Problems Of Refrigerators

Fridge freezer

Fridge freezerProblems Of Refrigerators

Why does it make a noise? How to reduce noise? When is noise normal?Difficulty of repair Let's see why the refrigerator started to make noise, whether it should do it and how to detect a breakdown...

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The refrigerator knocks out plugs

The refrigerator knocks out plugsProblems Of Refrigerators

When you turn on the refrigerator knocks out plugs? As soon as the engine started working, you suddenly noticed that the display and the lights on the refrigerator went out, and the room became unu...

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Replacement of freon in the refrigerator

Replacement of freon in the refrigeratorProblems Of Refrigerators

Leaking Freon (gas, refrigerant) is one of the most common breakdowns in refrigeration equipment. Next, we'll look at what breakdowns most often cause a leak, the most vulnerable places in the refr...

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Whistling in the fridge

Whistling in the fridgeProblems Of Refrigerators

Noise and buzz when working can any refrigerator, regardless of the period of operation. The question is, how much noise exceeds the norm. Some users complain of whistling in the refrigerator. The ...

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The refrigerator is flowing

The refrigerator is flowingProblems Of Refrigerators

Causes of breakdownsDifficulty of repair Puddles in the kitchen usually create dishwashers and washing machines, but in the "flood" other equipment, such as a refrigerator, can be to blame. If you ...

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Does not work refrigerator refrigerator Ariston

Does not work refrigerator refrigerator AristonProblems Of Refrigerators

If your fridge "Ariston" does not have a cold store, read our article.All modern refrigerators are electronically controlled. The main board manages all processes in the system, so when an error oc...

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Malfunctions of the Atlant two-compartment refrigerator

Malfunctions of the Atlant two-compartment refrigeratorProblems Of Refrigerators

Users who have long been operating Atlant double-chamber refrigerators know that their service life depends on proper use and installation. If you are faced with technical problems, you can determi...

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The refrigerator does not freeze

The refrigerator does not freezeProblems Of Refrigerators

When the household refrigerator stops freezing, you need to understand as soon as possible the cause of such a malfunction. Immediately, the problem can not be noticed, because the motor-compressor...

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Fridge is smoking

Fridge is smokingProblems Of Refrigerators

Usually the sound of the refrigerator is only heard "on business" - when the user forgets to close the door or selects a certain function in some models. You get used to such sounds quickly and sto...

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The camera does not work in the refrigerator LG

The camera does not work in the refrigerator LGProblems Of Refrigerators

If you notice that the camera does not work in the LG refrigerator, you need to understand the causes of the problem.South Korean technology LG occupies a leading position in the market. Relatively...

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