Which kitchen hood is better

Which kitchen hood is betterHoods

You look at the old ventilation passages of houses, it turns in the language of the answer - recirculation. The best hoods for the kitchen of a high-rise building, deprived of backward firing. Le...

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What Built in cooker hoods Buy

What Built in cooker hoods BuyHoods

Recessed hoods trying to adjust to the size of the furniture, which is not too well. It is better to think about the functionality, focusing on the beauty of the second. Assemblies have a width of ...

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Which company is better to buy the hood

Which company is better to buy the hoodHoods

First, take the trouble to solve, so if you want to buy the hood classic western office. Kupersberg on some forums openly call "bullshit". Brand overseas refuse to know, the site took a fancy to a ...

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Extractor hood with his hands

Extractor hood with his handsHoods

Today delve into the theme of the building, talk about how to make his own hood. The design is useful in the kitchen and in the bathroom, even in the country when cooking kebabs.Barbecue brickBBQ t...

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Installation of the hood in the kitchen with his hands

Installation of the hood in the kitchen with his handsHoods

Today, let us consider how to properly install the hood. You can buy your favorite device, then prisobachit on the wall, guided by watching a movie YouTube, its own speculation. The product is equi...

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Corrugated pipe for exhaust

Corrugated pipe for exhaustHoods

As is generally known, at each turn of the duct 90 degrees drawing branch loses efficiency at 10% percent. The corrugated pipe also power drops, because the air rubbing against the wall. From this ...

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Chimney extractor hood for the kitchen

Chimney extractor hood for the kitchenHoods

Traditional hood (chimney) for the fireplace is made of refractory bricks, furnace part is accepted obkladyvat red terracotta. The material has low thermal conductivity, it will be hot burned diffi...

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Extractor fan in the bathroom

Extractor fan in the bathroomHoods

Combined units for these days are not uncommon, and is found in separate locations. Over a toilet and a washstand located vent. It was possible to hear the opinion that the extractor in the bathroo...

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Kitchen Hoods Telescopic

Kitchen Hoods TelescopicHoods

Kitchen hoods telescopic - a kind of embedded. The difference in the special section sliding, spreading the working area of ​​the instrument. Telescopic hood does not work when the additional surfa...

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Silent fan for the bathroom

Silent fan for the bathroomHoods

Look for silent fan for the bathroom.why fanIn the south, it is not felt, but in the middle latitudes, where stretches a large part of our country, high humidity in combination with low-pressure ai...

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