Dishwasher Siemens SR64E003RU: features embedded type

The use of embedded systems for automatic dishwashing is firmly established in the life of modern man. Narrow dishwasher Siemens SR64E003RU costs about 25 thousand rubles, and is a typical representative of the middle price range.

This model is launched on the market back in 2013, so in addition to the official information, there is a lot of customer feedback, which makes it possible to make a comparison with competing products.

The content of the article:

  • Description of the dishwasher
    • The main technical parameters
    • Modes of operation and functionality
    • Energy consumption and water consumption
    • The structure and equipment
    • Maintenance and Care
  • Pros and cons of the model
    • Positive feedback from users
    • Identified negative moments during operation
  • Overview competing models
    • Competitor # 1: BEKO DIS 26010
    • Competitor # 2: Indesit DISR 57H96 Z
    • Competitor # 3: Korting KDI 4540
  • The best offers on the market

Description of the dishwasher

The model considered the German concern Siemens SR64E003RU made in Germany. Analysis of its technical characteristics will allow the potential buyer to determine compliance with the requirements of the device, which he will present to the dishwasher.

The main technical parameters

Dimensions embedded machines virtually standardized, so that you can design a kitchen furniture, without knowing the exact model that will be acquired. Siemens SR64E003RU belong to the class of narrow machines for which you need a niche with a width of 45 cm.

In view of adjusting the height of legs recess into which the dishwasher may be in the range of 815-875 mm. Behind the rear wall of the machine should be a gap of at least 3 cm, since all the hoses are inside the casing at right angles. Shorter distance will cause them to bend, that would interfere with water inlet and outlet.

Fully built model dishwashers

Integrated model of the dishwasher is installed in a niche reserved for its location in the kitchen headset. For room utensils for cleaning inside the tank there is a basket (+)

When planning to connect the machine to the electricity and water supply system, you need to know the following lengths:

  • power cord: 175 cm;
  • Water supply hose: 165 cm;
  • Water drainage hose: 205 cm.

The models of this series inverter is installed iQdrive series motor that reduces noise and makes it monotonous. In addition, this technology increases the life of the engine, however, leads to a rise in the cost of the machine.

Specifications Siemens SR64E003RU

One of the main parameters is the maximum possible number of sets that can be loaded into the dishwasher. Under a set of crockery understand: 4 plates, cups and cutlery 2

Modes of operation and functionality

Model Siemens SR64E003RU has only 3 wash mode, rinsing and automatic modification of the operation at partial loads. However, this functionality is sufficient for most common tasks. Many competing models have a larger number of modes in name only, since they do not differ from each other.

Modes of operation Siemens SR64E003RU

According to published reviews, machine users rarely use the automatic mode. They choose either economical or quick options

rinse mode can be used before the main sink for better removal trudnootmyvaemyh pollutants such as dried stains or burnt fat.

The inclusion of half-load option allows you to save time, water and energy spent for one cycle. If the treated dishes is really no more than 1/2 of the total of the permissible load, the quality of its cleaning will be the same as in normal mode. However, if the dishes more, such savings will badly affect the result.

Boxes for loading detergents

For filling the regenerating salt, add detergent and rinse aid in the machine are specialized compartments in which you need to download only the drug intended for it

In total there are 4 feed salt level of the water softener. Some tools already contain additives for softening, so their use is necessary to set the zero level.

There are 4 levels of the rinse aid dispenser, which is also set up with a view of the water hardness. If this value is not known, it is possible to choose the level of an experimental way: if the dishes are bands, it is necessary to reduce the flow, and if there are stains soapy water - the increase.

The machine is integrated automatic identification system detergent. Therefore, when using products such as "3 in 1" washing quality remains at a good level, and the number of special salt used is reduced.

In the absence of salt or rinse aid warning indicators are activated.

Energy consumption and water consumption

The notion of "efficiency" of household appliances has long been classified. Letter grade assigned depending on how well the device performs the function for which it is intended. Category "A" means that the quality of work close to the reference.

Parameters Siemens SR64E003RU

Class "A" drying, washing and energy efficiency, as well as the parameters of the electricity and water consumption, the model SR64E003RU - average for the price range of machines from 20 to 30 thousand rubles

Data on energy consumption, and water consumption per cycle are given by the manufacturer for the economy mode. For the rest of the work programs of the dishwasher, these parameters are specified in the technical documentation. Power consumption is (kWh / cycle):

  • Automatic: 0.7-1.3;
  • fast: 0.7;
  • rinsing: 0.05.

Water consumption for various modes is (l / hour):

  • Automatic: 7-16;
  • fast: 9;
  • rinsing: 3.

Sometimes dishwashers allocate a separate branch wiring installation with its own circuit breaker. This is justified in view of the power unit and the presence of other significant electrical consumers located in the kitchen, such as a kettle or microwave. For sufficient power 2.4 kW machine denominated 10-13 A.

Location dishwasher

The best place to set the dishwasher compartment is considered, next to the sink. This method reduces the length of the hose and reduces the likelihood of leaks

The structure and equipment

The model SR64E003RU Integrated dishwasher from Siemens with the standard algorithm for placing dishes the presence of two baskets, shelves for knives, cutlery basket and hooks (holders) for small items. The upper basket has three positions lock that allows you to adjust the headroom for the upper and lower sections:

  • Position 1: 22 and 30 cm;
  • 2 position: 24 and 28 cm;
  • 3 position 27 and 25 cm.

Heavily soiled crockery, especially frying pans and pots, the manufacturer recommends placing in the lower basket for more intensive processing.

Loaded dishwasher

9 sets of dishes - the maximum possible amount to download this dishwasher model. More objects can not be placed properly, resulting in poor quality of the result

In addition to this model delivers:

  • funnel sleep salts;
  • cutlery basket;
  • a nozzle for washing trays (optional).

The last accessory is rarely used, since all dishwashers narrow format ill-suited for washing trays. Most of them just do not fit inside.

Maintenance and Care

Regular maintenance of the dishwasher prevents malfunction and prolongs the life of the device. Periodically check:

  • The presence of fat deposits. To remove it you need to use a soft cloth or run the machine empty using the mode with the maximum temperature. Clean steam cleaners is prohibited.
  • The presence of deposits on the door seal. It must be cleaned occasionally with a damp cloth.
  • the front panel is clogged. Wipe it must material pre-moistened with a solution of detergent. You can not use abrasive cleaners or sponges with rough surfaces, as they will leave scratches, which will lead to rust.
  • Blocking the spray holes scum. Rocker is necessary to remove and rinse with running water. If this is not done, the standard will change the distribution of water jets, resulting in uneven cleansing utensils from pollutants.

To less clogged filtering system to prevent ingress of contaminants into the pump, it is necessary before placing dishes in the machine clean with her great leftovers. If the filters become clogged, they should be promptly cleaned, otherwise there is the occurrence of water pressure deficit, which leads to excessive stress and rapid wear of components.

Filter dishwasher

To clean the filter, it must be unscrewed, rinsed in running water and put back into place. The procedure does not require the artist any qualification

Pros and cons of the model

A long period of operation SR64E003RU model to evaluate its quality from the point of view of consumers. Dominated by the positive reviews, although there are negative aspects too.

Positive feedback from users

German quality build leaves no doubt about the integrity of its production. No backlash regulators, "sticky" buttons, the panel does not creak, the rotation of the rocker uniform, the door is clearly "walks" jamming clamps or wheels do not have the upper basket. We build models of competing Chinese users often encounter significant drawbacks.

Machine noise level for this class is average, closer to the low. Inverter motor makes it uniform, so the work of the unit at night or during daytime sleep does not prevent users. Many competing models noisy eg Bosch SPV 40E10 produces 52 dB.

Control Panel dishwashers Siemens

Adjusting the sound indication of power allows you to set it as the maximum volume so as not to miss the end of the wash, and at a minimum, so that the machine does not wake a person at night

The mechanical system of protection against opening will ensure the safety of young children, when the dishwasher is running.

Identified negative moments during operation

Lack of drying mode can not completely remove the moisture, when the dishes are individual droplets. Cutlery and dishes machine usually dries well, but the cups, glasses and a bowl - not always.

Drops of water on the dishes after drying

Many users report that compared to competitors, Siemens SR64E003RU bad dries the dishes. Coupled with the lack of a separate drying mode it creates some inconvenience

Acquisition model is minimal. The absence of any specific baskets or holders, as it has many competitors.

No point laser (beam) which indicates the end of work.

There is one feature of sound indication - in Eco mode, the signal comes, and after washing and after drying, as in all others - only after full completion of the work. This creates confusion.

The lack of intensive cleaning regime with the achievement of 70-degree temperatures, such as the model Hotpoint-Ariston LSTF 9M117C, does not allow a well to wash the stale fat and other complex pollutants.

Overview competing models

Consider the competing offers of the market, against which the merits of the shortcomings model become apparent. As objects for comparison, take the narrow dishwashing machines are designed for full integration in the kitchen sets. They have approximately equal size, but differ in functionality.

Competitor # 1: BEKO DIS 26010

Turkish manufacture products intended for processing 10 sets of dishes, for which it would require 11 liters of water. In the hour of washing machines consumes 0.83 kW. The measured noise level when passing the duty cycle was 49 dB. Leak arranged complete integrated protection.

Model BEKO DIS 26010 has six programs. In addition to normal operation, performs gentle, intensive and fast cleaning. It makes the preliminary soaking, provided the cleansing of utensils at half load hopper. There is a device for determining the degree of water purity.

Managed dishwasher electronic device. To keep track of data and milestones set display. Thanks to the timer activation unit can be delayed by 1... 24 h. Lock from children's hands there.

Competitor # 2: Indesit DISR 57H96 Z

The hopper cars with Italian logo placed 10 sets of soiled dishes for dinner. For its processing model will need only 9 liters of water. In the hour of the unit consumes 0.74 kWh of energy, noise during operation at 46 dB. This is one of the most economical and quiet options.

Dishwasher Indesit DISR 57H96 Z proposes to use seven different programs. Washes in normal, careful and fast mode. Run the model can be loaded with a half-tank, the spent half the normal amount of water, energy and detergent chemistry.

Controlled by electronics built into the display for monitoring data about the past stage and operating parameters. Using a timer, it is possible to postpone the launch on 1... 12 hours. Specific feature is the system of the sanitary ware and child processing availability drying disinfectant. The downside is the lack of blocking at the hands of the younger generation of the curious.

Competitor # 3: Korting KDI 4540

The product of the German company pomoet one session 9 sets, with 9 l of water used up. To work in an hour it would require 0.69 kW. Parameters from the measured noise level is 49 dB. The model is also economical, as the previous representative, but a little more noisy.

Dishwasher Korting KDI 4540 offers potential owners of five programs, washes dishes in a standard, economical, rapid and intensive mode. The tank can be downloaded by half, to spend treatment of dishes. When using said water discharge mode, energy and detergent compositions is also halved.

electronic push-button type control. a display for transfer of the start, via which it is possible to postpone the activation of 3... 9 h. No system, locking control to prevent small part of researchers in the process of programming and operation of the machine.

dishwasher presented in the compilation produced condensation drying. Those. treated with them objects and devices from the walls of water to complete the cleaning just to drain. Models with a similar drying initially cheaper and require less expenditure during operation than the machine turbosushkoy.

The best offers on the market

Dishwasher SR64E003RU is a quality machine with a good build and a small number of functions. But as a rule, most people use only 1-2 modes. Therefore, this model has earned good reviews and is quite popular among buyers and sellers.

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