What is the depth of the dishwasher?

What is the depth of the dishwasher?Dishwashers

When planning the kitchen it is important to calculate everything to every square centimeter so that the furniture and interior items are in place. It happens that the layout of the premises has be...

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Composition of tablets for dishwashers

Composition of tablets for dishwashersDishwashers

Already addressed to illustrate examples of the composition of Ecover tablets, today we repeat the analysis to show where are the natural components of the product. We will consider the cleaners fr...

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What is Integrated dishwasher buy

What is Integrated dishwasher buyDishwashers

Which dishwasher embedded choose - with good or bad information support? Strange formulation of the question - would produce Hans took a positive response. Let's see what Integrated dishwasher purc...

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How to install a dishwasher

How to install a dishwasherDishwashers

Under the non-standard size dishwasher understood. Innovative items from the exhibition Electrolux impossible to get at retail. Hung on the wall cabinet, able to clean the plate, it looks profitabl...

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Connecting the dishwasher with their hands

Connecting the dishwasher with their handsDishwashers

You can not embed the dishwasher under the cooktop if they wanted to, with the drain hose length does not exceed 1.5 meters. Allowed to build up to 5 meters, but the stable operation of the equipme...

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Compact dishwashers

Compact dishwashersDishwashers

Dishwashers are not of great diversity when it comes to size. Standard models height 85 cm wide and 60 deep and 55 cm, respectively. There are modifications reduced by 25% already standard. Compact...

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Narrow dishwashers

Narrow dishwashersDishwashers

At the depth of washing machines ranges, dishwashers and in width. Both are called narrow, if the corresponding parameter is reduced. In washing machines gradation wide. From 33 cm to 60 - twice (t...

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How to choose a dishwasher tablets

How to choose a dishwasher tabletsDishwashers

Tablets to save time, but they also have a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, the salt gets into the water gradually, and the dishwasher is not so well protected as if the input stream 100% passed throu...

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Connection Integrated dishwasher

Connection Integrated dishwasherDishwashers

Already talked about connecting embedded Bosch dishwasher, today, for the sake of experiment with Siemens. The company has a subsidiary for the German company, not very surprised that in the addres...

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Condensation drying in the dishwasher

Condensation drying in the dishwasherDishwashers

Characteristics dishwashers impressive - 18 liters of water and 1.5 kWh of energy 12 sets dishes. That's a lot or a little? European table set standard type consists of 11 items. How to suggest a t...

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