Review of dishwashers Elenberg (Elenberg): specifications, reviews

Are you interested in the Elenberg dishwasher? We bring to your attention a detailed overview: information about the trademark, description of popular models and user reviews.

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About company

The trademark Elenberg entered the Russian market (as well as the markets of the CIS countries) more than 10 years ago. By the beginning of 2006, the products of this brand could be found on the shelves of more than , 00 stores.

The firm is registered in the UK, but the main production facilities are located in Korea and China. The company adapts to the needs of customers, creating affordable and functional dishwashers, as well as other household appliances and electronics. For today in assortment "Elenberg" it is possible to meet more than 300 names.

Review of dishwashers Elenberg (Elenberg): specifications, reviews

Dishwashers in Russia are represented by several models, but they deserve the attention of both an inexperienced and demanding buyer.

Review of the Elmberg PMM

The firm offers both compact and full-size models of a detached or embedded type.

Elenberg DW-500

Compact machine with dimensions 57х45х50 cm (width, depth and height, respectively). Classes for cleaning and drying - S.

Review of dishwashers Elenberg (Elenberg): specifications, reviews

Important! Experts recommend buying machines with the highest class of washing and drying - A. Those who use cars of lower grades report: they do not wash dishes with complex contaminants, and after drying, there are droplets of water. The choice is yours.

Review of dishwashers Elenberg (Elenberg): specifications, reviews

The capacity of the bunker is 5 sets of dishes. Water is consumed with a calculation of 13 liters per wash cycle. The functional is limited to three main programs.

The PMM housing is white, the products are warranted for 12 months. Country of origin: China.

Elena, Moscow

Despite the low washing class, the machine copes with its tasks for 10 out of 10 points. Not enough programs, but for such money is quite an acceptable option for a small kitchen, like me. Pleased with the instruction in Russian, correctly translated, without the typical Chinese blunders. Take it, you will not regret it.

Elenberg DW-9325

Outdoor dishwasher, designed for 8 tableware sets. All classes (washing, drying and energy efficiency) are B. The control is electronic, but there is no display in the design. The water consumption per wash cycle is 13 liters. Power consumption per wash - 8 kW / h.

Review of dishwashers Elenberg (Elenberg): specifications, reviews

Functionality: 7 programs. Condensing drying is provided. There is an indication of the rinse aid and the regenerating salt. At the same time, the manufacturer did not foresee such moments:

  • no water turbidity sensor;
  • there is no automatic setting of water hardness;
  • there is no sound signal at the end of the program;
  • It is not envisaged to use the universal means "3-in-1".

In favor of the reliability of the structure said bunker, the inner surface of which is made of stainless steel. Color of the case white, overall dimensions: 4, х45х82 cm (WxDxH). A device that softens the water is installed.

Ilya, Voronezh

Extremely dissatisfied with the instructions to the dishwasher. It seemed to me that it was written by some Soviet engineers in the Design Bureau in the 60s, and those who wrote this manual did not even see the typewriter in the face. Up to some it was necessary to think out independently, because half of the options are not described. And drawings of a schematic type generally amused. Is it reallyThe XXI century is so difficult to describe your product normally? Dissatisfied. The machine washes normally.

Elenberg DW-610

Another compact model with a non-standard design of the desktop type. The tank capacity is 4 sets of dishes. Classes of washing and energy efficiency - B, drying class - S. The display, as in previous models, is missing.

Review of dishwashers Elenberg (Elenberg): specifications, reviews

Information about technical characteristics:

  • water consumption per wash cycle - 10 liters;
  • electricity consumption - 5 kW / h.
  • 3 programs, among which are intensive and fast regimes;
  • 3 temperature modes;
  • drying condensing type.

Indication of salt and rinse aid is not provided. Color of the case white, overall dimensions of the case: 57х48х4, cm (WxDxH). The weight of the model is only 2, kg.

Anton, Tula

Literally in half a year repair was necessary - the error e2 has jumped out, and that I only did not remove it could not. I had to throw money at the master and the details. In the rest, I like the fact that it fit on the table and does not occupy a place, but the breakdown has spoiled the whole impression.

Elenberg DW-9213

This is a full-size PMM of a detached type, dimensions 58x60x85 cm, weight - 43 kg. The capacity of 14 sets is supplemented by the highest class of energy efficiency - A, and the highest class of drying - A. Slightly disappointed quality of washing class B. The design provides an LCD display.

Review of dishwashers Elenberg (Elenberg): specifications, reviews

Large capacity and productivity also require high costs. So, this machine consumes 16 liters of water in one washing cycle. The power of the dishwasher is 1050 W.

Functionality provides for 7 programs. Other features are as follows:

  • there is an indication of the rinse aid and salt;
  • inside the bunker is made of stainless steel;
  • The design is complemented by a filter and a system that softens hard water.

Olga, Kiev

Whatever they say, the model is excellent! Especially against the background of expensive and famous brands. I am one of those people who never overpay for the "stub of an apple" and at the same time choose an excellent technique. So I was lucky with the dishwasher. It is quite cool, with a bunch of programs, inexpensive and at the same time reliable. We have been using a large family for almost 5 years. For all the time, a capacitor has been changed, and the husband has managed himself, without the help of masters. In the quality of the powder we use the cheapest, and we take the most common food grade salt - at the same time the stiffness regulator is at the maximum flow rate. Very economical and productive machine.

Elenberg DW-9001

A narrow stationary PMM, designed for 8 sets. All classes are B, there is no display. Spends 13 liters per wash cycle. The power of the machine is 880 W. There are 7 programs and condensation-type drying. Other features:

  • indication of salt and rinse aid;
  • inside the bunker is made of stainless steel;
  • Compact dimensions: 45х58х85 cm (WxDxH);
  • weight - 38 kg;
  • regulation of the completion time of washing;
  • a device that softens water.

Review of dishwashers Elenberg (Elenberg): specifications, reviews

Stepan, Moscow

Main plus: PRICE. In the typewriter there is almost nothing to break, it is like from the USSR - nothing superfluous, so complete trouble-free operation and uninterrupted operation. Washes and dries every day - do you need something else? And as for the shortcomings, well, does it make sense to look for them in the technique for 5 thousand? Well, yes, it makes noise, and for 10 years of use plastic has become yellow, but, comrades, 10 years! No Boshi will work that much. For all the years, the overheating sensor burned once. Vtemyashil on it with a hammer, and it all worked. Any grandmother's kazanoks and frying pans wash to shine, and plates and glasses - this is for her one tooth. I am happy as an elephant.

Elenberg DW-9326

This dishwasher refers to fully embedded models. The case of a narrow type, all classes - V. Electronic control without display. The water consumption is 13 liters. Programs - 7 pieces. There is protection against leaks and bulbs of the condition of the compartments with salt and rinse aid.

The overall dimensions are 4, х54х82 cm (WxDxH).

Elenberg DW-9205

A narrow PMM equipped with a water softener and a filter. Separate construction, a tank for 8 tableware sets. All classes are B. Electronic control with display. Water is consumed at a rate of 13 liters per cycle. Power - 880 watts. Functional: 7 modes and condensation drying.

Review of dishwashers Elenberg (Elenberg): specifications, reviews

There is an indication, the bunker is made of stainless steel, the color of the case is white. Dimensions: 45х58х85 cm (width, depth and height), weight - 38 kg.

Theme, Kazan

The dishwasher perfectly washes not only glass, but also crystal and even small thermoses. It is better not to use immediately 2 times in a row, because it will be buggy - I have it rising dead and at the same time. If you include one mode, without repeating, this is not. In the repair to carry until reluctance. We use the fourth year. For 8 thousand rubles - this is the best that you can find, it paid for itself.

The result.Technical characteristics of PMM Elenberg are not impressive, but user reviews almost unanimously suggest that cheap is not bad. Perhaps, just the absence of "bells and whistles" makes these machines reliable and durable.

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