Smallest dishwasher

Let's think about it. Traditionally, the washing machine under the sink height of 67 cm. It is implied that it will rise in the bathroom( although the law introduced restrictions).Maybe that is why there are no models of dishwashers for a sink of such a height( in the room for washing dishes according to the SNiP there should be natural lighting, a window).For interest, they bothered to measure the height of the kitchen furniture compartment. From the base to the sink. It turned out 56 cm to the bottom of the sink, before the beginning of the corrugation comes out 45 cm. Amazingly, the smallest dishwasher from the order of compact has a predetermined height. Let's fit inside without buying a special flat sink( with the washing machine the room will fail).

Compact dishwashers

I wanted to thank Elektrovenik store for the information provided. Somewhat scarce, but accurate. Allows you to get an idea about the products, rigidly segmented into groups. Options can be further clarified.

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US Dishwashers

The sites contain photographs, images of the supposedly smallest dishwashers in the world. However, after some research, we venture to suggest that it concerns the Equator CD400, the height is 47 cm. Ordinary compact dishwasher, not the smallest. The instrument cycle eats 2.9 gallons( 11 liters) of water versus 11 gallons consumed by standard models. The manufacturer is cunning in the instructions, saying: a small dishwasher is more economical, per cycle will really consume less energy full-size. Table sets will not be loaded there. 16.

A similar trick is used with detergent:

  • "Enough for one spoon per cycle."

Download a bit non-standard, it turns out something about 4 table sets. Not surprising incredible volume. Hard middling. A company like American, from Houston, from the dishwashers offers one model( Conserv 77 SS), the description is confused with the refrigerator( link from the official website), it is more powerless to tell about the new product. The new equipment of the company is positioned as a model of offices, built into furniture. The company is called a friend of nature - the products are designed to save water, energy, electricity.

According to electronic stores, the model is not compact, designed for 12 sets of dishes. Full-size equipment, equipped with functions that are more like a washing machine( load volume tracking).I remember that the American manufacturer is busy producing a wide range of household appliances.

Last summer Equator introduced a washer-dryer. It seemed strange: the newspapers drew attention to the news, there was a desire to understand more. It turned out the machine is equipped with a combined drying system. The user is free to choose one mode:

  1. Spin.
  2. Turbo( wind blow, steam ejection).

The gadget says: with a width of 24 inches, the washing machine will be a joyful find for trailers, yachts, small apartments. Note, it is not clear the cause of the spinning noise around the equipment of the standard width. However, the company lives, works, just lazy to follow the site. In case anyone, not having found models on the Yandex market, will blame us for describing the dull old stuff.

From this, one and only question arises - why the Equator does not produce strenuously small dishwashers. America's demand is low? Guess the little Equator CD400 dishwasher under the sink was found on E-Bay.

Compact Swedish dishwashers

Fast forward to Scandinavia, where the best convectors come from. Dishwasher small tabletop Electrolux ESF2450 dimensions typical representative of the family. Not opportunities. Inside fits 6 sets of dishes, a cube with a side of 45 cm is enough. The price of the device is rather big. It starts with 12,000 rubles, in addition it is difficult to find a store where you can make a purchase.

Condensation type of drying is lame( class B), but there are options:

  1. Indication of salt level, rinse aid.
  2. Protection against leakage only housing.
  3. 48 dB noise level.
  4. Water purity sensor.

It is worth noting that it is possible to immediately connect hot water to the device( maximum inlet temperature 60 ºС).Save time, given the prices of management companies, most likely will not come cheaper. Note that components are added to hot water in order to combat pipe scale.

It may have a positive effect on the condition of the heating element( not a fact), but the contamination of the liquid will be greater. We see a chance, the emollient salt will be saved( it, although coarse, dirty, has already been added).This applies only to houses connected to boiler rooms. Boilers boiling water are free to reject considerations.

A small dishwasher is placed on the table, it is not convenient to let down communications, since the water supply outlet and the sewage inlet are located under the worktop. Product design unusual. I would like to call the device semi-built. The door is opaque, the control panel is in sight. It turns out medium.

Timer, dosed water and detergent functions are available. Condensation drying of dishes requires less space to accommodate auxiliary equipment, typical of compact models. For 12,000 rubles I wanted to see complete protection against leakage, the rest will follow. Cheap dishwashers are not small.

Exotic Compact Dishwashers

Let's call a series of dishwashers exclusive in terms of appearance and function. If today in Japan three people are sleeping on high-rise “bunks”, they do not complain, a washing machine the size of a slow cooker has come out, we won’t be surprised at the exotic dishwashers.


Compact Gota resemble more than an audio recorder. Similarities adds a flip cover, like a CD player. Designers SBW Staff released the device, seeing more likely to be called portable. Washed dishes, disconnected communications, relocate.

The authorship of the novelty( 2009) belongs to the group of designers Ibsen Caldas, Cesar Lima, Leonardno Barelli and Fernando Sobchakas. Names resemble Italy, details are powerless to give. It is believed the machine is built on the principle of recycling. Part of the water of the previous cycle is filtered, used later. Experts have spoken about this, it is not clear how the fluid will be sterilized, cleaned. It also remains unclear what happens to the dirt. Gota is extravagant, mysterious.


The smallest built-in dishwasher - Briva-in-sink, designed by part of the countertop. Therefore, can not take less space. The loading hatch opens from the top. Next on the tabletop sink. Equipment is connected in one go.

Whatever small dishwashers built in by other manufacturers, at least the case is present, increasing the dimensions.

The picture of the advertising brochure shows: the rinse aid is poured into the far wall, not a word is heard about the salt. The tray of detergent is on the lid on the inside. The control panel is located under the cover on the end of the machine facing the user. The model is fully integrated.

I don’t like the exterior design of a grooved steel lid with an unsightly black handle. Available rinsing, accelerated washing and a special cycle for pots, baking. It is recommended to pour hot water into the tank manually( to speed up the process).It is difficult to call the model automatic.

Briva-in-sink is the KitchenAid product line. Any small built-in dishwasher of the type described is called. However, the appearance, design are similar. Sprinkler hides from below, under the mesh for dishes. It does not describe how the drying is carried out. Find a thing in the store is impossible, it remains only to call the manufacturer.

Ultrasonic washing machine from Lithuania

Bifoliate is hung on the wall, it actually looks like a cabinet. Designer Tom Brundzite decided: too long to shift the dishes from the sink to the storage place, I decided to combine a single original solution, resembling a section of furniture behind transparent glass.

The locker is formed by two compartments, alternately closing the lid, like a fan slides left and right. From the commercial should be: inside is an ultrasonic generator.

In 2009, the model became the finalist of the Electrolux Design Lab contest. Interested in new items? Type in the search query, you will find the world of amazing works of art collected from around the world to win the grand prize. Each year the theme, the name of the event is different.2014 is planned to devote the event to a healthy home. We wish good luck to the Swedish company in the endeavors.

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