Self repairing dishwashers

Anticipating the start of classes in self-repairing dishwashers, try to evaluate the error code. Intelligent models are equipped with a display that displays mnemonics, decoded according to the instructions or information from the manufacturer's official website. Thought repair Krone dishwashers. The internal structure of the trifles is different, but the dishwasher who can fix the washing machine does not cause trouble. Study the portal.

Dishwasher device

Dishwasher is formed by a standard set of parts, the models differ from each other by additional options. We avoid touching some sensors, like the Aqua Sensor, assessing the transparency of water( fuzzy logic algorithms).The nuances are so subtle that it is hardly possible to test on the spot. Dishwasher includes:

  • Rocker, through which water streams wash the plates.
  • Main pump with pipe, creating pressure.
  • TEN, sometimes flowing.
  • Drainage pump for dumping dirty water.
  • Main filter at the bottom of the working compartment.
  • Compartment with salt at the bottom of the working compartment.
  • Compartment with rinse aid on the door.

  • Detergent tray.
  • Intake Valve.
  • A coarse filter at the docking point of the inlet hose with the housing.
  • inlet hose.
  • Drain hose.

The water is drawn by the inlet valve, heated by the heating element if necessary, which can constructively be part of a recirculation pump. Water, bypassing the beam, sprinkles the dishes, at the same time by jet thrust forcing the blades to rotate. Dirt is collected by the bottom of the compartment, filtered by two filters, coarse( in the form of a cylinder) and small( steel mesh).If necessary, the water passes the second circle, or is discharged by a drainage pump into the sewer system.

The following are added as needed:

  1. powder for chemical cleaning of impurities;
  2. water softener salt;
  3. rinse to reduce the surface tension of water, simplifies the process of subsequent drying.

Water is not supplied

First of all, let's check if there is water in the riser. Open the kitchen faucet. In order water supply - the further course of action is determined by the construction of Aquastop.

  1. Available hose with powder valve. There are no wires inside, but the node is double. The valve is filled with an absorbent that absorbs water, expands, preventing the fence. To catch a leak, double hose. When the inner wall is torn, water fills the cavity, reaches the absorbent, protection works. Disposable hose. There is no water in the dishwasher - it means that a leak has been fixed, protection has worked. The hose will have to be replaced with a new one. Repair of washing or dishwashers AEG with the option Aqua Stop is conducted, following the specified scheme.
  2. Popular leakage solenoid valves today work on the same principle as the previous one. The difference is limited to keeping the device open, using two magnets arranged to the same poles to each other. Great repulsive force. Water appears between the pipes, fills the absorbent, which expands, removing the magnets from each other. The repulsive force decreases, the device slams. Disposable hose, you have to buy a new dishwasher.
  3. The third option uses a float sensor on the pallet to protect the hose. The dishwasher device provides for a drainage tube running from the docking point of the hose-body into the pan. The inner wall is torn, the water rushes down. The float sensor detects an abnormal situation, sends a signal to the solenoid valve( a special wire is available inside the hose) so that the duct is closed, the drainage pump starts. Signaling leaks. The circuit is used by Bosch and Siemens. According to a similar technique, the dishwashers are being repaired by Ariston, AEG with the Aqua Control system. We will find other designs with two valves on the hose, working from special sensors, without affecting the pallet. You will understand them, having the given information.
  4. Worse, if the car technology with a signal window. It will just turn red, you need to turn off the water yourselfThis is how AEG dishwashers, equipped with the Aqua Alarm option, or Electrolux and Zanussi with Aqua Control technology work. Exceeded the scope of the topic - the information is useful repairman. It is useful if you have to repair Electrolux dishwashers at home.

Checked the hose. Shut off the faucet, disconnect the dishwasher from the riser. Take a bigger bucket, note time. In one minute, an open tap produces 10 liters of water or more. Otherwise, the dishwasher may not work. If the described structural elements are functioning, check the inlet inlet filter. Disconnect the water supply hose( if available).In this place is a filter, often plastic.

By the way, if you see signs of leakage, but the hose is in good condition, then in some cases the picture allows you to identify the failure of the float valve that fixes water where there is no liquid. Easily checked by disconnecting the hose from the machine. But they are not sure that the solenoid valve at rest will be open( depending on the design).Find out more details from the dealer, a neighbor with a similar hose, only serviceable.

The next step is to check the intake valve. The node follows the coarse filter washed above.

Every dishwasher repairman knows where to find such a thing. Specific testing advice is difficult to give. For most models, the valve is at rest locked. At least in Bosch.

Meet the case when the float sensor of the internal water intake tank is faulty. The forum discussed the repair of dishwashers Kaiser. The breakdown was expressed by the absence of the control voltage of the intake valve. No error was displayed on the screen. Just the dishwasher worked. .. but without water.

Faulty, finally, there may be electronics that fill the valve opening, you will probably need an expert.

Water does not reach the rockers

First of all, it is worth checking whether water does not flow to all rockers. Rarely, but we find that the holes are just clogged. Then you can remove the rocker arm, using an ordinary toothpick, clean. Otherwise, there are two options:

  1. The recirculation pump has broken.
  2. The water level sensor of the internal tank with the heating element is faulty, if available. Bosch dishwashers use a flow heater. Missing level meter. There is a vane-type flow meter, even if it breaks, water will flow.

mending is difficult at home. Sometimes, rocker refuse to rotate. The reason is trivial at times. Just loaded dishes interfere, mechanically blocking the way. Stop the cycle, putting the utensils in a different order. At times, the upper arm will stick tightly if the thread is not tightened properly. Stop the dishwasher, unscrew the sprayer, reinstall it. Rotate your hand to sample. In this case, the repair of dishwashers at home is not difficult.

When the result of washing or drying is not satisfactory, look for the answer in the instruction manual, do not refrain from a couple of useful tips:

  1. If there are sticking clumps of food on the plates, try to remember how long the dishes lay before the cycle. If dirt has dried, apply pre-soak( which is not a wash).Use the program as intended.
  2. Occurs, the detergent remains in the tray. There is an assumption: the dishes blocked the lid on the inside of the door. Simply pack the utensils differently, visually figuring where the powder tray falls.
  3. Finally, not all dishwashers are designed to use 3 in 1, 4 in 1, 5 in 1 tools. Carefully study the instructions using a tablet.

Rare cases of

Water refuses to leave the working compartment - the bottom filter is likely to be clogged. Unscrew the cylinder, rinse thoroughly under the faucet with a brush. It happens that the drainage pump has failed. Repairing professional dishwashers will require a wizard call.

The water remains cold, the result of washing will be disgusting, the dishes will leave the compartment wet and cold. TEN cannot be changed in house conditions. Able to make only a man for whom the repair of washing machines and dishwashers, is not difficult. The expert has no reason to read this review.

Water wetted the floor - the reason was the poor insulation of the perimeter of the door. Filling the pan will trigger the leak protection subsystem, and the water intake will stop. At the same time, the drainage pump will begin to buzz, pumping the flood down the drain. The problem is not easy, you may have to ask the dealer for a new rubber seal. Those who wish are free to try applying a non-hazardous( non-toxic) sealant to the dishwasher. For example, aquarium.

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