What dishwasher salt to choose

Water becomes hard due to the content of Mg, Ca ions. The metals, when heated, give an insoluble precipitate that clings to the helix. Find other metals affecting the process, the role is rather auxiliary. Thus, the task involves removing harmful ions from the water, preventing the formation of scale. We will look at what kind of salt for the dishwasher to choose, why you need it. Prepare to fall asleep unit Ekstroy - flag in your hands!

Chemical bases of salt application in dishwashers

Once the authors really liked chemistry. So much so that in the first year on the subject received five. The lecturer decided to use the successes at her own discretion, causing two high achievers to demonstrate the school “miracles” to children, such as bloody wounds on YouTube, “curing” with reagents. Those interested in a chemical background will type in a request for Google. I didn’t want to show the demonstration - summer, shy, I just had to otmazatsya, higher than four more ratings were not sent to our address, in the ninth graduation even had to pull the mark. The following was not written by a professional chemist, but by an amateur digging for details. Do not want - do not believe the evidence cited!

Water becomes hard by saturating with divalent calcium ions, magnesium:

  1. In the first case, water is called calcium hard.
  2. In the second case, the water is called magnesium hard.

Hydrocarbonates of metals, when heated, form water, limestone( roughly speaking), covering the spiral. The situation is worsened by the presence of iron salts, cementing deposits. Simplified scheme.

To overcome the disgrace, introduced the concept of stiffness, as measured by a special strip that comes with most washing machines. The resulting figure is clogged in the settings of the ion exchanger, the head of the softening fluid, or the parameter is measured by the sensor. To soften, dangerous ions of calcium and magnesium are taken from the water, innocent sodium is thrown in return, it does not precipitate under any circumstances. May give a base when heated, water. Reaction with acid powder will produce carbon dioxide, soluble salt, non-hazardous dishwasher. The first will evaporate, the second will replenish sewage drains.

How to make a miracle in practice. Use special ion exchangers. Not compartments of dishwashers, special polymer colloids, swelling in water, not sprawling. Such remove radioactive isotopes, conducting decontamination areas. The meaning is covered by an invention of a polymer base, a matrix binding negative salt ions. Carbonates, bicarbonates, silicates, some others. Positive ions dissociate between the water-filled salt compartment until the sensor says that is enough.

Let's analyze, based on our strained( see above) knowledge, the composition of the dishwasher tablets dishwasher:

  1. Sodium citrate is a preservative. If we understand correctly, the reagent overcomes the microbes.
  2. Sodium percarbonate is a component of powder.
  3. Sodium carbonate - soda softener baking powder.
  4. Sodium disilicate is an amorphous base matrix that retains ions, a softener.
  5. Sodium bicarbonate - softener.
  6. Sodium polyasparginate - thickener, ion-retaining base, softener, edible.
  7. Sodium gluconate - detergent.

Special salt for dishwashers is a little like cooking. Meet the missing ingredients in Ecover: flavors, surface active substances. The similarity with Extra zero salt, Baskunchak deposits are represented by sodium chloride. A typical halite will increase the concentration of sodium ions, the reactions will be reversible, the resulting compounds will spread across the compartment.

2NaCl + Ca( HCO3) 2 · 2NaHCO3 + CaCl2;

Ecover gives a different deal!

Na2CO3 + Ca( HCO3) 2 → 2NaHCO3 + CaCO3 ↓.

Insoluble sediment is retained by thickeners, does not furrow the compartment. At renewal of salt the remains of muck are washed away by the sewerage. We offer to forget that a kilogram of Extra costs 12 rubles. The composition of the dishwasher salt( 70 rubles per kg) differs by the chemical formula. Have a quality manufacturer. In the segment there is a great temptation to release a fake. Just carefully select the product, otherwise the scum will certainly be known.

The process of irreversible salt deposition. Calcium, attached to the carbonate ion( see above), gives lime, remaining in the compartment, reaching the cooking chamber. Tselehonek TEN.Sodium bicarbonate may disintegrate, but will give soluble substances that are suppressed by the powder. This is how specialized dishwasher salt works. Avoid confusion with cooking or take offense at yourself. Notice! The salt indicator, up to pheny, is swallowed inside, the sensor is oriented with the content of sodium ions( we assume), the heating element can have a different opinion on this matter. The sediment clings to the copper shell. There is enough salt for approximately one time interval, the equivalence of the result is refuted by the content of the review.

Doubt what salt to buy for the dishwasher, take Extra - the nearest grocery store will help to stock up on raw materials. Use the product only for its intended purpose, preparing food.

Why Salt in a Dishwasher

The chemical basics of some readers have been omitted, we’ll give a brief summary on what dish salt is needed for. The principle of operation of the ion exchanger remains a mystery, omit the topic. It is known that incoming water is estimated by the sensor, or the hardness value is entered manually by the user. According to available information, the dishwasher makes sure that a certain amount of calcium-magnesium ions be replaced with harmless sodium. The water becomes salty, completely devoid of sediment. We emphasize, avoid being equal to Calgon! The process is regulated by a scientific sensor in real time or by our own prior measurements.

The first option costs a lot of money( AquaSensor), more accurate. Water hardness may vary from season to day, a priori measurements are worse. Salt consumption dishwasher is conducted according to the program! Enough for the same time. Try to fall asleep soda, the equivalent period will be spent. There is no difference. .. why do amateur activities?

Replacing the salt of the dishwasher

In order to form a colloid( in Russian, brine), during the first refueling, pour a little water through the neck into the salt compartment. The cover on the bottom of the working section of the dishwasher is unscrewed, the necessary manipulations are carried out through the funnel. Note! Surely the water overflow, even brine. Nothing wrong. But! Always do the dressing right before washing the dishes. Will protect the bottom of the working compartment from corrosion with a strong brine. Do not be afraid, the excess will be collected by a drainage pump, drained into the sewer.

Many people ask:

  • How much salt should be poured into the dishwasher. Usually charged per kilogram in full-size models. Check the instructions. One kilogram is enough for 35 inclusions for 14 sets of dishes. But! Depends on the hardness of the water, clogged in the program of the dishwasher or a specific sensor. Expenditure will vary by region.
  • Why does the regenerating dishwasher salt have a strange name? The regeneration process is characterized by two aspects - renewal, recovery. When we refill salt for the dishwasher inside, we replenish stocks of sodium ions, colloidal structures. Can be called regeneration.

Salts dishwashers Bosch

Today the German concern has become the leader of the dishwashers segment. Is there salt for Bosch dishwashers? Did not hear. A home appliance manufacturer is just too busy building a chemical plant where washing and washing components will be produced. It is worth the money, technology needs time. Rejecting industrial espionage, the purchase of a certificate, a patent, Bosch has little chance of catching up with competitors in this area. Do buy a ready-made franchise. We recommend choosing a dishwasher salt from a reputable manufacturer.

Housewives praise Finish. Expensive salt at 100 rubles per kilogram, but scum will not form. Beware of fakes, otherwise it is easier to fall asleep inside the usual soda in half with salt. Cheaper with the same quality. We have no doubt that chemists, in contrast to the authors who received the fives, will be able to synthesize a simple compound given above at home, we no longer help them. The level of knowledge is low. Our faith in our own strength was destroyed in childhood( in relation to chemistry), so we leave the question to a more capable contingent.

See you in the next reviews!

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