Infrared heater or convector?

Infrared heater or convector?Heaters

Both devices are so different that it makes no sense to compare subjects. Selecting an infrared heater or convector means determining the purpose of the device. Convective heaters Conve...

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Fan Heater

Fan HeaterHeaters

Heat guns( fan heaters) were scolded for their ability to burn air. Not surprising. Such devices are designed to work in hangars and on construction sites. There is enough oxygen, the goal is to ...

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Quartz heaters for home

Quartz heaters for homeHeaters

For home, quartz heaters produce two types. Both are equally called infrared. More specifically, the device on a quartz lamp meets the definition of 100%, made of sand - half. However, the concep...

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Chimney effect in the heater

Chimney effect in the heaterHeaters

Fireplace effect in the heater - marketing gimmick or harsh reality. Manufacturers adhere to opposing views, by virtue of advertising policy. What is the chimney effect Hot air moves up...

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Which heater is better for home

Which heater is better for homeHeaters

On winter evenings, in order to keep the apartment warm, an additional source of energy is needed. Let's talk about which heater is best for the house to choose. If there is no Russian stove in t...

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Disadvantages and benefits of an infrared heater

Disadvantages and benefits of an infrared heaterHeaters

Modern home appliances and electronics stores offer a variety of appliances to make a person's life comfortable and free. With the onset of cold weather, people are trying to warm their homes, ge...

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Convector heater or oil

Convector heater or oilHeaters

The modern oil heater lacks a small air filter. A heating device that simultaneously cleans the air sounds amazing. There is not enough humidifier built into a number of models of convectors. The...

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Converter Heater

Converter HeaterHeaters

In the nature of the device - converter heaters - no, except that in foundries where the firemen are heated, the interpretation itself causes an ambiguous feeling. Converters, Heaters: Theor...

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Calculation of power infrared heaters

Calculation of power infrared heatersHeaters

Lack of infrared heaters in the warming sector. But this is a key advantage, which saves money. The enterprise Uralkali has taken advantage of this, having given out awards to employees for fresh...

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How to choose a heater for the house

How to choose a heater for the houseHeaters

Oil heater is hot, things are wonderful drying( carefully with water entering the electronic circuit), air. In wet climates, the chilly weather is boring. Turn on the oil heater for the night - i...

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