What to buy a dishwasher

The slogans “German quality”, “American manufacturability”, “European assembly” are known in the household appliances segment. However, long ago, major brands moved the assembly line to China. A dishwasher made in Poland cannot always be distinguished from other appliances. What will manifest itself "European" technology? The participant of the discussion of the origin of the brand Kaiser said: in the country there are many brands that use cheap Western practices, this is given for European, domestic design. How to choose a dishwasher, to distinguish black from white?

Stories of manufacturers of dishwashers

Sites claim: the brand of household appliances is Kaiser Russian! Foreign Google does not know these words about the founder of the brand, the company OLAN-Haushaltsgeräte, silent. The brand, whose origin is confirmed, is mentioned in network resources in many languages.


Imagine a situation: after 20 years, the truth has surfaced. The officially confirmed article will write: “The brand for the first 10 years of its existence presented itself as German, using the myth of German quality.”

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In pursuit of short-term profits, businessmen will soon be brought to clean water, go bankrupt, leaving buyers without technical support. Vitek is considered a Russian brand, although 7-8 years ago it was spoken with uncertainty. Is brand popularity falling? The Russian assembly of Korean equipment is not encouraging( an unknown person installed an engine in the Samsung washing machine that does not fit the tank configuration).

Can be described in one word - a small marriage. You can use the product, but things do not work perfectly. The “German” quality of the brand's dishwashers, covered with Germany, works, but flaws will be revealed.

Loading dishes in the dishwasher

The noise level of the dishwasher

Suppose we live where they pay for the light at night cheaper. Set the timer, quietly went to bed. We wake up at night, from knocking the dishwasher it is impossible to fall asleep. The promised 47 dB low figure to characterize the work of the dishwasher in fact.

The noise level at night is 30 dB.Dishwasher in the kitchen prevents residents, neighbors from sleeping. Dissatisfied indignant, the court will issue a ban on switching on the device at night. In most regions - after 23.00 until the morning.

The noise level at night is 30 dB.In the Tomsk region during the day they condemned the youngster, whose loudness of the speaker system went beyond the wall at the neighbors beyond the limits established by law.

Dishwasher works, washes dishes, but you cannot start the program at night. Expected savings are not obtained. The unpleasant smack of a deception will settle down. Proving an increase in noise is difficult. Examination expensive, carried out according to the standard. There are chances that the manufacturer had in mind the cut-down parameter. The item level on the product card is incorrect, a typo has arisen. ..

Clean service after the dishwasher

The Kaiser’s official website says: the information does not have the character of an offer, just information of an advertising, general nature. There are chances to lose the court. Just want to take the goods from the proven Bosch. One visitor to the forum put it: “We spend money on cheap brands in order to invest the money saved in the repair of the same household appliances”.

So it can happen if you take a desktop dishwasher from a little-known, dubious manufacturer. A colorful bike could be written by Russian brands ordering goods in China! Honesty is the right policy for long-term jobs. After 10 years, the brand of dishwashers would have built up a customer base. Order research from the true German laboratory, the results put on the site is more credible. The study of the independent side is expensive, in the West they believe the results: false brands appeared on the market already.

Dishwasher Programs

Nestlé’s marketing policy met with a boycott from a number of countries. It expects false brands in the West. Therefore, dishwashers brought to Russia.

Imagine: a pledged program does not work correctly. It means cracked dishes, broken wine glasses, permanent dirt stains. It is difficult to prove a mistake, there is no legal basis, the Russian institute will not undertake to check the class of washing, drying, and consumption( prescribed in EU directives).Do not know how to evaluate the tool for dishwashers. In the West, they have long been accustomed to soberly assess deficiencies. In convection oven glassware will probably be covered with a network of cracks if you put too high a temperature. It is necessary to investigate the problem, find a solution. Such will be the dishes for the dishwasher. Special plates, not afraid of shaking, temperature drops before drying.

It is typical for Russia to hush up problems of this kind, raising poison in the courts. It's a shame: one person wrote that on the German version of the world-famous ebay, no one offers to buy a Kaiser dishwasher. It was used, as an argument, to prove - the brand is Eastern European.

Dishwasher in the kitchen

About the quality of the dishwashers

While no studies have been done - the result is ordered even by the giants Samsung, LG, the marketing policy is marking time. Only Russians, always eager to save, take the powder for the dishwasher without confirming the effectiveness.6 care movements investigated by German institutions. When LG sells washing machines, it relies on the results of experiments. Even the graphics are given.

Dishwasher programs must go through this. Someone joked: on one device stood "made in Germany", inside it was attributed "made in Italy".Koreans origin of spare parts are not shy. On the Samsung engine, we often find a couple of letters from the Latin alphabet. The rest is hieroglyphs.

Despite the hieroglyphs, Samsung and LG have become leaders in the industry of washing machines around the planet. Salt for the dishwasher softens the water, tablets - wash the dishes. Russian patient, you can fool, but the competition in the West, the goods will not survive.

Brands of unexplained origin can be side offspring of Western firms. On the basis of Russia, the products are being tested, they reveal errors in software, defects. After completion, the well-known brand will amaze the world with well-thought-out details.

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