How to choose a dishwasher for a small kitchen

The network is often interested in how to place a dishwasher in a small kitchen and whether there are alternative dishwashers that save space? It all depends on the specifics and the area of ​​the room - the less it is and the more unconventional, the more it will be necessary to tinker with the installation of the PMM. We offer a comprehensive answer to the question of which dishwasher is suitable for a small room.

Example location of a compact detached dishwasher in a small kitchen

Content of the material:

  • 1PMM does not fit in the kitchen
  • 2Built-in dishwashers
  • 3Compact models
  • 4Hybrid types of PMM

PMM does not fit in the kitchen

Those who dream of getting a dishwasher and solve the problem with a mountain of unwashed dishes, are tormented by the question: where to put the dishwasher in the kitchen, if the room is too small. How to proceed? Forget about buying an "assistant" or by cunningly installing it? The second option is much more advantageous, especially since the solution to the problem lies on the surface.

Fact! In the so-called "Khrushchevka" builders significantly saved space in the kitchen, having allocated several square meters. But, if you approach the matter competently, you can install a refrigerator, a washing machine and a dishwasher, and the place will remain.

The option of placing a built-in narrow dishwasher in a small kitchen

There are enough budgetary ways to solve the problem and the options are more expensive - we will consider everything.

The main thing is to correctly calculate the space of the kitchen, and then everything will fit. You went to the kitchen and see that there is nowhere to put PMM? So, you irrationally used a useful area: if you calculate every centimeter, it turns out that it will not only be the dishwasher. If you do not want to do this, consult a good designer.

Let us briefly consider the types of machines for small kitchens:

  1. Built-in dishwashers. Such machines do not take away space, because they are installed in the kitchen set or under the countertop. If you have ready kitchen furniture without a niche under the PMM, you can make a separate cabinet.Example of placing a narrow dishwasher with a stove and a sink in the kitchen
  2. A safe option is a miniature dishwasher. This is a radical measure, but effective. Compact mini-cars can be put on the table or installedunder the sink.

The option of placing a compact dishwasher in the kitchen in the cupboard under the sink

Built-in dishwashers

The dishwasher can clutter a small kitchen or not fit into a well thought out interior solution. For many, this perspective is not the brightest, so manufacturers have taken care of creating an embedded PMM. There are several types:

  • partially built-in;
  • fully built-in;
  • narrow.

The width of models can range from 45 to 60 centimeters.

An important point! Narrow machines significantly save space, but are inferior to full-size models in spaciousness. Also in a narrow bunker, it is difficult to load dimensional utensils: pots, pans or baking sheets.

Completely built-in machines are unappealing in appearance - the body is pulled by a layer of thermal insulation, and instead of a beautiful facade - a conventional painted metal with snaps and fasteners. Everything will change after installing the machine in the headset. The door will disappear behind the furniture facade, and the case will hide behind the walls of the headset. Read on,how to install a dishwasher, in our publication.

A fully-fitted narrow dishwasher with two levels of trays for the dishes in the bunker

After embedding the visibility of the machine will be limited, therefore, in the kitchen there will be no global changes. To use the technique, just open the door and load the plates into the washing hopper. Care of the device is simple: it is enough to wipe furniture from dust and dirt.

Compact models

Do not know how to place a typewriter in a small kitchen? The plans do not need to do repairs, and change furniture to the one in which the niche for PMM is provided, do not you want? Then pay attention tocompact models of dishwashers. Where to place a miniature car:

  • on the table or countertop;
  • on a special pedestal;
  • on a low refrigerator;
  • hang on the wall using brackets.

Interesting! The cost of small dishwashers is quite acceptable, so a compact model will be ideal for any budget.

Compact table-top dishwasher in bright red for a modern kitchen

The size of the little "helpers" is really modest. On average, these dimensions are 55х50х44 cm, weight - only 20 kg. With their advantages, small PMMs have disadvantages: limited functionality, small capacity, and with repeated use (2-3 times a day), the water discharge will be more than the full-size model.

Hybrid types of PMM

Our review includes little-knownhybrid cars, which are combined with other household appliances: gas or electric stove, oven. This "2 in 1" solution will save a lot of useful space. Plus, in that the dishes from the stove immediately sent to the bunker - do not need to "travel" in the kitchen, everything will be in one place. It is worth this technique is cheaper than if you buy a hob, oven and dishwasher separately.

Example of an arrangement of a complex dishwasher with an oven at the top

Disadvantages of the design:

  • complex technology can fail before the usual;
  • limited functionality of the oven and dishwasher - in the oven one sheet, and the capacity of the machine is not more than 6 sets of dishes.

Drawing conclusions, we agree that there is no universal solution for the limited space of a small kitchen. In each of the described variants there are minuses, therefore it is necessary to choose, proceeding from a situation.

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