How to choose and install a dishwasher under the sink

Trying to save every square meter in the kitchen, we come up with new ways of placing equipment. If you want to create a functional room, but do not clutter up the space, install a dishwasher under the sink. Usually under the sink there is nothing but a siphon.

We will show you how to choose and build the equipment for convenient use.

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  • 1 Accommodation What dishwashers
  • 2 dishwasher select
    • 2.1 Electrolux ESF 2200 DW
    • 2.2 Bosch SKS50E32EU
    • 2.3 Flavia CI 55 HAVANA

Placement dishwasher

greatest advantage under the sink location - proximity communications. You do not have to lengthen the hoses, lay pipes. But the sink also needs to be prepared.

Want to achieve more space under the sink - install a smaller sink, as well as a special siphon.

We wrote about a siphon for the dishwasher in a separate article. It is desirable that his tube goes to the side and down, so there will be more space for equipment.

Why can not connect the PMM directly to the sewer? So you can do, but we do not recommend. When clogged, the siphon is much easier to clean than sewer pipes.

Connect the dishwasher drain hose to the siphon outlet. Connections can be stapled to avoid accidents. On the water pipe install tee with shut-off valve. Connect the mixer hose to one outlet, the filter and the machine’s intake hose to the other.

If the model is built-in, install fastenings on the walls of the cabinet, hang the facade. Connect the power cord to a waterproof, grounded outlet. It remains to make a test run without dishes. Pour the detergent into the compartment and install a program with a high temperature.

Watching the video, you will learn how to set up a dishwasher with your own hands:

What kind of dishwasher to choose

Among the PMM there are different models: full-size, narrow, compact. Everyone chooses, based on the free space that can be allocated for the installation of equipment. For embedding under the sink is perfect small compact model.

If there is enough free space on your tabletop, choose a small detached PMM( height 45-60 cm, width 50-55 cm, depth 50-55 cm).

If you need to somehow fit the dishwasher in a small kitchen, give preference to the embedded model, which is hidden behind the facade. Its dimensions: height 44-45 cm, width 55-60 cm, depth 50-55 cm.

Machines 30-40 cm high are almost impossible to find. Unless it will be modern technological innovations.

What to consider when choosing a compact machine:

  1. Capacity. Maximum load - 6 sets of dishes. It is believed that the small model consumes less water. This is true if you run one cycle per day. But if you need to wash more dishes, resource consumption will be the same as in the full-length or narrow model.
  2. Price, depending on the chosen brand. Indeed, the more promoted the brand PMM, the more expensive the car can cost, although the functions are almost the same. These are 5-6 basic programs, protection against leakage or children, several additional functions.
  3. Noise level. Compact dishwashers make little noise( around 45 dB), and if they are integrated into furniture, then you will not notice their work at all.

We will present you the most popular models, judging by consumer reviews. Today the market has a large selection of compact cars, but you will learn about the most interesting options.

Electrolux ESF 2200 DW

Freestanding PMM for 6 sets of dishes. Case dimensions: 55x50x44 cm. The electronic control panel without display will help you choose from 6 washing programs. Condensation drying does not expend energy to remove moisture from the instruments. The door automatically opens, and drying occurs due to air circulation.

Enclosure partially leak proof. Indicators of salt and rinse aid will indicate the end of the product. Users note that the model is economical, copes well with pollution.

Cost from 18 000 rubles.

Bosch SKS50E32EU

Free-standing dishwasher designed for 6 sets of dishes. Management with the display, there are 6 modes and additional function VarioSpeed. With its help, the devices wash faster, but the quality does not suffer, since the water pressure from the nozzles is quite strong.

It is possible to delay the start up to 24 hours. The purity sensor controls the rinsing quality, determining the turbidity of the water. The body is partially protected from leakage, its dimensions are 55.1x50x45 cm. The machine consumes 8 liters of water per cycle. The noise level is 48 dB.

Users like the quality of the car wash in a compact size. However, even the fast cycle lasts a long time.

Price from 26,000 rubles.

Flavia CI 55 HAVANA

The smallest and lowest model due to the installation method. Built-in PMM with dimensions of 55x50x43.8 cm. Despite its size, the bunker holds 6 sets. Energy class A +( 0.61 kW per hour).Water consumption is 7 liters per cycle.

Electronic panel with display.7 modes of washing, delayed start for 24 hours, a sound signal at the end of the program. Partial "Aquastop", an indication of salt and rinse.

Consumers note the convenience of installing Flavia, compactness. It is not very convenient to load the dishes. The quality of the washing level. Affordable cost.

Price from 14 000 rubles.

Now you know how to install equipment under the sink, and you can choose the appropriate model.

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