What is the most reliable dishwasher

The acquisition of a dishwasher is a serious step that requires an informed decision. To find a suitable model, you need to study a lot of information, interview other users, bypass stores. We offer to reduce preparation for purchase with our review a little: you will learn what a reliable dishwasher should be and what criteria to rely on when choosing it.

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Looking for the most reliable car, users start with a study of MMP parameters. Reliability is not just a characteristic, but a combination of a number of factors, such as build quality and component parts, brand credibility, cost, and user feedback.

Important! Reliability is also determined by the frequency of treatment of dishwasher owners in service centers.

Consider each factor separately, so that you can form an opinion about what a reliable dishwasher is.

Parts Material

The first thing you should pay attention to. Internal details are easy to see for yourself with the naked eye and even touch it. The most reliable models are equipped with baskets and containers of stainless steel, and not from painted metal or plastic. Plastic parts are only allowed for ease of use or aesthetics.

Assembly - the country and quality

The most reliable household appliances come to us from two European countries - Germany and Italy. In this connection, users more often choose PMM of such brands as Bosch, Siemens( Germany), Electrolux( Sweden).

Note! Spanish and Swedish dishwashers are often not inferior in quality to German and Italian counterparts.


The model from the class "Premium" is much more likely to be considered reliable than the machine from the "Economy Class".Premium cars are assembled exclusively from high quality parts.

Unfortunately, after the rapid growth of the exchange rate, the European technology in Russia has risen by at least twice. Therefore, in order to buy really reliable equipment, you now have to pay at least 57,000 rubles.

According to statistics, not all buyers are willing to pay more, even if the manufacturer guarantees the highest quality products. Therefore, the lion’s share of Russians choose PMM from the middle price segment. Unfortunately, in such a technique the quality of parts is lower, reliability is a big question.

Fact! This review is about the most reliable models. Among the options from the middle price category come across quite decent cars that will work for 10 years, if you're lucky. But 100% talk about the quality of these options, we do not undertake.

The degree of protection

It is not even about the fact that such a system should be - in a reliable machine, its presence is mandatory, but about its quality. This should be a full type of magnetic protection, such as Aquastop or Waterproof.

German dishwashers: the notorious quality

Germany - the number 1 supplier of the highest quality dishwashers, washing machines and other equipment. What are the leading brands?

  1. The absolute leader in sales of PMM in Russia is the Bosch concern. Buyers can choose a model from both high and medium price range. But be careful - read the label, because often the production made outside of Germany. Polish, Italian and even Bosch dishwashers are supplied to our stores. Remember that the most reliable technology collected in Germany.

  1. Siemens is the second best-known brand that users love for the combination of reasonable prices and stylish design.

For reference! PMM Bosch and Siemens are products of one concern.

  1. AEG - the leader in sales of household appliances in Europe. This large company has earned recognition for the high quality of its products. In the Russian Federation dishwasher of this brand can be found on the market, but often the price is hampered by the purchase.

  1. Another famous company that offers premium-class appliances is Miele. All cars of this brand, before going on sale, are fully tested for quality of operation. Only after multiple tests and confirmation of performance, the technician is sent for sale. This is reflected in the price.

Fact! Researchers from the UK reported that only 6% of the total number of owners of German-made equipment applied for the services of a master. The most frequent breakdowns, according to testing, occur with the Indesit brand.

Every 8th user of a Bosch, Siemens or Mile dishwasher from a company himself advises buying other appliances of this particular brand. Of course, no equipment is insured against breakage, and because of the hardness of the water, heaters can quickly fail. In any case, replacing the heating element is cheaper than buying a new dishwasher every few years.

Rating dishwashers

What models from German manufacturers can be attributed to the most durable and high quality? Our rating includes such dishwashers.

Miele G 6620 SCi

Full-size PMM with the possibility of incomplete embedding( machine with an open control panel).Accommodates 13 sets of dishes. Differs in today's maximum energy efficiency class: A +++.Classes of washing and drying are higher: A. The design is complemented by a convenient display, protection against accidental pressing is also provided( parental control function, which blocks the panel from the interference of children).

Water consumption per wash cycle is 9.7 liters. In total, there are 6 programs, among which are “Normal”, “Intensive”, “Fast”, “Delicate” and auto programs. Also, the functionality is provided thanks to 5 variants of temperature regimes. To save resources and time, a half load PMM mode is provided.

Other features:

  • ability to delay start up to 24 hours;
  • full type of leak protection;
  • indicators of salt and rinse aid;
  • panel cover, preventing the appearance of fingerprints( fingerprints);
  • the inside of the bunker is made of high quality stainless steel;
  • dish container is height adjustable;
  • included such accessories for the dishwasher: cutlery tray and holder of wine glasses;
  • drying with AutoOpen;
  • optional SensorDry drying sensor.

At a cost of 129,900 rubles( according to YandexMarket), this pretty silver model lacks two important functions: the ability to use 3-in-1 or 7-in-1 capsules or tablets and automatic water hardness setting.

AEG FSR 83800 P

Another full-size machine, representing the built-in dishwasher from the company "AEG".Holds 13 dish sets, washing and drying classes - A. Convenience of operation is provided by the presence of the display. We note the following characteristics:

  • water consumption per cycle - 11 liters;
  • electric power consumption - 0.83 kW / h;
  • duration of the usual program - 232 minutes;
  • noise level of 42 dB.

Of the 8 modes, “Intensive”, “Express”, “Delicate”, “Economical” and “Soak” are especially useful. There are also 4 temperature modes. Condensation type drying is provided.


  • possibility of delaying the start for 24 hours;
  • full type of leak protection;
  • sensor "turbidity";
  • the possibility of using tools of the universal type "3-in-1";
  • sound alert and time display on the floor;
  • indicator regenerating salt ;
  • rinse aid indicator;
  • the inside of the bunker - high-quality stainless steel;
  • container with height adjustment function;
  • accessories in the form of a tray for instruments and a holder of wine glasses;
  • night cycle;
  • extra-drying;
  • TimeSaver.

As in the Mila-Plastic Art Designer, in this dishwasher there is no possibility of automatic installation of water hardness, but its cost is more acceptable - about 83,000 rubles.

Bosch SMS 53N18

Free-standing full-size model for 13 sets with the highest classes of washing and drying. Energy efficiency class A. Electronic control is complemented by a display. Implemented parental control system. The design is equipped with a flow water heater. Water consumption with such capacity - 10 liters, energy - 0.93 kW / h. On average, the normal mode lasts 155 minutes. The average noise level( comfortable level) is 46 dB.

5 programs:

  • intensive;
  • express wash;
  • economical;
  • soaking;
  • auto.

Partial download available. Other features do not differ from the two previous participants of the rating. The only difference is that manufacturers have added "their" features, such as VarioSpeed ​​and DosageAssist. The market price does not exceed 60,000 rubles.

Since the model is very popular in Russia, we give you user reviews:

Igor, Krasnodar

A very quiet and reliable machine - I have almost 7 years. And not just worth it, but it works every day. I do not take 3-in-1 tablets, I have everything separately: powder, salt and rinse - so the washing quality is many times better. If it breaks, then I will look for the same or from this line.

Victoria, Moscow

The most common dishwasher did not find any special “frills” in it. The main thing is working. Once leaked, but the protection worked, my husband had to unwind, watch. Before that, too, was Bosch, worked for 16 years. I'm not sure that now the build quality is just as cool, and it’s not the German machine that came across to me, judging by the marking.

Siemens SN 678X50 TR

Fully built-in PMM, 60 cm wide, designed for 14 sets. Has the highest classes of washing and drying, energy efficiency class A. Relatively low noise operation( 43 dB).The panel is protected from the intervention of children. This PMM spends 10 liters of water per wash cycle.6 programs, 6 temperature modes, condensation drying, half load - “track record” of the German PMM.Features are the same as in the previous 3 models, but there are still such options:

  • night mode;
  • intensiveZone;
  • VarioSpeed ​​Plus;
  • HygienePlus;
  • iQdrive engine;
  • touch control;
  • drying Zeolite and others.

Average cost of LMP within 86,000 rubles.

Should I pay attention to other brands

We decided that our review is worth not only German dishwashers Bosch and Siemens, but also products from other manufacturers.

Important! We deliberately do not consider narrow 45 cm models, as we are sure that the compact arrangement of parts does not in the best way affect the reliability of equipment.

Electrolux ESL 97345 RO

New 2017 in the market of household appliances - Electrolux ESL 97345 RO.Spaciousness - 13 sets, the highest classes of drying and washing.

6 programs, 5 temperature modes, delayed start and full protection against leakage - excellent functionality.

Manufacturers have not provided for:

  • partial load;
  • parental control;
  • automatic installation of water hardness;
  • possibility of washing with universal capsules or tablets.

At the same time there is a convenient beam on the floor, baskets are made of good stainless steel. There is a holder of wine glasses and such useful options as XtraDry, Time manager and boot sensor. Additionally, a FlexiSpray sprinkler is provided.

Cost within 62,000 rubles.

Important! Inexpensive analogues from brands such as Indesit, Ariston and others, we will not consider in view of the above reasons.

Now you know what a reliable dishwasher is, by what parameters and criteria it is chosen. If reliability is important to you, you will have to pay extra for it. But if you buy really good equipment, she will thank you for years of uninterrupted service.

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