Built-in dishwashers Siemens 60cm: line characteristics

PMM - not the main product brand, but like everyone else, that the company produces, Dishwashing Machine Siemens 60 cm wide renowned for their quality, so they often prefer consumers.

In the line of dishwashers Siemens MMP with a width of 60 cm the body represented in large range. Each model has its own characteristics. In this article, we will understand what the dishwasher this category is better and why.

The content of the article:

  • Affecting the selection criteria
    • Point for dishwashing quality
    • The degree of reliability of the machine
    • Cost estimation of MMP
    • Select by number of functions
  • TOP-7 brand dishwashers 60 cm wide
    • Model # 1 - Siemens SN634X00KR
    • Model # 2 - Siemens SX736X03ME
    • Model # 3 - Siemens SN678X50TR
    • Model # 4 - Siemens SN656X00MR
    • Model # 5 - Siemens SN636X01KE
    • Model # 6 - Siemens SN614X00AR
    • Model # 7 - Siemens SK76M544
  • Features Siemens dishwashers settings
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Affecting the selection criteria

Consider what criteria in the selection are key. In assessing a particular sample we will proceed from the essential characteristics.

Point for dishwashing quality

Actually this technology and sold in order to have a good wash kitchen utensils and cutlery. If it does so bad, then the money spent on it is like wasted.

To assess the quality of the functioning of the equipment, there are two options: klassnost washing and drying.

With these data in Siemens's all right. The entire line of PMM refers to a class not lower than A, and the parameters of energy saving there are models and A ++.

Indicators of the real result from a strict control testing, they can be trusted unconditionally.

The degree of reliability of the machine

This characteristic is ambiguous, it has several components. Doubts about the reliability of the unit may occur if you are inside the basket for utensils made of plastic.

At Siemens, both inside and outside the only high-quality stainless steel.


In its capacity (6 sets) ergonomic SIEMENS SK 76M544 is ideal for a small family and small-sized kitchen. As the front door, and the inner surface is made entirely of stainless steel

On the reliability of evidence and the presence of such options as protection against leaks - in part or in full.

The right impression on this indicator can be formed and reviews on repair forums, as well as the frequency of visits by users of these machines service centers.

Cost estimation of MMP

For many, this is a decisive criterion. This is not entirely correct. Doubt should call as a very expensive model, and very cheap.

In the first case, there may be functions without which it is possible to do, and the second should be carefully examine the capabilities of the machine.

Container forks and spoons

This container for forks and spoons can be purchased separately. Its dimensions: height 120 mm without a handle, with the handle raised - 211 mm, width 225 mm, depth 142 mm

Discount to do and that the price is not always an indicator of quality, often pay for the brand. Here it should be noted that the producer in question does not abuse it though from damage not insured, and the most robust expensive models.

Select by number of functions

All PMM Siemens quite functional, there are both standard programs and additional options. The options for different products may vary.

The main thing is to determine what features and services offered by the manufacturer, are important to you. Spread the extra money for an option that will never be useful not worth it.

TOP-7 brand dishwashers 60 cm wide

Unit for automatic dishwashing in the house - it's convenience and savings. If you decide to buy PMM, approach the issue comprehensively. Rate car on all counts, this might help drawn our rating.

Model # 1 - Siemens SN634X00KR

It is fully built unit, related to a series of iQ300 - SpeedMatic. SpeedMatic latest technology enables efficient use of water for washing dishes.

Klassnost washing, drying and condensation corresponds to A, even at high wash rate which provides varioSpeed ​​option.

PMM Siemens SN634X00KR power consumption significantly reduces the presence of smooth power adjustment.

Sensors automatically set the best temperature and optimum water pressure indicators. This allows you to evenly disperse flows in the inner chamber.

The machine is equipped with extremely reliable inverter motor of the new development - iQdrive. The motor is very effective, works silently. There are water purity sensor.

Data sheet:

  • loading to the maximum - 13 sets;
  • water flow to perform one cycle - 11.7 l;
  • Dimensions in cm (W x D x B) - 59.8 x 55 x 81.5;
  • the number of basic programs - 4;
  • the number of additional options - 3;
  • color - display type;
  • management - electronic;
  • Safety - an absolute protection against leaks, Child, auto.

The upper and lower containers - spacious. Over the first boot is the third level, which is conveniently placed small cups, utensils, small utensils.

Plus model is the presence of the upper container devices. Thanks to this released in the lower tray. The presence indicating the presence of salt is also an obvious advantage.

In the arsenal of kitchen helpers are four main programs for washing:

  • at a temperature of 70 ° C - intensive;
  • 45 -65 ° C - automatic;
  • 50 ° C - one-hour;
  • fast.

In addition to the special features varioSpeed ​​this model is supplemented by two more - half of download and GigienaPlyus. The last option - a big advantage for families with allergies and small children.

Model # 2 - Siemens SX736X03ME

The cost of this multi-functional outdoor polnovstraivaemoy dishwasher rather big. Like the previous model, it has a reliable motor inverter with its own name iQdrive.


  • klassnost energy consumption - A ++;
  • klassnost drying - A;
  • klassnost washing - A;
  • need for water - 9.5 liters per cycle;
  • capacity - 14 sets;
  • WxDxH - 59.8 x 55 x 86.5 cm;
  • is - the presence of the display;
  • drying - condensation;
  • the number of programs - 6;
  • the number of additional options - 3;
  • Safety - Child protection from leaks.

Thanks to VarioSpeed ​​Plus mode, washing is faster by three times. Over the course of the program allows you to monitor the blue Infolight beam indicator. On completion of the circle audible alerts.

To wash heavily soiled dishes exist as an intensive program, and the express option (fast cycle). Lightly soiled dishes wash kits in economy mode.

For delicate cooking utensils is "delicate" program. Equipped with a machine and automatic programs, optional pre-soaking. Missing in this model boot mode to ½ volume.

Complete unit and timer delay start - 1 - 24 hours. Have clean water probe.

The working chamber is made of stainless steel and equipped with internal illumination, the basket with the possibility of height adjustment. Add-ons are holders for glasses, a container for kitchen appliances.

Model # 3 - Siemens SN678X50TR

The cost of this unit is fairly high, although the equipment at the highest level. Dishwasher worth paid money for it.


  • klassnost Energy - A;
  • klassnost washing and drying - A;
  • the presence of the screen - there is;
  • the type of control - electronic;
  • Consumption - 10 liters of water per cycle;
  • the number of programs - 8;
  • dimensions - 60x55x82 cm;
  • Security - protection of children, aquaStop system.

Condensing machine has a drying function, half-boot option, the ability to run on schedule. There is a degree of water pollution indicator, "Ray on the floor". The water temperature on the pitch - a maximum of 60 degrees.

Model # 4 - Siemens SN656X00MR

This model is available PMM not every potential buyer due to its high price tag.

Like other models in the Siemens SN656X00MR quiet, powerful, reliable brushless motor iQdrive. Its main advantage - low power consumption.

Roomy tank is designed for downloading up to 14 sets of cutlery. Accessories such as additional basket clamps for small kitchen items, nozzle trays, retainer for non-standard dishes can be purchased separately.


  • klassnost energy - A +;
  • Sink - A;
  • condensation drying - A;
  • places - 14 cpl .;
  • management - electronic;
  • There - Display presence;
  • flow rate - 9.5 liters of water;
  • the number of programs - 6;
  • size - 59.8 x 55 x 81.5 cm;
  • security options - an absolute protection against leaks from children.

In addition to standard and special programs there are additional options, like loading sensor, intensiveZone, Hygiene Plus, VarioSpeed ​​Plus, Touch Control Control Panel. varioSpeed ​​Plus feature trims the length of the cycle three times.

The intensive washing zone water pressure increases by 20%. HygienePlus option allows to perform both washing and rinsing at high temperature.

The unit is equipped VarioFlex container system, the third tray VarioDrawer present. The top container has two bars foldable under the plate, the bottom - four.

Model # 5 - Siemens SN636X01KE

Siemens SN636X01KE - on a recessed unit with 100% efficiency A ++ class has the following specifications:

  • drying and washing Class - A;
  • dimensions - 59.8x55x81.5sm;
  • display - available;
  • flow rate - 9.5 liters;
  • number of sets - 13;
  • the number of programs - 6;
  • the number of additional functions - 4;
  • security - protection against leaks, children.

Additional opiyam include loading gauge, extra drying, VarioSpeedPlus, intensive zone. There is a timer that allows you to delay the start time as 1:00, and at 24 hours.

Model # 6 - Siemens SN614X00AR

Siemens SN614X00AR - this is a full-size completely built unit. The equipment has a minimum noise level - 40 dB, a convenient indicator "Ray on the floor".

During the work on the floor they projected light spot. Once the cycle is completed, it disappears

On the technical characteristics of the machine can be found in the specification:

  • klassnost energy consumption - A;
  • in terms of dimensions (cm) - 59.8x55x81.5;
  • the type of control - sensor;
  • capacity - 13 sets;
  • the presence of the display - no;
  • management - electronic;
  • the number of washing programs - 4;
  • Security - protection from leaks, from the children - no.

Delay timer operates in the range of from 3 to 9 hours. VarioSpeed, load sensor are additional functions. No clean water sensor. No, this model and one second mode of loading.

The organization includes a conventional washing and express the program, a cost-effective and soaking.

The design Siemens SN614X00AR includes: switch, timer start-up, wash indicators drying, the presence of rinse aid, special salts, the water supply.

There is also a retractable container upper basket, spray arm, a support for tablets salt container, the filters, the lower box.

Model # 7 - Siemens SK76M544

Compactly integrated dishwasher is equipped with a program VarioSpeed ​​Plus, which can significantly speed up the washing and drying.

The unit has excellent technical specifications:

  • the number of programs - 6;
  • Special Features - 3;
  • capacity - 6 sets;
  • dimensions - 60x50x45.4 cm;
  • display - digital;
  • security - protection against leaks and children.

Key washing programs: intensive, cars, eco, plus delicate and fast. Special features - VarioSpeed ​​Plus, Hygiene Plus, intensiveZone, extraDry. Manages all powerful processor with a high-sensitivity sensor system.

Energy efficiency class of the model in a series of speedMatic - A. It consumes per cycle 0.62 kWh, using 8 l of water.

The design included interior lighting, mounted heat exchanger, automatic door closers.

Features Siemens dishwashers settings

Except the considered models the company produces a whole series of kitchen pomoshnitsa worthy of attention. For convenience, these estimates of 10 units of Siemens, including those already discussed, are summarized in the table below:

summary table

Additionally, it should be noted that the presence of the heat exchanger in some models allow to wash the dishes sensitive to temperature changes, since excluded temperature shock

The presence of two rocker arm - top and bottom, allows supply water alternately, which reduces its consumption. Option "Regeneration" supports certain water hardness. It promotes economy of special salt to 35% automation.

Manufacturers previously tuned dishwasher. If you specify the program you are not satisfied, they are easy to change. To do this, you need to perform five simple steps:

  • press the switch;
  • hold for 3 seconds. before the display window in H: 0, and set;
  • use SETUP to make the transition to individual units;
  • configure using the - and + buttons;
  • save setting value by holding the SETUP button depressed for 3 sec.

When adjusting more than one unit, it is necessary to make changes sequentially. Not all cookware is suitable for washing in the PMM.

It is impossible to lay a wooden utensils, plastic, glass, or painted decoration. Hand is better to wash the dishes and copper, tin.

Table of factory settings

The following table summarizes all the basic factory settings. This facilitates the user's work, but you can change the settings yourself

Before laying in embedded mark Siemens dishwasher with the housing in 60 cm dishes to remove food remnants. To obtain a good result all items must be in a position excluding the rollover.

All openings must be directed downward. Should not be placed in the basket very small devices, as they may fall out.

The presence aquaStop function in many models completely prevents leakage. If the pallet will be wet, the water flow will stop automatically.

The same thing happens when a fault or a hose pipe. glassCare system allows for washing delicate fragile porcelain, expensive glasses and glasses.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

On the choice of embedded dishwashers:

Knowing how to make a choice, you can buy the right model with a width of 60 cm in the housing for themselves. The main thing that it was productive, roomy, quiet. In general, all dishwashers Siemens excellent performance.

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