What is the height of the dishwasher?

Why do you need to know the height of the dishwasher? The answer to this question is extremely simple: knowing the dimensions of the built-in dishwasher, you can order a kitchen set of certain dimensions. If it is a stationary PMM, information about its height is also important for a harmonious arrangement in the kitchen space.

We decided to devote this review to such a dishwasher parameter as the height, because the dimensions are not unified and can differ not by 1-2 cm, but much more. Next, we will look at the various types of dishwashers that will facilitate your choice and further installation of the kitchen technique.

Precise dimensioning plays an important role in the installation of the dishwasher

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  • 1High dishwashers
    • 1.1Which dishwasher is the highest
    • 1.2From 88 to 90 cm: original offer from Smeg
  • 2Compact dishwashers

High dishwashers

All PMMs from 61 to 85 cm are high. This applies to both built-in and stand-alone equipment. As practice shows, models with the possibility of full integration into a couple of cm are lower than stationary ones, which is easy to explain by the lack of a top cover in the design - instead of it the machine is covered counter top.

Often, users make a total mistake, not taking into account the height of the dishwasher when buying. Taking a high stand-alone machine, you can most likely take it back to the store: there is a risk that the equipment will not stand under the countertop. This problem will not affect you if the choice falls on the model with a removable cover - but this adjustment is not provided in all dishwashers.

Incorrect choice of CMM height

In order not to fall into such a situation and immediately pick up the necessary dimensions of the PMM, including taking into account the height, you need not a "lottery ticket but a cold calculation.

Let's start with models whose height is 61-70 cm.Unfortunately, the home appliance market in the Russian Federation does not offer machines with the specified height. We can mark only one model, which went on sale earlier (perhaps you will find it in some outlets or order from abroad). This is AEG F 84980 VI German made.

Its difference in width is 8 cm (whereas the usual widths usually vary in the range from 45 to 60 cm). Depth 5, cm, and the height is only 6, cm. The bunker accommodates up to 12 sets of dishes, the machine has a low noise level at work (46 dB) and there is a turbo-dryer. With such non-standard dimensions, this is a fully built-in model.

AEG F 84980 - non-standard but fully integrated model

Let us pass to models whose height is from 70 to 80 cm.Up to 75 cm in our stores there is nothing, but up to 80 can be found. If in 2016 there were no such models on the domestic market, then today they are present, although only from the German company Miele. There are not so many models, so let's enumerate all:

  • Miele G 4203 SC Active CLST. Dimensions of stationary PMM (WxDxH): 60x60x80 cm, cost - from 4, 00 rubles. Capacity - 14 sets, energy efficiency class - A +, noise - 46 dB, turbosupply.
  • Miele G 4263 Vi Active, fully integrated. Dimensions: 60x57x80 cm (WxDxH), the price is 56 900 rubles. The hopper accommodates up to 13 dishes sets, energy consumption class - A +, noise - 46 dB, drying "Turbo".
  • Miele G 4263 SCVi Active (14 sets, full embedding), 60h57h80 cm. The price from the official website of Miele in Russia is 5, 90 rubles.
  • Miele G 4203 SC Active BRWS - stationary model with similar characteristics, dimensions 60x60x80 cm (WxDxH). It costs from 39 900 to 49 190 rubles.
  • Miele G 4203 SCi Active BRWS is a machine with a partial embedding in a headset, 80 cm high. 59 900 rubles.
  • Miele G 4203 i Active BRWS - floor partially built-in PMM (WxDxH - 60x57x80 cm). Bunker for 13 sets, 5 modes, turbo-drying, the price is from 56 900 rubles.

A range of various models of dishwashers Miele

Dishwashers, whose height is from 80 to 85 cm, is produced most of all.Therefore, it will not be difficult to make a choice - both among stationary and embedded PMMs. Examples:

  • Electrolux ESL 94200 LO is a narrow fully integrated dishwasher in the kitchen, with a width of 45 cm and a height of 82 cm. Capacity 9 sets, all classes - A, noise - 51 dB. The price is 17 190 rubles.

Examples of dishwashers with a height of 80 to 85 cm

  • Bosch SPV 40X80 is a narrow narrow PMM with a depth of 55 cm and a height of 82 cm. With a similar capacity, like Electollux, for 9 sets, a quieter operation is provided - 48 dB. The price is 21 300 rubles.

Narrow floor silent model Bosch SPV 40X80

  • Hansa ZWM 416 WH is a stationary, narrow 85 cm model. Holds up to 9 cookware sets, A ++ energy efficiency class. Prices start at 14 170 rubles.

Stationary narrow Hansa ZWM 416 WH model of energy efficiency class A ++

  • Gorenje GV 51011 - novelty in the market of home appliances at an affordable price of 15 286 rubles. Washing tank is designed for 9 sets, power consumption A ++, dimensions: 4, x55x8, cm.

Gorenje GV 51011 - novelty at an affordable price

  • BEKO DIS 15010 - this machine you can buy for 13 796 rubles. Dimensions: 45x55x82 cm (WxDxH). The tank holds 10 sets, has an energy class A +.

Available option BEKO DIS 15010 for 10 sets of dishes

  • Indesit DSR 15B3 - narrow detached dishwasher, which can hold up to 10 sets, measures: 45x60x85 cm (WxDxH). All classes - A, 5 programs. The price: 15 702 rubles.

Narrow Individed Indosit DSR 15B3 PMM with 5 Wash Programs

Important! You might have noticed that 83 cm cars were not included in the rating. There are such models, but they are not on sale: Hotpoint-Ariston LFS 215 A X, Midea WQP8-7310C, BEKO DSS 1311 XP and others.

What is the height of the dishwasher?

Which dishwasher is the highest

The highest typewriters are from 86 to 91 cm. So, models on 86 cm, as a rule, belong to the class of "Premium". Their price can be from 90 000 to 170 000 rubles. The parameters of such dishwashers are impressive.

Some vivid examples:

  • Asko D 5896 XXL - full-size machine for 16 sets, energy efficiency class A ++, 13 programs, Turbo-drying. The cost is 139 900 rubles.

Asko D 5896 XXL - one of the highest PMMs

  • Asko D 5894 XXL FI - this model can be purchased for 106 900 rubles. The washing tank is designed for 17 sets, 16 programs and drying "Turbo" are provided.

Asko D 5894 XXL FI with a washing tank for 17 sets of dishes and turbo-drying

  • Smeg STLA865A - fully integrated machine for 13 sets of dishes, with 5 programs and 5 temperature modes. The price is 8, 90 rubles.

Completely-priced machine Smeg STLA865A with 5 modes of heating and 5 programs

  • Kuppersbusch IGS 6908.0 GE - 14 sets, all classes A, 9 programs, 7 temperature modes. Dimensions (WxDxH): 5, x57x86 cm. The cost is 61 755 rubles.

Kuppersbusch IGS 6908.0 GE is programmed for 7 heating modes

The machines, whose height is 87 cm, are represented by NEFF, Kuppersbusch, Gaggenau, Bosch, Imperial, FRANKE, Siemens. But only some of them are on sale in the domestic market: NEFF S523I60X0R (from 6, 00 rubles), Kuppersbusch IGVS 6509.3 (from 137 655 rubles), Kuppersbusch IGVS 6609.3 (160 650 rubles).

Kuppersbusch IGVS 6509.3 has optimal performance at a reasonable price

Of those rare cases when the height is 91 cm, it is worth mentioning the model Kuppersbusch IGS 6908.1 GE - this is a full-size machine with the possibility of a partial installation in the kitchen set, designed for 14 sets and having 9 programs and 7 temperature modes. Refers to the average price category - 76 650 rubles.

From 88 to 90 cm: original offer from Smeg

Quite interesting models are offered in this range from the trademark "SMEG". These dishwashers are unique in their design and executed in retro style. All the presented models belong to the Premium class technology, therefore their cost is around 100 000 rubles.

Models worthy of attention:

  • Smeg BLV2R-2. Energy efficiency class - A +++ (highest), height - 8, see The cost is 100 490 rubles.

Smeg BLV2AZ has a graceful design with wide functionality

  • Smeg BLV2AZ-2. 15 sets, 9 programs, drying Turbo, height - 89 cm, price - 97 190 rubles.

The Smeg BLV2AZ has a height of 89 cm and turbo-drying

  • Smeg BLV2X-2. The tank for 13 sets, the highest energy consumption class A +++, the minimum noise is 42 dB, the height is 8, The price of this "silvery beauty" is 107 790 rubles.

SMEG SMMs not only have full functionality, but also become an ornament of the interior

Important! In the model range of similar MMP from SMEG you will find not just a multifunctional model, but also a real interior decoration. "SMEG" machines are produced in bright colors: cream, orange, pink, brown, black, gray, lemon, lilac and others.

PMM SMG are produced in bright colors

Compact dishwashers

What is the minimum and standard height of compact PMMs? Such cars are usually bought by people living alone, or small families of 2-3 people. Also, this technique will be relevant in a small kitchen of 5-6 square meters. Often such electrical appliances are installed not even on the table, but under the sink. Just in the latter case, the height of the hull is of great importance - after all, not only the dishwasher, but also the siphon and other communications should fit into the space under the sink.

The height of small dishwashers can vary from 4 to 60 cm. The lowest model (4, cm) is the Whirlpool ADG 1900, but its release is suspended, whether due to low demand, or for other objective reasons. The remaining models are slightly higher. For example, Flavia CI 55 HAVANA (dimensions WxDxH - 55h50h4, cm). The bunker accommodates up to 6 sets, programs - 7 pieces, noise - 52 dB. Pleases an acceptable cost of 14 254 rubles.

Flavia CI 55 HAVANA - portable PMM with an acceptable price

Models from 44 to 45 cm a lot. They are produced under brands such as Indesit, Candy, Electrolux, Ariston, Korting or Bosch. Much smaller machines, the body of which reaches 46-49 cm. Usually these are products of such untapped brands as Mabe, Elenberg, Beltratto, Foster or Baumatic.

Higher designs (from 50 cm to 55 cm) - a rare phenomenon in the market. Such machines as POWERFUL PWA-2195S, NEFF S66M64N3, Ardo ME 5661 meet these parameters, but are not available for sale.

Fact! PMM 56-57 cm on the market at the moment are not represented - perhaps, they simply do not produce even abroad.

It is worth paying attention to one non-standard dishwasher - Smeg STO905-1. It is difficult to attribute to any type, because of the dimensions (WxDxH) 8, x55x5, cm. This is the same rare model as was considered at the beginning of the review of the PMM from the concern Electrolux. The cost of equipment also a little scares the buyers: 100 390 rubles.

A rare and non-standard model of Smeg STO905-1

Among the options with a height of 60 cm, most often there are built-in constructions from such brands as Bosch, Ginzzu, NEFF and Siemens. The sale is really only two offers: it's Bosch SCE 52M55 for 4, 15 rubles (built-in) and Ginzzu DC281 for 1, 95 rubles (separately).

The most common models of PMM are 60 cm high.

If you are interested in cars with a height of 30 or 65 cm, you will not find them - it simply can not be such because of the structural features of the technique.

We sum up.The height of the dishwasher can range from 44 to 91 cm. But, chasing the saving of space, do not forget that a modest body can not always accommodate enough dishes. Sometimes it's easier to take a bigger model and tinker with its installation, than to regret the low performance of technology.

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