using Izover, as in the video on YouTube. This is glass wool. The builders have already understood what the conversation is about. If the neighbors are flooded, and on top of the glass wool there is a waterproofing film, as in the video, the negative consequences are foreseen terrible. And in the room installed expensive household appliances.

In case of the possibility of a flood, the ceiling is finished with the first penetrating waterproofing. It is expensive, but there is no other way to protect the situation. We recommend Penofol and cork as insulators. It is inexpensive and safe for health. Steam rooms will not be in the room. Steam will leave through the external walls, which are not necessary to isolate, behind them is a street. Grounded Penofol in addition will reduce the level of electromagnetic radiation.

We remind you that the cork is soft, which is welcomed in a house with children and expensive dishes. The production technology is slightly more environmentally friendly than the chipboard manufacturing process. Formaldehyde emission below.

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