Review and compare with competitors dishwasher Indesit DSR 15B3 RU

If the hostess is no strict requirements for the quality of washed dishes, the fiscal dishwasher Indesit DSR 15B3 RU will be the ideal choice for the home. Easy operation allows trust dishwashing even teenagers.

To verify the feasibility of the car, consider its technical features and benefits in more detail.

The content of the article:

  • Technical features dishwasher
    • Design and dimensions
    • Domestic machine equipment
    • Electrical and operational characteristics
  • Modes of operation of washing
  • Compare with similar models
  • Reviews of DSR 15B3 dishwasher
  • Competing Dishwasher
    • Competitor # 1: Candy CDP 2L952 W
    • Competitor # 2: BEKO DFS 05010 W
    • Competitor # 3: Hansa ZWM 416 WH
  • The best offers on the market

Technical features dishwasher

Considered dishwasher (PMM) for a family of 3-4 people. But thrice home diet have to download it after almost every meal. The technical capabilities of this device ensure the effectiveness of cleaning utensils and a long service life.

Design and dimensions

Indesit DSR 15B3 RU belongs to a class of compact, freestanding dishwashers. Its height is a classic and is 85 cm. The machine is installed flush with the kitchen worktop and dignified look in the interior. The width of the device is 45 cm, which can be attributed to its narrow models. Therefore, PMM will save space in a small kitchen for a wider table, sink and refrigerator.

Built under counter Indesit DSR 15B3

Plan the purchase of the dishwasher in the presence of kitchen units should start with measuring the height of countertops location. The device can be placed flush with or below the

Loading dishes comes frontally through the door opens downward. The dimensions in depth - 60 cm, which is the standard value for the countertop and provides a harmonious appearance of MMP in the kitchen.

The capacity of the device is a dish 10 sets an average figure among machines with similar parameters. PMM weight - 39.5 kg, so one person to move it will be problematic.

Domestic machine equipment

The inner surface dishwashing machine chamber is made of stainless steel, which has an unlimited lifespan. It is not subject to corrosion and detergents. Inside, there are the following elements:

  1. Two baskets for the dishes, the top of which is adjustable in height.
  2. Two sprinkler.
  3. Hinged shelf for glasses.
  4. Cutlery basket.
  5. Drainer filter.
  6. Tank for salt.
  7. Dispenser cleaning device combined with the rinse aid dispenser.

The chamber machines provides two full plastic rocker for the water supply: the bottom and the middle of the interior space. For a budget model such equipment - positive rarity. Above them are two white metal basket. Thus, the dishes washed once with the two sides, which provides a guarantee of its purity.

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Lower rocker water splashing

Filter under the yoke must be cleaned from food residues after each hand washing, otherwise located where dirt can remain on the next batch of dishes

Shopping for stacking dishes

The top tray is recommended to place glasses and cups with sloping muddy surface down, because the jet of water is directed at it from this side

Location basket with cutlery

Basket with cutlery recommended to put on the bottom tray, so that the water washed over them on both sides, and provide the most effective treatment

boot block detergent and rinse aid

Kits can be provided on the front access door of the complementary box to download universal means "3-in-1". This would increase the rating of the unit in the eyes of consumers

Lower rocker water splashing

Lower rocker water splashing

Shopping for stacking dishes

Shopping for stacking dishes

Location basket with cutlery

Location basket with cutlery

boot block detergent and rinse aid

boot block detergent and rinse aid

The kit also includes a plastic basket for cutlery, which is placed in the upper basket. It also includes a wide net to set the mugs and glasses. Listed devices is sufficient for washing a standard household utensils.

Dispensers of detergent and rinse aid devices placed on access door and combined in the same plastic case. Bloc to support the cleaners "3-in-1" is not provided. The design capacity to rinse the cover has a mechanical dispenser which governs the amount of the funds.

In general, the internal equipment PMM is common for devices in this price range and is able to satisfy the majority of housewives.

Electrical and operational characteristics

Dishwashers are used daily in the family and has a significant impact on the monthly consumption of water and power house. Indesit DSR 15B3 RU has the highest score of "A" on the cost-effectiveness of these resources, so this PMM will save money not only for buying, but in the course of its operation.

energy efficiency PMM

There are also more energy-efficient dishwashers, but this model is quite justifies its cost and consumes a minimum of energy and water

Its electrical and operating characteristics are as follows:

  • Appl power class - A;
  • Noise - 53 dB;
  • drying efficiency class - A;
  • Water consumption -10 liters per machine cycle;
  • washing efficiency class - A;
  • It has a softening indication of salt in the tank;
  • drying type - condensation;
  • regenerating electronics - there is;
  • Control - electron-mechanical;
  • audible alarm - there is;
  • Cyclic power - 0.94 kW * h;
  • present sensor pure water;
  • protection against water leakage - is present;
  • Power consumption, max - 2400 watts.

Noise machine at work a little louder premium models, but perfectly acceptable for dishwashing appliances. Its power consumption is high, therefore it may adversely affect the operation of the refrigerator or installed near the boiler equipment. Therefore it is better just to connect the boiler to the mains via UPS or stabilizer.

Panel modes dishwasher

The choice of cleaning mode is turning wheel. To ensure that users are not wrong when the device is turned on, the manufacturer has placed on the panel decoding each possible work

Tab tablet detergent to produce a special unit conveniently. But to fall asleep salt in suitable containers need to carry out a series of manipulations. In general, the preparation of the device for the next cleaning cycle takes less than a minute. This is much less than the 10-15 minutes required for hand washing dirty dishes.

Thus, the technical characteristics of Indesit DSR 15B3 RU are at a decent level among the competitors. The machine is good saves resources, while ensuring quality cleaning utensils.

Modes of operation of washing

When operating MMP important to be able to regulate the duration of the cleaning cycle, operating temperature and other parameters. This saves resources by lighter regimes that are not water-intensive processing required utensils.

Operating modes PMM

Modes different time, water temperature and power consumption. For cold washing the longest cycle is provided, although it uses electricity at minimal (+)

Considered machine has 5 programs without the possibility of adjustment:

  • Intensive 65 ° C;
  • normal 55 ° C;
  • rapid 50 ° C;
  • Eco, without heating;
  • preliminary rinsing.

Selection of the desired program comes individually during the operation, based on the characteristics of household utensils, food intake and the nature of customer expectations for cleanliness.

Compare with similar models

For a basis of comparison, four narrow freestanding dishwashers were taken from the budget segment. Their cost in the shops is about the same.

Compare dishwashers

When comparing dishwashers should take into account the reliability of the brand. The company produces INDESIT this technique for many decades and has gained technological experience that allows you to maximize its service life (+)

The model in question was in a better position for the following:

  1. Clean water sensor, which saves resources when lightly soiled dishes.
  2. Support for fast and economical washing mode.
  3. The possibility of changing the height of the tray for utensils.
  4. Availability of pre-rinsing.

Strictly individual positive features of the machine does not have, but it has good performance among its competitors. Cons of this model is also sufficient. These include:

  1. The high rate of noise which may interfere with the desired sleep after eating.
  2. Lack of Etiquette Mode, allowing no risk to wash the dishes with a decorative coating is easily damaged.
  3. The modest number of modes, the inability to correct them.
  4. No delay start enabling schedule when the loaded machine in advance.
  5. Detergent, salt and rinse aid must be loaded into separate containers, which increases the time to prepare the unit for operation. "3-in-1" products can be used in other models.
  6. No possibility of connecting hot water.

Invisible at first glance cons were noticeable on the background of the comparison Indesit DSR 15B3 identical analogues for the price. The functionality of the MMP is relatively low, for this price you can buy equipment with a large number of useful features.

Compared models are mapped to the price and size. They are made in one constructive embodiment, therefore, the main parameter in the selection technique is proposed functionality and ease of operation.

I love this machine for people who do not like to deal with the technical nuances of household appliances?

Arguments in favor of dishwashers Indesit

Dishwashing machines Indesit from this series easily cope with most of the food soil without the need to setup cleaning time and water temperature

Reviews of DSR 15B3 dishwasher

The model under consideration dishwasher is pretty popular, so the reviews about it on the Internet is enough. They are written mostly in a few days after purchase, so evaluate them longevity difficult technique.

Easy to connect the dishwasher is one of its advantages. If it's standard input and fluid output, it is only necessary to insert a corrugation in the sewers and screw the hose to the water supply system at home.

Quiet operation dishwashers Indesit

Owners narrow dishwashers manufactured machines Indesit mark rather quiet operation aggregates. Include them can be at night, without creating anxiety travelers

Loading dishes in PMM is critical to the quality of cleaning. Easy to guess that the absence of gap or overlap between the plates of the jet access to any location no dirt will be washed. Therefore poorly washed dishes is often the result of stacking error, not a structural disadvantage of washing machines.

Restrictions on loading the dishes

Load dishes in the machine from the Indesit must be carried out in compliance with the manufacturer's specifications. The tank unit can not lay a wooden utensils, products with a unique pattern, the dishes of tin and copper, as well as articles contaminated with wax, ash, industrial oils

It is hardly mentioned in the recall plaque appeared due to poor detergent. Cheap and spadefoot grinder made of alloy metals which are prone to oxidation with the formation of hard erasable film. Therefore, plaque problem is most likely with the impact of the detergent on the metal.

Although cast iron pans do not really recommended to wash in PMM. As a result, the surfaces are washed adipose layer that fills the micropores of iron and is a natural non-stick coating.

Cons dishwashers Indesit

The disadvantages of the dishwasher many users include small capacity, because of what dishwashing sessions often must be carried out twice a day

With a large amount of dishes loaded in the PMM quality of its cleaning begins to suffer. Here it is necessary to choose one of the options:

  1. Download smaller dishes and wash it in a few taps. This increases the consumption of resources.
  2. Buy machine with a large volume of the working chamber.
  3. Load less, but to put up with the possible leaching of some bad products.

As the reviews, regarded dishwasher virtually devoid of latent defects. By cons users carry a small volume of the chamber, due to which the dishes when fully loaded badly washed. But it is typical for all budget PMM.

With proper arrangement of plates and cups the machine works efficiently and fully lives up to expectations. The review confirmed the simplicity and ease of use of the machine.

Competing Dishwasher

In order to get a complete picture of the pros with the cons considered dishwasher, analyze its nearest competitors. In our selection of cars listed with approximately the same size housing. Narrow units are not designed to be built into a kitchen set.

Competitor # 1: Candy CDP 2L952 W

Leader consumer rating which has received the highest possible ratings from the holders, accommodates 9 sets used utensils. To perform a wash cycle of this machine need to 9 liters of water. Electricity per hour it spends 0.69 kW.

At the disposal of potential owners of technology would be 5 different programs. It is made simple, fast, economical and intensive washing, the possibility of pre-soak. Electronically controlled, display in its construction there. Noise Candy CDP 2L952 W of 52 dB. Using the timer, you can transfer the start of work for a period of 3 to 9-hours.

Minuses: no child lock, the device determining the purity of water, half-load mode, allows you to run the unit with a half-filled tank and half the cost of the energy / water / detergent compositions.

Competitor # 2: BEKO DFS 05010 W

Turkish An article of manufacture designed for washing dinnerware sets 10, comprising a pair of plates, a cup with a dish and cutlery. For processing the loaded into the hopper of utensils she needs 13 liters of water. The hour for the model you need to 0.83 kW. Noise produces 49 dB.

BEKO DFS 05010 W has 5 programs, performs washing in an accelerated, intensive, economy mode, produces soaking prior to processing. A strong plus - half-load function that allows you to perform processing with half the cost. Managing e-mail, operating parameters of the display LEDs. Start can be extended to 3... 9 hours using the timer.

The disadvantages include lack of a locking system of the children and display for easy monitoring of production data.

Competitor # 3: Hansa ZWM 416 WH

The most economical of the presented unit consumes 0.69 kilowatt hour. Mineral 9 sets of dishes spent 9 liters of water. Future owners Hansa ZWM 416 WH can use 6 different programs. Noise by 49 dB.

Model washes dishes in a standard, careful, intensive, economy mode, performs a pre-soaking. A useful option is half load, through which can be treated with a half-loaded hopper Half power / medium / water.

The model is provided with an electronic device for control. Operating data is displayed LEDs. Protection of children again, no, there is no display and timer.

Drying all condensation type models presented, according to which the water simply flows down from the walls of the device and into the tray of dishes.

The best offers on the market

The analysis of MMP Indesit DSR 15B3 can be summarized that the quality of the washing device is consistent with its price category. Functionality could be higher, but at least compensated options require minimal maintenance, and the choice of operating modes.

The machine can be recommended for a typical washing dishes in the 3-4 person households. It fits nicely in the kitchen interior, and gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

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