What to buy a heater

What to buy a heaterHeaters

Let us try today to give a detailed classification of climate control devices, so that the consumer has decided to buy a heater. You will see that the choice is not too great for every occasion. In...

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Which film heater to buy

Which film heater to buyHeaters

Alson film is sold cheaply, and that people are thinking about choosing a film heater. Like heat, at the same time, there is a desire to save money. 1 sq. m. The film is worth 3500 rubles. The tota...

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What is a ceramic heater to buy

What is a ceramic heater to buyHeaters

Talk what to buy ceramic heater. Ceramics used largely as a protective layer. Passive like mica coating protects the metal from oxidation, providing two ceramic heaters plus: a long operation and n...

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Homemade heater

Homemade heaterHeaters

It is easier and cheaper to make the heater based on nickel-chromium. Cut length meter self-regulating cable is behind the 330 rubles and up to infinity. Sellers surprisingly consistently forget to...

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Installation of infrared heaters

Installation of infrared heatersHeaters

Today FREH (Ceiling infrared heaters film type) are conducted unscientific conversations. According to Kazakh colleagues in tenge turns 1.5 times cheaper utility payments from the boiler, radiators...

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How to choose an infrared heater

How to choose an infrared heaterHeaters

Uralkali has recently carried out a campaign to conserve funds. A set of measures aimed at saving money globally in every sphere. This also affected the pipeline and ancillary areas. infrared heate...

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How to choose a gas heater

How to choose a gas heaterHeaters

Selecting the heater depends on the heating purposes. It should be borne in mind that the gas heater is not necessarily a fixed structure installed on a certain place. In the market, millions of in...

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Ceramic heaters for home

Ceramic heaters for homeHeaters

Often the media conduct surveys, where the overall winner is chosen among electric heaters. In one of telecasts battlefield remains for convector, with a vetroduvke told the sad story: We put on th...

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What is an infrared heater to buy

What is an infrared heater to buyHeaters

Are invited to think about the health of today. Already wrote that the infrared radiation is used widely for the treatment of various diseases, but today gaining ground resonance therapy. It is a m...

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What is the most economical heater

What is the most economical heaterHeaters

One of the most economical are the infrared heaters. But if the needs of every summer resident fit? Inclined to answer in the negative. The cases are different, at home keep the temperature - is on...

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