What are the parts for dishwashers

Today we decided to see the types of spare parts for dishwashers in the stores. For a better understanding of what is at stake, we briefly describe what the internal mechanisms are, without unnecessary recesses in the nuances. This is just not necessary. Well, who will find an alternative and replace the AquaSensor. But, given the considerable cost of equipment and the optional absence of a guarantee, this makes sense.

The principle of the dishwasher

People are divided into two categories: self-taught and rich. Popular wisdom interprets this in its own way: the needy for invention is cunning. However, we do not see the bad when a man with his hands.

Protection against leakage and filling hoseThere are Aquastop systems in the store, but not all are compatible with the specific type of dishwasher. The equipment is divided into two types:
  1. With full protection against leakage.
  2. Partial leak protection.

In the first case, the hose and housing are equipped. There are many ways. In the pan, in most cases, there is a float sensor that detects the presence of water. When a liquid appears, the cycle stops, the inlet valve closes and the residue is drained into the drain pipe. Pipes have different types of protection. There are so many methods that we do not dare to list. Just remember:

  • If you already take a foreign hose, make sure that its principle of operation is the same. It is enough to know the theory and find the right option. Violation of the rule means that the equipment will not work properly.

We'll have to take the part from the manufacturer in order not to stumble upon defective parts for dishwashers. You will do this in two ways:

  1. contact the manufacturer;
  2. reach the service center.

We do not recommend buying aftermarket parts for dishwashers, this advice will be understood by the owners of foreign cars. A huge number of substandard parts, serving for long. Of course, if Aquastop fails( protection against leakage), it is possible to buy an external one. They are produced in three types:

  • UDI is a tiny, standard-sized nipple with a valve inside. With a sharp drop in pressure in the intake tract, indicating a complete breakage of the hose, for 0.4 seconds.water supply stops. But the method does not protect against small leaks of the dishwasher. The device is reusable. After elimination of breakage working capacity will be restored.
  • Powder hose, eliminates minor leaks, but not large ones. The constructions where the valve is filled with an absorbent are equipped with many dishwashers. The point is that the hose is double. When the inner shell breaks, the water in the inner space reaches the absorbent. That gets wet and closes the valve. A number of modifications have been released, but the principle of operation is the same. These devices do not protect against a complete break, are used in conjunction with the previous one. Small leakage of powder hoses on the shoulder.

  • A complete protection scheme Aquastop means installing sensors in the right places. This is usually the floor. Connections are made with electrical wires or radio waves are used to transmit signals. Sensors resemble buttons of an old phone. These are two copper meander-electrode, between them created the potential difference. Water enters the site, the contact closes, an alarm is triggered, a special solenoid valve blocks the water supply to the apartment. This scheme will save from any cases, even if you take a garden hose in the store. But the cost will be higher than the previous two combined.

Regarding the protection against leakage, it is necessary to monitor the float valve in the pan. It may be the reason that the water does not want to collect. The device locks the inlet valve and, at times, the inlet solenoid valve on the hose. It seems that the equipment is working properly, but water is not drawn. It is ridiculous when the Kaiser dishwasher works without water a cycle all the time and does not give an error. Find float sensor difficult. It is better to contact the dealer.

Inside the machine

When entering the dishwasher there are a lot of breaking devices.

  1. Intake coarse filter.
  2. Intake Valve.
  3. Intake Capacity.
  4. TEN.
  5. Level Switch.
  6. Ion exchanger with salt( salt tank).

Rough filter in the store will not find. This is a metal or plastic mesh that delays scale so that the baby does not damage the recirculation pump. This element is recommended to periodically rinse under running water. Intake valves are put on sale. Parts are controlled by a float sensor in the pallet and a level switch in the intake tank. When you get enough water from the riser, the constipation works and slam the valve. Heating starts with heating elements. Broken relay, as well as intake capacity, buy separately. TENY invented flow and spiral, find on sale - try to change.

A special device - an ion exchanger - was invented to soften the water. From above, the container is covered with a lid that opens into the working compartment. Inside the canister solution with a special salt, exchanging periodically ions with incoming water. These units are sold entirely. We take and replace the dishwasher ion exchanger.

The operation of this device is optionally controlled by a special sensor or an external electronic unit according to the program. In the first case, the stiffness is measured automatically, in the second - the readings are driven in manually. For the procedure, a special strip with marks comes in the kit, which is painted to a fixed mark when the test is immersed in water. It turns out the value of stiffness, clogged in the programmer. They could not understand where the sensor is located; probably, it is part of the ion exchanger. As for the programmer, buy a block separately( the thing is not cheap).

Pumps and a motor running in a single block often break in dishwashers.

Pumps and imwelers

There are two pumps in the dishwasher:

  1. Basic recirculation.
  2. Drainage( pump).

Both with impeller, which you buy for a reasonable price, and repair kits from a variety of gaskets and seals. From the intake tank, water is pumped through the pipes into the sprinklers( imwelers).In the store you will find both options. There are sealing seals adjacent to imvellers. Recirculation pumps, on average, are priced at 5,000 rubles and above.

Waste water is cleaned by a cascade of filters located at the bottom of the working compartment. This is a plastic cylinder that can be unscrewed for periodic cleaning.

The drainage pump pumps out the waste water to a drain hose. The main filter is also cleared through this path. The drain hose is not equipped with constructive leakage protection and is not under high pressure, the chance of breakage is extremely low. But if a breakdown happens, it will be a big problem. Dust hoses and pumps( 2500 rubles) are gathering dust on the counter.

Dishwasher Accessories


  1. Door Handles.
  2. Rubber seals on the door( needed if it runs along the perimeter).
  3. Controls.
  4. Dishwasher Switches.
  5. Contactors that operate as switching elements for power electronics.
  6. Thermostat, measuring the temperature in the working compartment.
  7. Electronic control board. In different models, the scheme looks different, it can include a programmer.

Power cords can be of different lengths. Choose for the dishwasher the required size.


If you can not find the right part, learn to disassemble, which means marking spare parts for dishwashers. Some temperature sensors, for example, are used on models from many manufacturers. A marking is different. It happens that you are looking for spare parts for Ariston dishwashers, and spare parts for Electrolux dishwashers are also suitable.

For example, the mentioned sensor has a type, say 12K.And the rest of the markings fade into the background. For Electrolux, 4.8K is more suitable. Those who know English are encouraged to send a request to the manufacturer. Typically, the plant does not mind sharing this information, with decoding will help. So decide what is best, look for spare parts for dishwashers yourself or repair in service for a lump sum.

In the workshops there is a mountain of details. In the presence of friends working in such services, it is easy to get spare parts for the dishwasher. The main thing - a scientific approach. Forums are not the best way to solve a problem, but professionals go there too, approach the issue of spare parts for a dishwasher in a complex way.

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