Dishwasher sizes

Dishwashers only at first glance seem to be single faced, more precisely two. .. Full-size and compact. Dishwasher sizes are limited by wide limits, there really is a reason to talk.

Dishwasher dimensions


dishwashers Differences that are not the same height are limited. Freestanding dishwashers receive with the release of dimensions:

  • 87x60x60 cm.

Not a dogma, there are some deviations. Narrow models reach 45 cm wide, there is a different alignment. Wish home giant, reaching a diameter of 80 cm. It turns out the right square when viewed from the front. Capacity will please.

Narrow models rarely allow you to load more than 9 sets of dishes, the maximum figure is 16. Recall that each set contains 11 items, between which there are three plates, a couple of cups, small things. Indicated the height of 87 cm, mentioned - not a dogma. Kitchen sets fluctuate, touch business of dimensions. True, the height of the scope is less. Let out bedside tables 87 cm high and to infinity. Which is enough arrogance of the manufacturer. In a good sense of the word( remember the joke).

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Standard full-size free-standing dishwashers are graded with a height of 85 - 87 cm, in addition are equipped with adjustable feet. It will allow the equipment to be adjusted to the size of the furniture, so that the picture looks beautiful and harmonious.

Incomplete list. Born by nature compact freestanding dishwashers. The height is 45–47 cm( feel the vibrations?) At an equivalent width / depth. There are models with a diameter of 60 cm or the same depth. Again, we see a full-fledged selection, it is necessary to scoff shops.

Compact models are different: they are placed, bypassing the floor, on the countertop. Communications will be visible. Compact equipment is lightweight. Modes are not so diverse, the price is no less large. Non-standard Bosch dishwashers cost 25,000 rubles.

Built-in dishwashers

Built-in dishwashers are made free-standing, compact / full-size with a height of 82/45 cm, respectively. There are models that are heavily out of line. Height 60 cm. We observe narrow models 45 cm wide, standard 60 cm. Depth varies between 45 and 60 cm.

Embedded models are called for a reason. Flexible adjustment to the size of the cabinet, under the dishwasher. Realizable with the help of adjustable legs, the spread is up to 6 cm. If measurements in the kitchen have shown: 85 cm instead of 82 fits under the counter, wait a little to look for an additional board to put the equipment. Just buy the product, build it. The first difference is gnawed!

Built-in dishwashers endowed with features:

  • Equipped with a decorative front panel to protect the countertop against steam. The door will constantly open, over time condensate will form, harmful to the tree. Door seals may not be completely leak tight.
  • The size of the facade for the dishwasher is flexibly adjusted by a hinged decorative panel. Decoration is mounted, closing the gap between the furniture. A special template is applied with the risks marking the desired position of the door, then the holes of the fastener are drilled in the pattern. Provides precise fit panel. Please note: after hanging the decorative element, the door should not spontaneously close-open from an arbitrary position. Special spring adjustment mechanisms are available.
  • Dishwasher for embedding is completed with special metal brackets. Fasteners are mounted when installed on the case, after placing the equipment firmly screwed to the furniture. To deal went without a hitch, the metal is durable, flexible. Allows you to easily adjust the brackets in place, securely fasten the product.
  • The adjustment of the legs of the built-in equipment is made by the front panel base. Horizonating is done after the housing is placed in the furniture compartment. A construction level is used. However, a rough adjustment is made manually. It is necessary to rotate each leg a certain number of times. Then the machine moves into place, carry out the specified regulation in the horizon. More often built three legs: two in front, one behind. Central screw cap - for the back.
  • The set often includes decorative items. Full-size dishwashers are not equipped with those, the compact ones are framed with an ornate frame. Allows the technician to completely merge with the surrounding furniture. Elements of decorative sense are simply inserted without glue, screws.
  • have been mentioned, let's say again. Most built-in machines are equipped with a wiring diagram, where a template for a frontal decorative panel is visible. The seller refuses to share a piece of paper - find another. If the model, the price like, let's go to the trick, look for electronic versions of instructions on the Internet. Print will be difficult due to the large size, you can glue together from several A4 formats. It is important to sustain the scale, otherwise the door will hang incorrectly.

Other sizes of dishwashers

The wiring diagram describes the built-in dishwasher, the dimensions of the compartment technological operations. Here you can find:

  • Lengths of hoses, cord in each direction of the dishwasher. Outputs are not necessarily central, left-right there will be differences in length.
  • The drawing lists the dimensions, the brand numbers of the additional parts - extension tubes of hoses, cords, adapters, brackets.
  • Rigid requirements are placed on the location of the drain connections. Given the maximum height of the drainage hose when installed on the floor.
  • The diameters, tolerances of the elements of the water supply are shown in the installation drawing.

We state that a file found in advance on the Internet is able to decide the choice in favor of an arbitrary model. You can see in advance the dimensions, the dimensions are different, even for models of the same manufacturer, - try to figure out whether you have to buy more. A living example: three meters to the sink, hose length 2.5 meters. Change the model? The drawing indicates: hoses increase. It is inexpensive. If the price of equipment like, why not order accessories from the manufacturer.

Cause sympathy product Bosch Siemens( consider relatives).We will always find a drawing on the website showing the dishwasher, minimum dimensions, tolerances, and embedding possibilities.

Dishwasher device

To master the installation situation, you should study how the dishwasher works. Technique resembles washing externally, from the inside does not at all resemble. As one participant of the thematic forum put it:

  • In a washing machine, laundry rotates around water, and in the dishwasher - water around the plates. The sprinkler spins around the axis. The jets are reflected at varying angles, overtaking the dirt in the farthest corners.

The fence goes through a hose equipped with protection against leakage. A distinguishable valve is visible at the end. You need to know: water refuses to go through some hoses in the disconnected state. Do not call a fault. First of all it concerns electromagnetic valves for which there is a wire inside the cord. This step provides protection against leakage in the event of a complete break, when the valve is completely out of touch with the dishwasher. Communication will be lost, the house will not flood.

Please note: other leakage protection cascades against total hose breakage do not protect. It seems doubtful that some experts say that the methodology is becoming obsolete. Let them first come up with a new replacement!

Inside the water is heated, fed to the beam of the working compartment. Placing dishes in the dishwasher, a separate topic of conversation. We mention, if one step is done incorrectly, the result of the cycle is rather unsatisfactory.

Waste water is drained by a drainage hose, a special pump, the power of which imposes a restriction on the maximum height of the suspension of the drain line.

In other words, deciding to buy Ariston, first examine the Ariston dishwasher device, installation instructions. Information, nuances will help to correctly carry out the installation of the size, technological steps. Otherwise, one may wonder for a long time why water does not come from a hose, on the contrary, not to understand - this is a sign of a malfunction.

Most leakage protection methods are disposable. If the water does not go through the hose, it means there was an unusable device in the kit. Whether it should or not depends on the design of the method of protection against leakage, which we will discuss. Today, the topic of dimensions and installation. See you on our website, where we are always looking for people who want to learn more about household appliances.

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