What to buy a meat grinder

The Zelmer 986 meat grinder series has passed a strength test in the German laboratory SLG Pruf Und Zertifizierungs GmbH with a “very good” rating. Similar information is expected from each manufacturer. Both consumers and producers are interested in obtaining an independent and qualified assessment of the third impartial person. The SLG Pruf Und Zertifizierungs GmbH laboratory has ample opportunities. It is 8,200 square meters of testing facilities and offices in Hartmannsdorf. Recently, researchers conducted a start-up of new equipment, since spring 2015 there is an opportunity to test the operation of robotic lawn mowers.

European quality meat grinders

Concern Bosch and Siemens Hausgerete, popularly known as BSH and one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances in Europe, decided to strengthen its position in the field of small household appliances. Russians saw refrigerators, stoves and water heaters of the concern, now Zelmer is part of the family. In the spring of 2013, the company with a profit of a couple of hundred million came under the control of BSH, when the concern offered shareholders 30% more dollars than they gave on the stock exchange. The majority could not resist, 97.5%( much larger than the controlling) package passed to the Germans.

Zelmer Meat Grinder with nozzles

Zelmer has never been considered unprofitable before, now Bosch’s legendary quality will be added. Rumor has it that the concern finds fault with any little things, that's why technology is famous for its reliability.

Popularly, manufacturer Zelmer is considered a budget alternative to top models. Brand love to compare with Thomas. When it comes to value for money, people choose Zelmer among vacuum cleaners. The brand is known, we recommend only to assess in advance:

  • proximity of service centers;
  • availability of purchase of spare parts and accessories;
  • price of components.

Brands concern BSH are well-deserved popularity. Most plants Zelmer turns production line in Poland. It is very likely to say about the firm’s meat grinders that the instruments were assembled in Europe. If you take a top Thomas, Polish vacuum cleaners praise from this point of view more.

Like the company’s vacuum cleaners, Zelmer’s meat grinders are renowned for their rich package bundle.

Domestic meat grinders Rotor

Russian manufacturer pays little attention to advertising on the Internet. The official site of the Rotor is not easy to find, the title of the resource is neutral, low-key. According to our assumptions, the enterprise of the meat grinders is not yet ready to pay serious money to site analysts to eliminate the noticed shortcomings.

It is logical for Rotor to promote meat grinders through the Internet. There is an article in Wikipedia, but it is not found by direct request from a search engine. Section address https: //ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/% D0% A0% D0% BE% D1% 82% D0% BE% D1% 80 _( % D0% B7% D0% B0% D0% B2% D0% BE% D0% B4).

Nozzles for the meat grinder

Meanwhile, the meat grinder factory has the richest history. Founded in 1959, the brand produced electrical appliances for the defense industry. Meat grinders Rotor are direct descendants of the military heritage of the Soviet Red Army. Conservation touched capacity in 1984, when part of the workshops took up the issue of household appliances. Plant Rotor is able to create equipment passing military acceptance. And there the conditions are tougher than in civilian household appliances, including the discharge of ordinary meat grinders.

Domestic meat grinder

We are sure that Rotor meat grinders are excellent, we have a truly unique product! The Rotor Meat Grinder does not boast of high performance, like that of Moulinex with 5 kg per minute, but the mode of operation. .. not cyclical, not short-repeated! Rotor meat grinders work day and night, according to GOST, the long-term operation mode in time is not limited.

The device grinds 35 kg per hour, promised by a product card on the manufacturer's website. Mulinex can not cope. It is logical to try to buy an industrial grinder. We remind you that for production purposes the equipment is produced more durable. Meat grinder works shift, if necessary - around the clock with breaks for sanitary procedures, regulated by GOST.The rotor plant does not produce industrial grinders.

Meat grinder Rotor Miraculous Suite

As for professional models, steel alloy will do. This is governed by the norms of the food industry. Plastic in workshops is not used, do not withstand the specified material sanitization. Productivity of the industrial meat grinder starts from 3 kg per minute.

As for today's Rotor meat grinders, with a power consumption of 250 W and a capacity of less than 1 kg per minute, it is not yet possible to consider the units as professional, suitable for sausage and other food production shops. According to fashion, products can shred, squeeze juice, form dough products.

From the list of technological operations it becomes clear that it is possible at the factory to order or buy gears for the meat grinder ready, to carry out other types of work. It is bad that there are no colorful photos with the image of the device.

Ultimately, is it worth buying a Rotor meat grinder? We believe that this should be done. At least, to look at the continuous mode of operation of the meat grinder, which is not offered either Moulinex or Zelmer.

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