Installing the Siemens Dishwasher (Siemens)

What is the peculiarity of the installation of the Siemens dishwasher, how to connect all communications correctly, we will tell in the article. Acquiring a dishwasher in the kitchen, the buyer first of all draws attention to the technical characteristics and functionality, but no less important and the correct installation. With the difficulties of connection, they are faced after purchasing and transporting - read the instructions to do everything right.

Stylish full-size Siemens dishwasher for installation in the kitchen

Content of the material:

  • 1Selecting an installation location
  • 2Selection of components
  • 3How to install MMP

Selecting an installation location

The type of dishwasher determines where the equipment will be mounted. The built-in model can be installed in furniture (wardrobe, niche). For her in advance provides a place in the custom-made headset. If you want to integrate the technique into the finished kitchen, for example, Ikea - it's quite problematic, but possible.How to install a built-in dishwasher, read the article.

The option of installing the Siemens dishwasher in a large kitchen set

A stand-alone PMO can be placed in any free angle. The main thing is to take into account the proximity of communications. The compact model is perfectly placed on the table or under the sink. That's what the master recommends when installing the Siemens dishwasher:

  1. The place for a built-in PMM should be 1-2 cm wider than its housing. Make independent measurements, the characteristics in the instructions are not always accurate.
  2. Solve problems with sex. If the surface is uneven, you need to align it or prepare a special stand. Machines "Siemens" are sensitive to slopes, even a few degrees. For this reason, there may be problems with draining and water intake.Adjusting the inclination of the Siemens dishwasher during installation to avoid skewing
  3. Consider the fastening of the elements and the facade part. Install a metal sheet that will protect the countertop from the steam. Usually it goes in the kit.

Important! To avoid additional waste, sewer pipes, choose a place near the sink.

Selection of components

Details and tools for the Siemens dishwasher are basically the same as other brands. There are some features:

  1. The hose "Aquastop". Not all machines are equipped with protection against leaks. Therefore, you can purchase it separately. Give preference to the original details of Siemens or Bosch. Although the latter are not always appropriate.Corded corrugated hose for connecting a Siemens dishwasher
  2. Pouring and filling hoses often go short. If you do not have enough of their length to connect, it's best not to use extension cords. Also, buy Siemens brand elements that will fit your model 100%.

The attachments and connections of the Siemens dishwasher are rather unusual. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that you will have to purchase parts or adjust the system for connection.

What will be required:

  • T-piece (brass or bronze) with a stopcock;
  • flow filter;
  • siphon for two bends;
  • clamps, gaskets;
  • tape for waterproofing;
  • two hoses.

In the operating instructions, additional accessories can be indicated:

  1. Stabilizer of pressure. This is a special valve that will protect the equipment from pressure drops, water hammers and other troubles.
  2. Network stabilizer. For powerful devices, it is recommendedautomatizewhich will protect the electronic component from breakage as a result of the voltage jump.For the trouble-free operation of the dishwasher, a voltage regulator
  3. Set of tap and hose forconnection to hot water.

Having prepared everything you need, you can start installing the dishwasher.

How to install MMP

Before you start connecting the communications, prepare an electrical network. Such a powerful technique is not allowed to be included in an ordinary outlet. It must be separate, moisture-proof, European standard and must be grounded.

When installing the Siemens dishwasher, a grounded outlet

If your network is not ready, then you should conduct a three-wire wire to the installation site. The socket is connected via a differential automat and stabilizer.

Since the power cords for the dishwashers are short, place the outlet at a level of 45-50 cm from the floor.

Once the work with electricity is completed, proceed to the organization of the sink. You can connect in two ways:

  • through siphon;
  • through the sewage system.

Through the siphon it is more reliable, besides you can connect a drain from the washing machine. Sequence of work:

  • install a siphon with two leads under the sink;
  • fix the foamed tape against the thread to seal the connection;
  • connect the end of the drain hose to the outlet, the other end to the dishwasher.

The option of connecting the Siemens dishwasher to the sewage system via a siphon

It remains to connect the PMM "Siemens" to the water supply:

  • Remove the hose from the mixer from the water pipe;
  • screw on this place a brass tee with a tap;
  • Connect a mixer to one of the outputs;
  • to another - the flow filter, and then the protection of "Aquastop
  • Thread the end of its hose to the thread of the inlet valve PMM.

Correct connection of the Siemens dishwasher to the water supply when installing

The work is finished. Connect the dishwasher to the mains and perform a test run. If the machine runs normally on startup, does not leak, and does not produce errors, then you did it right. Finally, hang the facade door to hide the technique in the headset.

Do not forget to clean the flow filter every six months.

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