What if the dishwasher will not drain and costs: deciphering error codes, troubleshooting

You have downloaded the dishes in the home helper, put the program has started the machine, and began the usual cleaning process. But something went wrong: the dishwasher will not drain and costs, and instead of the usual murmur of strange noises or hung incomprehensible silence. The situation is unpleasant, but it is easy to cope with. How? In this and face it.

The content of the article:

  • The standard error codes of popular models
  • The principle of the movement of water in the dishwasher
  • Simple Troubleshooting
    • # 1 - kink or blockage of the drain hose
    • # 2 - food debris in the filtration system
    • # 3 - garbage in the sewers
    • # 4 - required cleaning pump
  • Serious situations and solutions
    • Situation # 1 - faulty pump
    • Situation # 2 - faulty water level sensor
    • Situation # 3 - clomalsya software module
  • Useful videos on the topic

The standard error codes of popular models

Many modern PMM (dishwashers) have the option of self-diagnostics. It lies in a software module. The machine with the help of certain algorithms identify the failure and displays it in the form of a certain code.

The depth of the analysis depends on the manufacturer, model, generation of the control module.

Self-diagnostic system PMM
Self-diagnostic system can detect up to 200 different breakdowns. This option is of great benefit and specialists in repair, and the users themselves

The error codes of some manufacturers:

  • Bosch - E21, E25, END.
  • Electrolux - END, i20, E24, E21.
  • Ariston - TO03.
  • Electrolux - i20.
  • Candy - E2.

If the dishwasher is not display, on the failure of informed sensors flashing. Exactly how this happens will depend on the model, usually deciphering light warning is given in the instructions.

Some modifications Bosch did not respond to the troubles in the drain system and continue to wash dishes in the used water. The user learns about the damage only after the opening of the door at the end of the program, when he sees that there is water in the tank.

How to reset error codes? There are two ways. The first is the PMM is turned off for 15-20 minutes to restart it.

Second - click on the "On." And hold for a while. So reset user settings and return to the factory settings.

The principle of the movement of water in the dishwasher

If other problems can be dealt with after the fact, not understanding the causes, the lack of drainage requires detailed analysis. And the first thing you should understand - this principle of the PMM.

Dishwasher does everything almost like a washing machine, but in the process it twice surpasses the water through a purification system.

Standing water in the dishwasher
Each washing step is completed draining water. If the liquid does not appear dirty, the machine is unable to move to the next step of the program

First rough filtration occurs, then - thin. The average consumption of water - 9-12 liters. The savings achieved by the constant cleaning of the same water. After the fluid enters the filter pump is returned to the beam and sprinklers.

At the end of the user-selected program of the water goes down the drain and pump sends it to the sewer system. This does not happen if some element of the drainage system is not working properly or not at all out of order.

Simple Troubleshooting

When the machine does not drain, the question of what to do, there are two options - to eliminate physical obstacles to drain the system or replace the broken part.

In any operating PMM instructions written that do not neglect a simple rule - to clear the dishes from food residues before loading it into the camera. Garbage is the main cause of problems with drainage.

# 1 - kink or blockage of the drain hose

Clamping of the drain hose - is simple, but the most common problem. Check how it is. Perhaps part is bent or squeezed some object. In peredavlennom spot can be formed blockage.

Dishwasher drain hose
If you clean the hose is not possible or it is damaged, you need replacement parts. Buy a new handset, you can at any hardware store

Not be amiss and ponazhimat all elastic tubes to thin out the dirt.

To remove the hose and clean it, you need to:

  1. Turning off the machine from the mains.
  2. Remove the bottom panel under the door by removing the screws.
  3. Disconnect the hose from the drain, using a pliers to remove the clamp.
  4. Omit one end of the tube into a bucket (pan) and includes drain mode. If it is flowing water, clogged drains or siphon (this case is discussed below). If there is no water, the problem is hidden in the very machine.
  5. Pulling away the debris from the hose.
  6. Skip the powerful head of water through the tube, which is ideal for a garden hose. Pressure knocks remains of garbage.
  7. Clean the hose can be a long wire, but proceed carefully. To avoid damage to the phone itself, round off the end of the bend wire.

When the hose is purged or if you bought a new one, connect it back to set the seat clamp, bottom panel. The tube should be inclined - from cars to go slightly up and fall down. If everything is all right, look on.

# 2 - food debris in the filtration system

The problem with drainage can be trivial in the bone, which is jammed node filters.

If you look at this compartment, for some models, you can see the PMM screw, loosening which will get on gear. Her jams and debris. You need to remove all the excess to run gear.

Clean the filter PMM:

  1. Open the door and pull out all the baskets.
  2. Twisted filter cover, which is placed on the bottom of the chamber.
  3. We take out a glass and mesh.
  4. Wash both parts. If you can not do it simply by running water, improvised handy toothbrush cleanser.
  5. Unscrew the pump cover and check this place for debris. Beware, here can get not only the remnants of food, but also fragments of pottery.

After all the manipulations close the pump return filter.

Cleaning PMM blades
Do not forget to clean the impeller, the rocker. Alternately, check them out, my, and cleanse the hole with a toothpick. If they are bad, after assembly rotate, remove scales and axis

We are confident that everything is in order? Test the machine.

# 3 - garbage in the sewers

If you disconnect the drain hose water flowed from it, PMM is OK, but the problems are hiding in the sewers. The causes clogging: impurities in the water, the corrosion of pipes, washed off from the dishes dirt, grease.

Minor debris can be removed in a conventional boiling water. It is necessary to fill in a sewer hole.

Several effective ways to cleaning:

  1. Soda + salt. The beaker add hot water and soda salt is dissolved, pour into drains, waiting 10 minutes and washed in running stream.
  2. Vacuum cleaner with reverse blowing. If the farm has a vacuum cleaner with reverse blowing, pipe wrap it with a cloth and inserted into the hole drain, include. The method is suitable for slack contamination.
  3. plunger. We use the plunger, if it fits the diameter of the hole.
  4. metal cable. Cleanse sewage special cable, inserting the flexible metal hose to the pipe and turning it. Gat dirt and wash out water pipe. For plastic pipes, use this method dangerous.
  5. Soda + Vinegar. Fall asleep in a glass of soda drains and fill a glass of vinegar, cover the hole some cover.

To dissolve the impurities may be used chemicals from the store.

Tools for sewer cleaning
"Blockage remover" may be liquid, gel, powder. The last are the most effective and least harmful for human health. The main component means - Caustic soda

Do not forget gloves and general caution when working with them - means able to cause harm to the skin and health.

# 4 - required cleaning pump

If the PMM is arranged so that you can manually remove the pump, it is better to clean. Carefully remove the item previously unscrewing all fasteners, eliminates blockages.

Cover nasoka PMM Bosch
At machines "Bosch" Pump cover is fixed with screws. There are models from these and other manufacturers, where the lid is latched lock, sometimes it is difficult to unlock

Then you need to check up ease of rotation of the inside of the impeller. Hands do not need to take the materials at hand - a wooden stick, a pencil, to avoid damage to the hands of the possible fragments.

If problem areas are clean, run the machine in test mode. Still the problem is not gone? Then you should pay attention to a fault in the machine mechanisms. Let's try to find the type of damage.

Serious situations and solutions

It is important to remember the guarantee. If her life is not over yet, consult your nearest service center. Almost all manufacturers have a representative from the hotline. It is better to call and clarify the coordinates of the nearest authorized service center. Call wizard in the house is usually free, but for the replacement of parts may be billed if the repair is not covered by warranty.

Situation # 1 - faulty pump

drain pump task - output water from the machine. When it broke, the water will be in the unit until the owner will not change the item.

Determine the fault mechanism is simple - when running water draining step, a working pump creates a distinctive sound. Silence becomes an indicator of damage.

The device has a peculiar construction. Electrical stator elements are arranged outside the impeller and the magnet.

Thus the coil unit is completely isolated from the water. Magnetic induction rotor rotates with the impeller, whereby the swaying and water.

Shoe mud pump
When the impeller is clogged with mud, the coils do not have enough power to rotate the rotor. This problem is relatively easy to remove, disassemble and clean enough pump

It is desirable in the process of handle shanks with heat-resistant grease composition. Conventional grease easily washed away with hot water during dishwashing.

How to get to the pump:

  1. Remove the water from the dishwasher or by hand by tilting the machine forward.
  2. We take out the filter.
  3. We put the unit on the rear panel to remove the tray, which is screwed with screws.
  4. Turn off the very detail, remove hoses.
  5. Check the impeller rotation. Lack intermittent rotation - a clear indication to replace the mechanism.
  6. Enjoying resistance performance by attaching the multimeter probes to the pins on the pump. Normal parameters - the range between 200 ohms.

When you assemble the pump housing, replace the seal or use a heat-resistant silicone sealant. Check and wiring leading to the pump. In the case of serviceability and wiring, the pump will have to be replaced.

Removing the pan PMM
Remove the drip tray with PMM, be careful. Sometimes it is attached sensor "Aqua-Stop", so do not pull and disconnect the first wire

This part is almost impossible to repair. In rare cases, it can be dispensed with grease or dirt removed from the impeller.

If the pump is completely broken, contact the representative of the manufacturer, order a new part and make the replacement. We put a new pump in the inverse algorithm of disassembly.

Situation # 2 - faulty water level sensor

It is also called pressure switch. This is an important detail in the dishwasher. It measures the water pressure in the MMP, and sends a signal to the software unit.

This information is needed for each wash cycle. If the data is not received on time, the program goes astray, the unit starts to not work properly.

On the device sensor may be a mechanical or electronic device. His work is based on the principle of communicating vessels. The sensor tube is connected to the tank so that the water in the recruitment of the tube and the tank is at the same level.

When the pressure switch is faulty, water accumulates in the pan and does not go away. The defect may be a pressure vessel or attached to the sensor tube.

Reasons for failure: normal wear and tear parts, contact oxidation, with some elements of the problem (puncture or blockage in the tube).

To get to this part, you need to disconnect the machine from all communications, cover the floor with rags, put the unit on its side. There are models that require the removal of the cover on the bottom or back panel.

Dishwasher pressostat
The pressure switch is not in contact with the water, determining its amount of air pressure. In some models, this part is replaced by a vane-type flow meter

Now you need to find the pressure switch, it is given by a tube to a large plastic boxes - pressure tank. Last secured by two bolts.

Next, remove the pliers pipe and the tank itself. Check this item on pollution, purify. The efficiency of the pressure switch can be checked if the blow into a tube. Defective parts will give a click, but after a couple of seconds.

Additionally check the electrical conductivity of the multimeter device. If the resistance is gradually reduced to zero, the sensor.

The broken part is not repaired - to collect it back is impossible after disassembly. Therefore, need to be replaced on the original unit purchased from authorized representatives of the brand.

To connect a new device, you need to disable all sensors, pressure pipe and put the pressure switch in place of the old.

Situation # 3 - clomalsya software module

Repair or replacement software module - the most difficult problem associated with recovery work dishwashers.

This detail - the "brain" of the whole structure, which performs all the process control function. He is able to analyze the washing cycles and give the team sites: pump - Drain TENu - heat, the inlet valve - type water.

Faulty software module or sends a task correctly, or even "silent".

The reasons for this behavior can be short-circuited, natural wear of the device or errors in the firmware. In this case, it is necessary to re-programming or complete replacement of the motherboard.

The control unit PMM
Replacing the Control Unit is sometimes worth more than a new PMM, who served 10 years. When choosing accessories, prefer original parts

When the module control unit program files violated, will the adapter to flash EPROM. Chosen such an adapter for each model individually.

If, after flashing the machine is not working properly, it means there is physical damage to the control unit. Carry out this procedure is not recommended on their own, so as not to worsen the situation.

Most often, the unit is not being repaired. There are very few artists who are willing to identify the burnt parts on the board, and replace them with new ones.

Such manipulations require certain skills and experience. Spoil block easily, and this is one of the most expensive parts of MMP.

To better understand the scale of the work, we propose to see video instructions on how to resolve various problems if the machine refuses to drain the excess water.

Useful videos on the topic

Incremental algorithm, how to unlock the pump, filters and blades in dishwashers Bosch.

How to replace the drain hose - step by step guide on the example of PMM Beko.

Tips for checking the pump dishwashers.

Simple problems that we have considered in the first section (kink hose blockages), you can correct yourself. More serious faults require the intervention of a specialistEspecially in cases where the user does not have the proper experience in the repair of household appliances and may further aggravate the situation.

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