How to choose and replace the heater for Bosch dishwasher

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Dishwasher German manufacturer of the Bosch, according to statistics, today used by about 30% of the owners of this practical and reliable in the home kitchen equipment. But sometimes the owners are faced with the problem of hot water.

The indicator signals that the heater for Bosch dishwasher has worn and, therefore, it is necessary to urgently change the serviceable.

The content of the article:

  • Indicating breakage PETN?
  • How does the water heater
  • The causes of breakdowns and selecting fineness
    • Why can break TEN?
    • The nuances of the selection of a new heating element
  • Step by step instructions for replacing the heating element
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Indicating breakage PETN?

Almost all modification of modern dishwashers have a set of complex mechanical structures and in their electronic "stuffing", from the water supply system and drainage pipes with pumps, finishing digital unit management.

Program in devices as diverse in their functions.

If the display control panel washing machines appeared the error code

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“09”, "E09", "F09", It will mean the presence in the unit serious problems with hot water.

This is likely to "guilty" came in disrepair PETN, also known as tubular heating element, and may also be affected by other elements of the sophisticated equipment.

Dishwasher Bosch 2nd generation

German dishwashers are known for impeccable quality of the original build, but over time the working units of this sophisticated technology can fail

Problem with hot water can also trigger the following troubles:

  • circuit to supply residential premises;
  • abnormal oxidation of the contactsLocated at the terminals of the heating device;
  • excessively hard waterEntering the car from the water.

Owners in such cases it is necessary to decide on an independent electrical heating unit replacement or invite a service technician.

Electronic display dishwasher BOSCH

Owners of electric dishwashers need to closely monitor the readings of the digital display: The machine will display it ciphers (codes) of errors that have arisen in the working process of the device. The code list is presented in the manual for the exploitation

TANS Not for nothing is considered the heart of MMP any configuration, regardless of the popularity of the brand and "clever" features. The use of dishwashers proves it in a domestic environment.

After all heaters damage given to the critical parameter may, in 100% of cases result in the entire mechanism complicated machine unusable. But why such an expensive thing to expose to unnecessary risk?

Call customer service to reset the broken PETN in a dishwasher - a guarantee of high-quality instrument setup

A specialist from the service organization installs heating element professionally, but if this is not possible, then the owner of the technology itself can set this item in the car, according to the instructions

Supernumerary (incorrect) operation of heaters in dishwashers is a dangerous precondition for the emergence of more serious negative consequences in the subsequent operation of the device, as well as in the lives of people directly benefiting technology.

That is why it is so important to try to quickly get rid of problems and failures in your favorite machine-assistant!

How does the water heater

Mounted in the dishwasher casing heater belongs to the category of water heaters, ensuring stable display of the circulating water up to +100 ° C. Some models can be equipped with thermostats.

The tubular heater in the dishwasher first generation

An electric heater device for a dishwasher. This is a special tube filled with heat capacity of the insulator, the center of which is located Nichrome filament (coil)

The tubular PETN located electroconductive spiral design which transmits power to the entire outer surface of the heating module.

Among the main ingredients of PETN are:

  • a tube;
  • heating element;
  • contacts;
  • insulating layer.

Thermoelectric power segment PETN is available in a variety of designs. Shortcomings in the devices there is little, except for the installation of a large area and need to be repaired, if burned spiral.

Circulation pump flow heater +

The pump pumps water into the dishwasher through the top of the heating element. This occurs until the desired water heating dishwashing temperature which controls the sensor

Heaters for dishwashers with the tubular structure are commercially available with the following parameters:

  • power - 15W-15kW;
  • Voltage - 12 V-380;
  • length - 250-630 mm;
  • external diameter - 6,0-24,0 mm.

If you have a machine boshevskaya third generation, then it is an improved pump motor with a built-in TAN.

The causes of breakdowns and selecting fineness

Problems with one of the main elements of the dishwasher structure can occur for various reasons. We offer to learn more about the possible problems and give some tips on choosing a new Tena.

Why can break TEN?

According to user feedback, the most frequent breakdowns of the electric heater in the dishwasher are blown spiralevoy filaments and tubes elektrozamykanie on the findings.

Burnout - a direct consequence of the thinning of the refractory element, standing in a hermetically sealed heater.

Flow heating elements standing in the dishwasher, are burned frequently. This can occur if:

  • PETN in leakage occurs;
  • It was sudden jump in the power supply voltage;
  • filter is very dirty;
  • the machine is operated correctly;
  • wear, the accumulation of a substantial layer of scale on PETN; if the layer thickness exceeds 2.3 mm, the breaking element is inevitable.

With such serious damage have no choice but how to replace burned-new item. But before that it will buy, choosing the right - any model will not work. In this matter will be taken into account a number of features, which are discussed below.

The nuances of the selection of a new heating element

When ordering in the network or service store of spare parts for the independent replacement, you need to specify the full details of the model, including the serial number. The information is on the label, the label machine.

When choosing a heater, carefully check its utility, the parameters of capacity and voltage, diameter, similar to the factory, as well as matching device type connector for connection.

We advise to pay attention to the preservation of tightness at the terminal ends of the purchased device.

Instantaneous electric dishwasher

Are important design features. On the plastic housing of the heating unit are taps for connection to the nozzles and output ends for sensors

Electric instantaneous water heaters heat quickly perform, but consume a lot of electricity. We recommend to consider this: if you at the same time will run the dishwasher and electric kettle, the cork can fly, and the machine will shut off the power in the entire apartment.

Electrical thermoheater intended for installation in dishwashers Bosch are available in the following designs:

  • submersible (Wet):, which are in contact with the working liquid medium, carrying out its heating;
  • dry - surrounded to protect special bulb made of durable composite material is steatite.

Dry heaters are considered by professional artists more effective in practice, because by avoiding direct contact with the liquid can be a very long time.

Dry water heater for dishwasher

Wide dry bulb heater helps to quickly heat the water, prevents the accumulation of scale, protecting the machine from dry plugs can be easily removed

The various modifications to Bosch dishwashing machines can be installed TENah distribution aid water flow and turbidity current relay, which switches the membrane, moving under the pressure water.

Dishwasher Bosch sold the heating elements included in the kit to the pump. This single integrated unit, is therefore considered non-separable. Its cost is rather high and may vary in a wide price range, from 7000 to 11 000 rubles.

Step by step instructions for replacing the heating element

We decided with his hands replace a faulty heater in the dishwasher? Prepare the following set of necessary tools:

  • 2 screwdriver - Phillips and flat;
  • screwdriver;
  • multimeter or ohmmeter;
  • pliers and an awl.

The algorithm is independent replacement heating element next.

Step №1.Check the new heater on the meter: the resistance reading should be no higher than 20-30 ohms.

If it is more, it has a spiral break, if the resistance is normal, it means that the item can be easily installed to replace spoiled.

Measurement of electric resistance heating element

Checking the readings of parameters using a multimeter, you need to check the current status of the temperature sensor, the wiring and contacts so they were not damaged

step №2. Open the door of the machine and remove the hopper tableware trays, Disconnect the appliance from the mains, remove the hoses. Pulling upwards, clear plastic sprayer and a glass-filter with a stainless steel mesh.

step №3. Now, remove the lower rocker: To do this, simply grab the part and lift up.

Location of the lower rocker-sprinkler in PMM Bosch

When the car gained the right temperature, it includes the work of a pump forcing water into whirling force of the beam - they are something and need to be dismantled

step №4. Free pipe connected to TAN - a screwdriver or screwdriver unscrew the screws 5, which support pipe coupled clamps instantaneous electric heater, then turn the housing so that the bottom was on top.

step №5. Remove the back panel. If the car instead present pop-up wall, then pull it out. Heater coupled to the pump.

To disconnect it, grab it and turn it half a turn to the right, pull to the side, then the pump will be in their hands. It remains only to remove her probe.

Thermal sensor on the plastic block

Sensors installed in the dishwasher 2 and 3 issues of generations, characterized by different functional properties. Removing them, proceed carefully and remember the place of installation

step №6. Remove the fasteners that hold the heater. The dishwashers from Bosch bottom heating elements are fixed with rubber fasteners. You need to have a hand under the body and remove them.

The process will need to use the awl to pick up the plastic clamps that hold the pipes. If you fail to damage them, it can be replaced with new ones, but it is best to proceed with caution.

step №7. Remove the burned-TEN. Separate sensors installation plugs, nozzles and remove the burnt heating element and depressurized.

If the pipes are not immediately amenable, they grab a pair of pliers, acting with extreme caution to avoid being damaged plastic parts: today the cost is quite high.

step №8. Install a new heater, heater. Replacing a heater on the new will not take much time.

It is important to act very carefully, collecting all the items in reverse order of the dismantling procedure. Clearly this process of replacement can be seen in the videos mentioned in the last article section.

After installation, continue to monitor the health of PETN, regularly cleaning it from scale mechanical cleaning or using chemical ingredients.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Footage from professional artists working in the service of the manufacturer of dishwashing machines Bosch.

The sequence of the replacement of the heating element, a detailed explanation of operation of nuances. Tips on the practical application of electric heaters, applicable to specific modifications dishwashers.

PETN heating system located in the dishwasher at a close distance to other control nodes. Due to this fact, its replacement or the entire pump unit heater + seems troublesome and difficult task. But under instructions repair will be successful and safe.

The main condition - is strict adherence to the sequence of dismantling the machine inoperable node and accuracy during the installation of the new element.

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